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Educational Website Design

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Delivering Education Online

It has become an imperative if not necessary for an educational institute to have an online existence in this Dotcom age. The opportunity of getting information about an educational institute has accelerated this trend. As more and more students are trying to access information about educational institutes online, the importance of Website Design in educational arena is fast increasing. The main purpose of Education web site design is to serve as an online platform from where students or teachers can garner necessary details about upcoming events, exams or courses. If an educational institute is offering distance educational courses, it must have an online presence so that students from faraway places can find information in the nick of time.

About The Appearance of Education Website Design

Easy accessibility of information should be ensured before designing a College Website or University Website. If this feature can be merged with a unique designing concept, the final outcome will be awe-inspiring. Creative bend of mind and a professional approach are needed for representing important information in a presentable form. None but a professional website designer can execute this task. He should know the fine difference between college website design and school website design otherwise; his designing skills will fail to make a positive impact on the viewers. A school website should incorporate some interactive features in it so that the process of gathering information appears interesting to the students. Whereas, a college website should focus on providing accurate information above anything else.

An Educational Website should have the following sections:

  • Home Page
  • Courses
  • Alumni
  • Exam
  • Upcoming Events
  • Archive
  • Online Library (if any)

The Advantage of Educational Website

  • Easy Availability of Course Materials
    This is one of the major advantages of Educational Website. Those who are pursuing a course through distance education, this feature will certainly help them get all the course details. Besides that, one can subscribe to online newsletter for getting regular updates. A student can read online by reading or downloading e-books from online library section if this service is provided by that website.
  • Getting Connected With Former Students
    Some educational websites have added a separate section named “Alumni” or “Forum”, where former students can interact with each other. They can also contribute to the growth of that educational institute.
    Finding Exam Result Online
    Now-a-days almost every educational institution publish the results of important exam online so that students can view their results without facing any hassle. No need of waiting in the long queue, just visit that particular website for accessing information.
  • Easy Navigation
    Easy navigation is another crucial advantage of Education website design. Student with less Internet savvy might face extreme difficulty if the negation system is complex. A simple navigation system will certainly help them find out details about a topic without facing much hassle.

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