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How Progressive Web Apps Is The Future Of Web Development – An Infographic

How Progressive Web Apps Is The Future Of Web Development – An Infographic

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With customer satisfaction/delight becoming the sole differentiator for web or mobile applications in achieving success, businesses are looking at ways to hasten the process of development/deployment, reduce cost and lead times, and enhance the download time. Since mobile applications can be a costly proposition not to speak of taking a high turnaround time to develop, Progressive Web Applications or PWAs can help businesses and consumers in a mutually beneficial way. These web applications that can be accessed as normal websites offer the functionalities of mobile applications along with several benefits – provision of working offline, sending notifications, caching and others.

We have prepared an infographic to give you a snippet of the utility of PWAs and how they can help businesses to increase their value proposition and achieve ROI while giving the end customers value for money and an enhanced UX. In order to leverage the benefits of PWAs, you can engage a best web development company.

Progressive Web App Infographic

Anabik Chakraborty

Anabik Chakraborty

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