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Improve Search Appeal of your Site with Web Design Tips

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A successful website is that which is both search engine and online user friendly. For web popularity, receiving huge amount of traffic is essential. One of the primary aims of a website is to attract visitors and convert them to prospective buyers/clients. If your site can top the search engine result pages then it becomes easier to draw visitors to your site. But reaching the top position on search engine is a competitive task.

Here are some basic tips of website design which will help you to improve the search appeal of your site:

  • Avoiding Dynamic URL: Search engines generally do not consider sites with dynamic web addresses while setting their ranks on search engine result pages. If your site has dynamic urls then try to use a static url on the main page of the site so that it becomes easier for search engine bots to recognize it.
  • Lesser Use of Java Script: Search engine crawlers can not read codes. If you have used excessive Java script in your site then it becomes a difficult job for the crawlers to read through the site. If the search engine bots fail to index your site, the search engine will not receive any notification about your newly launched site. But if you have to use this script for site navigation, then provide HTML navigation facilities as well.
  • Restrained Use of Flash: Use of flash enhances the viewer appeal of a site but it becomes difficult for search engine bots to crawl the flash files. Flash file when incorporated to a site it definitely helps in increasing the interactivity of a site. But too much use of flash application will hinder the crawlers from properly accessing information from your site. If your site is mainly designed for commercial purpose then you have to strike a balance in order to stay on top of the search engine result pages.
  • Avoid Applying Frames: Use of frames may not cause any hindrance to human users but it becomes difficult for search engine bots to read your pages. Framing or designing a web page within another web page confuses the search engines. The pages are taken as a single page. It is advisable to avoid using frames on the home page of a site.

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    Very good post. I’m going through a few of these issues as well..

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