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Importance of Color Combination In Website Design

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Color is the very essence of life. Without the existence of color, everything thing will appear blurred and bleak. We crave it, we seek it and we create it to make our surroundings more refreshing, rejuvenating and of course more colorful. No matter whether the color is white, black or green, each color has its distinct effect and significance. They can cast a powerful impact on the minds of men and can also influence the behavior of people to some extent. Some of them also have a soothing effect, whereas some of them can stimulate us or energize us. The importance of color combination has had its effect in the online industry, as it can control the decision making power of a consumer. According to a survey conducted by Institute of Color Research, a large section of consumers make a quick assessment of a product within one and a half minute and the base of this quick assessment is its color combination. Therefore, using right color combination in a website can do or undo your chance of getting success in the virtual world.

Choosing inappropriate color combination in website design, can have a devastating effect on a company’s marketing campaign. If a web designer uses wrong color combination in a website, visitors will keep bouncing back from that website. The nature of a business organization needs to be reflected in its Website’s color combination otherwise, it will end up sending wrong message to its targeted audience. This is the reason why we need to have a fair concept about the significance of different colors. Here we are discussing the symbols of different colors and their effect on web design industry.

  • Orange is the color of happiness, joviality and warmth. This color is used in designing those websites which are directly or indirectly related to food industry. However, this color is also used in designing the website of lamp manufactures.
  • Red is the color of passion, warmth, enthusiasm and love. This color can easily seize the attention of viewers and therefore it needs to be used with due care and consideration. Web designers usually dabs sales speech in red color to get maximum exposure.
  • Green is the color of freshness, naturalness and optimism. It also represents opulence and stability. Those companies who are manufacturing or selling herbal products or cosmetics usually flaunt green color in their websites. Some world famous cosmetic manufacturing companies such as Garnier uses green as its main color in its website.
  • Blue is undoubtedly the standard color of website design. It is used immensely in designing business suits, logo etc. It is widely used in health related and technology related websites. Light blue stands for good fortune, happiness, wisdom and inspiration.
  • Black is the color of mystery, power, evil and seriousness. It is widely used as technical color and this color is used in designing photography websites, art websites etc. As black helps other colors to get prominence, it should be used with utmost care.
  • White is generally used as the background color of a website. It stands for purity and simplicity. Apart from that, it also has a soothing effect on the eyes of the visitors and that is why a large number of websites are using white as their background color.

Here we have summed up the significance and feelings that are associated each individual color:

  • Green: stability, rejuvenation, tranquility.
  • Blue: stable, dependable, professionalism, reliability.
  • Red: excitement, power, boldness.
  • Grey: traditionalism, practicality, intelligence.
  • Yellow: youth, humor, warmth.
  • Pink: friendship, feminine, love.
  • White : purity, calm. The best choice for backgrounds.
  • Orange: flamboyant, heat, health.
  • Black: authority, strong,technical.
  • Brown: endurance, productivity, masculine.

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    nice analysis on color and an interesting read. thanks for the breakdown. It was quite helpful and informative.

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