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Full Stack Developer – A Myth or Reality

  • 01 Oct / 2020
web application development services

Don’t you want one person who can handle your entire application? Not only can you slack some bucks but the developer can answer all your queries about any functionality of the app. The dev will offer a packaged service with front and back end development including handling databases, DevOps, servers, troubleshooting issues, making updates, and more. Sounds awesome, right?

Perhaps this is what leads to the coinage of the industry buzzword – full-stack developer! Simply hit a search with “full-stack developer” on Google and you will be filled with a lot of options. How “realistic” is the word? Let’s analyse today.

But before that, let’s take a look at what full stack development really is.

Full-stack Development – An Outline

Full-stack development refers to the development of both the front-end or client-side and the back end or server-side of any web app. So, a full-stack developer should be efficient in the front-end programming languages, frameworks, and libraries like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Angular, React, Vue.js, Foundation, Materialize, Semantic-UI, Ember.js, etc. The dev should also have an expertise in back-end languages, frameworks, and libraries including PHP, C++, Java, Python, Ruby, Laravel, Django, Rails, Express, Spring, CodeIgniter, Node.js, etc. The developer must also possess proficiency in databases like MongoDB, Oracle, and SQL.

Here’s an extensive list of the tech-stack used in web application development.

Okay, now, let’s find out whether the term “full stack developer” is really applicable or not.

Solo Full-Stack Developers – Should You Hire Them

As you have found, full-stack development has a huge list of tech stack and each of these technologies is different from each other. It’s not possible for the developers to acquire skills in each technology. They can possess a broad understanding of all the technologies, but doesn’t have a detailed and deep knowledge of a specialist in each of them. They perhaps are proficient in one or two technologies.

Now, it is difficult to rely on such developers if you want a smart and trendy application that can achieve a competitive edge. You sure don’t want your app to be ‘just functional’? In fact, as technology advances and competition rises in the industry, it’s crucial to develop a robust, feature-rich, and user-friendly app with high-end UI/UX, cybersecurity, and quality assurance. Mediocrity cannot get you that – you need an extensive mastery.

Relying on a solo full-stack developer may produce an adverse impact on your project. Firstly, such developers often possess familiarity with one tech-stack from each category (front and back-end). That way, your options are limited and if you want to develop a unique app that offers a top-notch immersive experience, they’ll fail to deliver that. Further, if they leave midway or cannot execute the entire project single-handedly, you’ll be left with a half-done application and squandered resources.

What about A Full-Stack Development Company?

The case is somewhat different about a full-stack web development company. Such a company employs front and backend teams with each tech stack’s masters. So you can expect an unparalleled service.

A full-stack development team (note how we mentioned “team” and not just a solo developer) can also help you to scale your efforts. For instance, entrepreneurs these days prefer to launch an MVP (Minimal Viable Product) with a few essential features and later extend the features and functionalities. You can get inputs from the team and also seek their assistance to scale your application.

Since many hands are at work at a full-stack development company, you can expect a faster pace of development, higher productivity, quicker time to market, and greater convenience. That’s because, from your end, you can communicate with a single point of contact – say the project manager. And if you require any detailed info about the stack, you will be tagged with the respective developer. Make sure you avoid common mistakes when hiring dedicated developers, and you should be good to go.

Our Verdict
Engaging full-stack web application development services from a professional company instead of a solo developer is the better decision as the developers’ multiple perspectives, experienced and strategic approach, and proficiency in each tech stack will support your business goal. Discuss your requirement with the team before engaging a service. Here’s a guideline on how to choose a reliable web development company. Take a look before you dial the number.

Soumi Bhattacharya

Soumi Bhattacharya

Soumi Bhattacharya is an experienced content developer & keen observer of all things digital. Analyzing the latest trends in technology is her forte.

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awesome ! Thanks for sharing. I appreciate.

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Hi I have read a lot from this blog thank you for sharing this information.

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