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19 Oct / 2012 257 views

Have You Tested Websites in Gaming Consoles?

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When we discuss website design and website testing, most of the times only two types of devices come to our mind- traditional computers (desktop/laptop) and portable gadgets (smartphones/tablets). If a website is visible on computer and mobile browsers and there is no technical issue, the job is done.

What most designers don’t even think about while testing a website are gaming consoles. Technology has progressed rapidly in last decade and almost all the current gaming consoles feature a browser and support internet connection. Office going audience may not use them for surfing purpose, but thousands of teen agers access websites from their gaming devices.

The problem with console browsers is that they provide poor HTML5 and CSS3 support. Besides, computers are watched from a few inches away, but when users connect their console with TV, they watch it from at least 5-6 feet away. Therefore, readability becomes an issue and more importantly, websites often get pixilated when stretched in a 32 inch or 40 inch LED.

Web is going forward rapidly and leaving HTML5 and CSS3 to support consoles is not a wise decision. Gaming companies may make better web supported products in future. In the meantime, developers can at least consider the shortcomings of consoles while building a site. After all, you can’t tell users from which device they should access your website.

Developers can use progressive enhancement so that audience can view the site from different devices without much difficulty. Make sure that pages download faster and use media query breakpoints to fit large screen TVs properly.

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