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Establishing the Corporate Identity of a Company

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Corporate identity involves establishing the presence of a company through a corporate logo and other representative tools. The brand identity of a company is also at times reflected through the corporate identity.

But ideally brand identity and corporate identity is not one and the same thing. They may be closely related to each other. But by merely changing the logo will not affect the existing brand identity of the company.

A corporate identity of a company generally develops with time. If the corporate identity is not well established, it may hamper the development of the brand identity. But too much of alteration in the presentation of a company brand can also leave the customers in a concern. The corporate identity is dependent on the various factors like the reputation of the company, the service provided by the company, its performance and the value maintained by it round the year.

The brand image of a business house or company is associated with the brand identity of that company. It is dependent on how the brand identity of a company is perceived by rest of the market. So it is important to find out how the customers of the company think about the brand and how much the employees are strategically sound about it.

For supporting your company to set up its corporate identity, we can help you with our services. We at Webguru India offer corporate identity design at reasonable prices. You can familiarize your company’s presence among the target market by developing the corporate identity through designing a proper logo and using it in letterhead, visiting cards and other stationary products.

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