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How to Make a Website Design Effective?

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In this age of online business, most of the organizations prefer to perform commercial activities through their corporate websites. So, there will be nothing wrong to say that a website is an online face of the company. This why, sites should be made attractive so that the online readers feel interested to go through it. However, it should be kept in mind that not the design of a website, but the user interface design mesmerizes visitors. So, the designers should give importance to the UI design.

In present times, each days lots and lots of websites are being created. So, if you want to get some benefit from your newly launched site, you have to develop a unique website design that will make your site noticed among its other competitors. A designer can only be called efficient when he/she can combine graphics, color, flash and pictures in a balanced way.

Usually there are several steps of creating a website design. Among them the most important steps that a good website design company follows are listed below:

  • The coding needs to be clean and there should not be unnecessary codes, which could lead to code bloat.
  • Always try to avoid using Internal JavaScript as far as possible.
  • Use of CSS should be done properly.
  • You may use flash files, but all those files should be used carefully and should be kept as small as possible. This is because; flash sites take much time to get downloaded.
  • Graphics and images should be kept in GIF format. Though PNG format is good, but sometimes problem may occur while viewing the website in Internet Explorer.
  • The user interface of a site should be made intuitive as much as possible. The visitor must easily understand how the buttons and links placed in the site work.
  • There should not be any clutter on the web page and the design should be clean and clear. This is because; a well-designed clean pages of a website look much more professional and make a good impact on the readers.
  • The design should be developed keeping mind the primary objective behind creating the site. It should go well with the theme.
  • The site should be made navigable. If your website is large in size, it should have a site map. So, that people can easily find out the page, which he/she is looking for.
  • Always keep the site updated and never use anything, which is out of fashion.
  • If possible it is always desirable that you verify and validate the site as per W3C recommendations.

Thus by following all those above-mentioned points one can easily develop a good website design.

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    Really nice article. We follow almost all the points given above while designing web pages.


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