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31 Mar / 2009 534 views

How Web Design Can Affect Search Engine Rankings

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In most of the time it is seen that a well-designed website gets good ranking in a search engine result page. So, while designing a website, the designer must consider certain points. Some of the points following which, a designer can make a search-engine friendly website are mentioned below:

  • Inserting Maximum Number of Web Pages– While making a website, always try to insert maximum number of informative web pages in your site. This is because search engines love content and the site, which has more pages has the greatest possibility to get high ranking in the search engine result page. However, sometimes, it becomes difficult to prepare a number of relevant business-related pages. In that case, you can insert free resources for online visitors. This will definitely retain the visitors’ attention and thus will help to increase the sales.
  • Avoid Using Graphics– Though graphic elements make a site attractive, it is always better to avoid using those elements. This is because search engines can not read text within animation or graphics. Flash websites are also not search-engine friendly. So, using of flash should be avoided.
  • Use of Static Pages– In a site, it is always better to incorporate static pages rather than dynamic pages. This is because, in most of the time, databases are not structured properly. Moreover, often, they are protected by password. So, it becomes difficult for the search engines to follow the path and to enter the database. In that case, these pages are not cashed and as a result they do not get ranking in a SERP (search engine result page).
  • Proper Use of HTML– HTML should be used properly. In most of the time, word processors are able to create HTML documents, that can be uploaded on a website through ftp. Macromedia Dreamweaver can also be used as the website design software.
  • Selection of Domain Name– While choosing the domain name, you can select your business name or you can also select the brief description of your goods. Since, search engines look for keywords in the domain name, it should be properly selected. It is always better to keep the domain name short and simple, so that people can easily remember it.
  • Use of Frames– Framed websites are not considered to be search-engine friendly. So, avoid using frames in a website. Instead use PHP, which will serve your purpose, that you are trying to accomplish through the use of frames.
  • Updating Information– Search engines always give good ranking to the updated sites. So, always keep your website updated. It is also true that if you do not update your site information on regular intervals, readers will loose interest to go through your site. So, continuous updating is necessary for a good website.

It is advisable that, every web designer should follow the above mentioned tips,  to develop a search-engine friendly website.

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