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Identify the Fatal Mistakes of Website

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Building a website involves a lot of efficiency, time and money. So when creating it, should not you be more careful in avoiding the common mistakes? You can overlook those basic mistakes but a little negligence on your part can cause irritation and inconvenience to the visitors and readers.

The most important aim of creating a website is drawing good number of traffic for popularity and or profit. But if your site visitors are not satisfied with your website and face difficulty in maneuvering through it, then there are high chances that they will not come back for the second time.

Fatal Mistakes of Websites

Here some of the common rather fatal mistakes of websites are discussed. Try your best to be careful enough to avoid them and make it a pleasant visit for your online visitors.

  • Spelling Mistakes and Typos: Avoid grammar and spelling mistakes as much as possible. Be careful in not making typos now and then.
  • Horizontal Scrolling: Users and viewers do not like scrolling a web page horizontally. So avoid designing your web pages that require left to right scrolling. The viewers feel irritated to find such a site on a standard sized window.
  • Blocks of Text: Use of blocks of texts in the page content can irritate the readers. They look boring and can drive away your site viewers.
  • Font Size: For a website generally a fixed font size is used. But it is seen that in most of the cases, the font size is too small and reduces the readability of the pages. If the reader has to resize the text with every page, then it is very natural that he will get irritated.
  • Java in Links: Avoid using Java script in links in a website. The users or visitors feel at a loss when they find the links are not working as expected. They also don’t prefer the pop up windows that appear without a hint.
  • Mail to Links: It is better not to confuse your visitors by placing the mail to links in unexpected locations. Make the addresses very apparent on your site.
  • Long URLs: If the number of characters in a URL exceeds 75 then the users tend to get confused regarding how to select it for copying and pasting in a different browser window. If the link gets broken then the user might not know to paste it back.
  • FAQs: Try to add the infrequently asked questions to particular page for Frequently Asked Questions. It is better not to add those questions you already know your visitors may ask.
  • Collecting Mail Ids: Do not collect your visitors’ mail ids without their consent. In most of the cases it is seen that visitors tend to react negatively when they are asked to submit their ids.
  • No Price List: If your site does not offer a price list then the visitors may get a bit confused in comparing the prices and understanding the product offers.

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