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13 Mar / 2009 568 views

Family Website Design

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There are several resources from which we can gather our required information, but among them, Internet is indeed the most-approved choice of modern people. Since, now-a-days, Internet is easily accessible, websites are getting more importance. These sites are not only used for marketing purpose, but are also used for personal use. Since the last few years, along with business sites, personal websites are also acquiring high acceptance from people. Family website is such a type of personal website that is gaining popularity with the course of time.

Points to be Remembered while Designing a Family Website

Family website basically contains history of a particular family and provides details of the family members. This type of a site should be informative as well an interesting one. In order to make a family website visually appealing to the readers, good photographs should be inserted in the site. Some other things that have to be remembered while developing family website design are mentioned below:

  • Try to Give Details of the Family Members– It is always better to provide a little in depth information about each of the family members. Various remarkable activities that the family members have done since their childhood can be mentioned in a family blog.
  • Some Unique Family Events May be Inserted– In order to make a family website interesting, details of unique events celebrated by the family members may be incorporated in the site.
  • Display Family Pictures in the Site– Family websites must have a variety of family photographs in it. However, if a family member feels uneasy with a particular photo, it should be immediately removed from that site.
  • Regular Updates is Required– A family website needs to be updated at regular intervals. Otherwise, people going through it, would not come to know about the latest happenings in the family.
  • Colors to be Used in a Family Blog– Light and eye-soothing color should be used in this type of a website and it is always better to avoid using flashing lights and bouncing objects in those sites.
  • Family Drama should be Avoided– Avoid publicly announcing personal affairs of the family members. Instead of a dramatic touch, this type of a site needs to have a touch of humor.
  • Details about Family Pets– If any of the family members have a pet, it should be mentioned. Its stories and photo should also be included in the site.

Sections in a Family Website

In the true sense, a family website should reflect the strong bonding of the family members. It should have different sections. Some of the most important sections in an effective family website are as follows:

  • Family Members Listing– In this section, give the name and details of each and every member of a family.
  • Live Chat– An effective website should offer chat room facilities to the to the family members.
  • Message Boards– This allows the family members to exchange their messages online.
  • Event Calendar– Special event dates, anniversary, birthdays should be mentioned in a family website.
  • Family Slide Show– In order to make the site more interesting, family slide shows may be inserted in this type of a site.
  • Polls– In this section, mention about the interesting facts and opinions of the family members.
  • Photo Galleries– Here a variety of family photos should be inserted.
  • Video– In order to make the site more appealing, interesting family videos may be inserted in the site.

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