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12 Aug / 2010 529 views

Logo Design Inspiration And Its Imminent Effect

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Creativity plays a prominent role in logo design since it is about creating a brand icon, a public face of an organization so that people can relate easily to it. But as a logo designer, you know how tough it is to generate new and fresh ideas each day so that each logo appears unique. Staying creative throughout the day is a nerve-wracking task but as you are into this field, you need to know how to do it otherwise, you are sure to find yourself in a tough corner. Your clients will definitely not like to see a logo that looks more or less similar to that of his company’s logo and therefore, you need to be very particular about design if you wish to avoid this kind of embarrassing situation. Here we are going to discuss some common issues that are related to gathering inspiration for designing a logo.

Do Not Make a Google Search: A good designer should hate Google. Well, you have reasons enough to disagree with me but the fact is that majority of logo designer or at least, a significant section of them prone to make a Google search whenever they run short of ideas and the most favorite destination is obvious: Google Image Search ( Obviously you are not going to copy and paste the design but you are certainly taking a cue from these logos that pop up whenever you make a search with the term “Logo”.

Inspiration: – So, you are asked to design a logo for a car. As is to be expected, you start scouting for existing logos of other car companies and therefore, the outcome is highly likely to be something similar. Images are not likely to be the same but the structure and the style might correspond to those existing logos. So, how on earth can you get inspiration for your next designing project? You can get inspiration for your next project by taking a short break from your desk and by taking a short nap. Sound outrageous! But the bottom-line is that if you want to do something different this time around, you need to opt for a less trodden path.

Do not Waste Your Time: Since time is short, you should not waste your time by going through the details of the project and the company thoroughly before you start designing a logo. Try to kick-start the project by formulating a plan in advance. Deadline has to be met at any cost and that means, you are not likely to have enough time in your hand to give a logo a unique and finessing touch.

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