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Illustration in Website Design: Simple Way To Spice Up Your Website Design Work

Illustration is not anything new in website design industry since it has been adopted numerous times for adding creative touches to an otherwise simple and average design. However, just a few years ago, designers were not so enthusiastic about illustration since its prospect was not as bright as it is now. Nevertheless, illustration as a form of art has managed to ride past difficulties before being emerging out as a refreshing and exciting trend. Modern website designers are finding this new platform more interesting and fertile than the traditional one as it gives them the opportunity to unfurl their creative wings while shaping the structure of a website. Here in this article, we are going to discuss various facets of illustration based website design, which is setting a new trend in this industry:

Illustration is Unique:

The prerequisite of website design is that the outcome has to be unique in every possible way. Just making minor tweaks here and there or changing the images or color patterns does not necessary mean that your website is unique. Now, if you are into this field, you already know how hard it is to churn out unique designs each day. So, the only way you can make website look unique is by using illustration. However, you need to make sure that the illustration goes perfectly with the theme of your website otherwise it will be considered as a classic case of website design faux pas.

Illustration Works Well:

The main purpose of adding illustration in a design is to give it an edge. Though use of illustration runs the risk of making a website a little bit heavy, you can easily ignore it give its innumerable benefits. Illustration, if it can be employed properly, can make a website look truly elegant and highly impressive But if you want to make the most of it, you need to master the art of integrating illustration in a website without making it heavy and without making havoc with the overall structure of a website.

Illustration Is Not For Aesthetics:

The importance of illustration is not just associated with its amazing ability to add aesthetics to a website. Illustration can play an instrumental role in giving a website a funky and modern look that is currently a rage among website designers. You need to ensure that the illustrations are going to serve a purpose besides giving your website a distinctive visual twist before making your mind to integrate it within the structure of your website.

Here are some beautiful examples of illustrations that you will certainly like to explore:

K4lab.info: – It is the perfect specimen of what an ideal illustration would be. It looks superb and the color combination that is awesome.

best illustrations

Wpcoder.com: – Those who are a little bit skeptical about the probable impacts of using illustration in their websites, WpCoder.Com is an eye-opener for them. Despite flaunting a different look, this website looks professional and it manages to build up strong communication with the viewers.

fantactic illustrations

Drupalcon.org: – This is another powerful and feature rich website that can inspire you to go ahead with your plan to design a website based on illustration. It looks gorgeous and elegant too.

creative illustrations

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12 years ago

Cool stuff. I like K4lab.info. Really good illustration. Thanks for sharing 🙂

Tommy Hammons
Tommy Hammons
11 years ago

awesome blog man, I really dig your writing style that you are using for your posts and stuff, really hollywood…

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