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18 Jun / 2008 802 views

Your Ideal Check List before Web Designing

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Today, online business is on high-rise. Website owners are vying among themselves to make a mark in the web market. There is a craze to build informative and interesting web design in order to make it more appealing to the web visitors and the search engines.

Exquisite designs, flash works and quality content have become the primary means of designing websites. In fact, all web developers follow these basic conventions while web designing. For instance, ‘Webguru India’ is a web solutions company. The website is designed beautifully with flash works and quality content containing the keywords.

If you are a new comer in this trade then first understand the market and design your website accordingly. Here an attempt has been made to help you to design interesting and informative website.

    Right Planning

  1. Design a blueprint for building a new website
  2. Recognize your target audience
  3. Take note of the overall expenditure in building website
  4. Market Study

  5. Select a list of your competitors from the search engines
  6. Study the website of your competitors
  7. Get an idea of the web design and content of the competitors site
  8. Understand the customer behavior
  9. Keyword Research

  10. Do keyword research with the help of keyword research tools such as Google Adwords, Wordtracker etc.
  11. Select the best keywords that defines your company, products and services
  12. Domain Name

  13. Select a domain name.
  14. Ensure that the domain name must consist of relevant keywords
  15. Web Hosting Company

  16. Look for a web hosting company
  17. Ensure that the web hosting company helps to keep your website working effectively all the year round
  18. Search Engine Friendly

  19. Make your home page informative and interesting
  20. Include keywords in the meta tags, body content and links
  21. Maintain the standards of keywords density in a web page
  22. Select particular keywords for particular web pages
  23. Do not use excessive keywords in your web page
  24. Try to use long tailed keyword phrases

If you follow these guidelines judiciously then you can successfully build website that is equally interesting and informative. So wait no longer and build a beautiful website.

WebGuru Infosystems

WebGuru Infosystems

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