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Google Drive Is Now Integrated with Gmail

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Sharing files over internet has become easier after the invention of cloud computing system. However, sharing heavy files via email was never possible. Even a few days ago, web users couldn’t dream about sending a 100 MB file as an email attachment, but now Google gives you an option to send up to 10GB files as attachments. The company has paired Gmail with Drive to help users send large files from their Drive account.

There is a catch, though. When you attach a file from Drive, Gmail does not send the entire file. It sends only a link of the file to the recipients so that they can click on it and view the file. The search engine giant has also added a new feature to make sure that when you share a document with multiple recipients, all of them have the permission to view it.

For instance, if you are attaching “A” document from Drive and sending it to “X”, “Y” and “Z”, Gmail will check the attachment viewing permission. In case you forget to grant permission to any one of those recipients, the system will ask you to correct it before hitting the “send” button.

The Drive integration feature for Gmail is currently available only for the new compose window users. If you are still using traditional compose facility, then opt for new compose window and start attaching heavy files with your mails.

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