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Is Your Website Mac Friendly?

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Approximately 25,000,000 people are using Mac computer and the number is continuously on rise given its innumerable advantages over PCs. But, surprisingly in majority of cases, we do not even care for them or ignore them blatantly while designing a website. This vast chunk of people currently comprises almost 25% of the potential market that you should not dare to ignore. Until now, websites are designed specifically for PC users and therefore, those websites appear somewhat blurred, hazy and distorted if opened in a Mac computer.

There are some basic differences exist between Mac computer and PC. There are some software packages for example .exe type of application that only work on PC. Mac cannot read these types of applications and therefore, they will not work in Mac unless a Windows like environment is created. Therefore, it is quite evident that a website needs to be designed in a different way before being considered as a Mac friendly website design.

Here are some of the issues that you should not miss out if you wish to design a website that is both Mac and PC friendly:

  1. An ideal website should have two versions: one for Mac users and the other for PC users. This flexibility will definitely consider as an added advantage when it comes to seizing the market opportunities.
  2. Make sure that the services that you are offering are compatible with Mac computer.
  3. Try to shun any download options. Make the product or service web based as far as possible.
  4. Try to use iWeb while designing your website to make it Mac friendly. Try to keep it as simple as possible so that your website does not get distorted while browsing in Mac.

Make sure to check your website in Mac before launching it. It will definitely help to avoid last minute hurry.

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  1. Eric Di Bari says:

    Being a Mac user and a web developer, I must say one of the biggest differences I encounter is with gamma. Websites on windows just always appear darker.

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