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How to Develop a Taxi App – An Extensive Outline

How to Develop a Taxi App – An Extensive Outline

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On-demand taxi booking service is a successful business plan these days. Honestly, after the Uber revolution, various businesses are investing in taxi-hailing app development to earn a profitable revenue.

To enter into this competitive zone, you need a strong strategy. The first step is to develop a mobile app. There are several mobile app development agencies out there to help you develop a customized app. But you should know some must-have features required to make your app trendy and useful. That way, you can communicate your requirements to the company executives.

In this blog, we will offer a comprehensive outline of how to develop an app. We will make two sections for your better understanding. Let us glance through the index first.

  1. Features and functionalities for your passengers, admin panel, and drivers
  2. Tech stack used for developing the

Okay, so let’s dive in to explore these one by one.

Essential features for the passengers

  1. Real-Time Location – The app should request users to enable device tracking so that the nearest cab drivers can pick them up.
  2. Multiple Booking Options – The users should be able to book rides for inter-city and long-distance. They should be able to book for a single person or share the ride with others.
  3. Fare – Before booking the cab, the passengers should be able to check the estimated fare.
  4. Call Button – After confirming ride booking, users often prefer to call the driver. So, the driver’s phone number should be mentioned in the app. Also, allow users to contact directly from the app to enhance their experience.
  5. Cab Tracking – Allow users to check the cab’s real-time location and progress along with the estimated arrival time at the mentioned pickup location. For this, the real-time GPS enabled in the device set in the car should be synced via Cloud.
  6. Push Notification – The users should be notified about the updated information such as a ride is confirmed, the cab has arrived near the pickup point, ride completion, etc. You can also send push notification to the regular customers or the new customers about any special offer price so as to attract them avail your service.
  7. Social Media Login – Ensure that the app allows users to easily create an account and log in with Google, Facebook, or other popular social media profiles.

Remember, user experience is the ultimate differentiator in winning over other taxi app businesses. So, pay minute attention to this. As you can understand, developing an app satisfying all these criteria demands serious tech-expertise and experience. Hence, you better leave these technical works to the efficient professionals at any reliable mobile app development agency India.

Essential Features for the Drivers

  1. New Ride Alert – The drivers should get notifications of new bookings. Essentials details like the passenger name, pickup point, and others should also be displayed.
  2. Accept or Reject – Depending on the traffic or other circumstances, the drivers may accept or reject a ride.
  3. Map – It’s not possible for all the drivers to know all the alleys or locations. An inbuilt navigation map is helpful for them to safely reach the exact location.
  4. Call Routing – Enable drivers to call passengers from within the app. You may want the call to be routed by a centralized calling system monitored by an admin. That way, the personal number of the driver will not be disclosed.
  5. Background Check – Allow drivers to upload and submit their background info like drivers’ license, registration certificate, vehicle insurance, and more through the app.

Essential Features for the Admin

  1. Comprehensive Dashboard – There should be a single dashboard that displays real-time info about ride-progress, daily earnings, user complaints, ratings, and so on.
  2. Cab and Passenger Match – A location-oriented cab and passenger matching system can help to enhance people’s convenience.
  3. Fleet Management – Admin should be able to add, edit, or remove cabs and drivers from their fleet. They can also create distinct fleets based on service category, car category, location, etc.
  4. Customer Support – A separate customer support module can help the admin to take a glance at all customer complaints and resolve accordingly.
  5. Pricing Surge – Allow admin to set price as per market demands, midnight hours, peak hours, and so on.
  6. Heat Map – A heat map allows the admin to track user activity on the app and workflow. Depending on the result, the admin can adopt relevant strategies to boost business. Here are some effective ways to track user behaviour in an app. Check it out and take a step! Oh, and these work for any and every mobile app!

Tech Stack for a Taxi App

We have already mentioned that you should engage professional mobile app development services and the list of the required features may have already convinced you to avail one. Now, let’s quickly discuss the robust technology stack required for a taxi app. Keep this in mind while bargaining with the developers. They are bringing a lot of skills on the table!

  •  Location – Google Location, CoreLocation, Mapbox Location Picker
  • Map and Navigation – Google Map service, MapKit
  • SMS and Call Integration
  • Notification – Firebase
  • Real-Time Analytics – Google Analytics
  • Programming Language – Java, Kotlin, Swift, Objective C
  • Backend – Angular JS, Node JS, Codeigniter
  • Cloud – MySQL, Amazon Aurora
  • Payment Gateway – UPI apps, net banking, Debit/Credit card, etc.

However, remember that various technologies are available to develop similar UI/UX features. Every top mobile app development company uses different technologies, so you need not worry if a company doesn’t use the above-mentioned tech stack. Go with the features, not the names! After all, what’s in a name…!

We don’t mean to scare you but remember that most of the taxi service start-ups fail due to the inefficacy of their app. If you want to stand out in today’s competitive market, engage professional mobile app development services India to develop a robust, secured, feature-rich, and user-friendly app.

Here’s a comprehensive guideline on how your mobile app can make money. This will come in handy if you want to boost your business revenue.

Feel free to share your thoughts below.

Rajdip Datta

Rajdip Datta

Rajdip Dutta is a project manager & an avid purveyor of the latest trends in mobile app development. His blogs are enriched with a deep insight into the field.

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