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Google mod – pagespeed for Apache, Make Your Website Run Faster

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mod_pagespeed: A Tool With Unlimited Opportunities
Google’s fascination with speed is not showing any signs of ebbing down anytime soon. In fact, Google has gone an extra mile by coming up with a tool that can make your website load faster than ever. It is a part of Google’s noble initiative to enhance web experience by making it faster and safer and thus releases a new tool “mod_pagespeed” that has little to do with the complexities that are quite common when you are dealing with CSS, JavaScript, HTML and other related server issues.

What mod_pagespeed is?
mod_pagespeed” is basically a module for the Apache HTTP Server that is developed to perform different page speed optimization processes automatically. Though this tool is still in the development stage, it is powerful enough to redress some common optimization issues such as payload size, client-server round trips, cache and some other aspects of web performance. It has been observed that mod_pagespeed is powerful enough to reduce page-loading time by 50% and if it can be employed properly, it can do better than this.

Here are some tasks that can augur well for your website but it is painful to do so manually:

  • Extending cache lifetime of the images and logo of a website without affecting updation of these images at the same time.
  • Re-compressing Images
  • Making small tweaks in the pages that are developed in CMS

These are quite complex issues and sometime may appear nerve wracking but with Google mod_pagespeed, you will be able to ride past them. Google has already teamed up with Go Daddy and they are optimistic about making the web faster that goes in line with the guidelines of Google. In addition to that, Google is also working with Cotendo for the same purpose.

You can download this revolutionary app here.

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