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Firefox 4: A Better Browsing Experience For All

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The latest version of Firefox browser, which is expected to be released sometime this year, is going to have a truckload of features as expounded by its developers. Its new website design interface is going to have a major facelift that is aimed at giving users more control over privacy and other related issues. Firefox 4, which is still in its development stage, has promised its loyal users to offer a chance to redefine their relationship or interaction with website by gathering more information on cookies.

Primary Goals of Firefox 4: –

  • Making it fast, really fast.
  • It has infused standard Web technologies for making it more user-friendly.
  • Users will have full control over the data and web experience.

With the launch of Firefox 4, users will be able to garner more information on different websites that they browse from a single menu option. Now, as a user, you will be able to instruct Firefox whether it will allow cookies for a particular website or not. This is a unique of its kind feature that is unlikely to be found in any other web browser.

A Sleek New Look: – To make Firefox look sleek and different, some restrictions have been imposed on the users control. However, given its innumerable advantages, this small disadvantage can be overlooked easily. Mozilla has announced its new version will not only make websites load faster in it, but also users will be able to feel it. A simple look of this web browser is going to spice up user’s experience in a whole new way.

Stability: – Users will be able to explore a number of additional functionalities without installing extra add-on programs that can have detrimental impacts on website loading speed. Firefox 4 is going to be more stable than its previous version and that means, users will face less trouble while browsing sites in it. As it is using the latest version of HTML i.e. HTML 5, users will not have to download anything while viewing videos or any other media content.

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