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Magazine Website Design Trend, Features and The Best Practices

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Modern website designers are making conscious effort to push the limits of website design to add more creative flavor in it. This effort is defining the current trend in the field of website design. Designers are now making bold experiments with the designing style and pattern but it is the magazine style that has eventually emerged as the most happening and the most popular trend in this sector. Magazine style websites are great in demand as they come loaded with clean layout, professional interface and easy navigation. Here in this article, we are going to share some of the conspicuous features of magazine style website design layout:

Horizontal Navigation: – This is probably the most common trend in the field of magazine style website design. The navigation usually goes from left to right and the biggest advantage of incorporating horizontal navigation is that you would not have to scroll up and down while accessing valuable information. It is extremely easy to navigate.

Drop Down Sub Menus
: – Drop down sub menus are extremely easy to operate and makes it easy for the visitors locate their favorite topic without muddling with the complex navigation system.

Categories: – Since magazine websites are going to feature lots of content, designers should keep a provision to post different articles under different categories. This will definitely help the users to find out relevant information or articles by sorting them in respective categories.

Light-colored Background: – Designers usually prefer white or off-white background while designing this type of website since text needs to get prominence here. Light color background makes the content easy to read.

Grid-based Contents: – Contents are usually grouped into grids or columns as it makes the content easy to read. By using grid structure, you can maintain standard space between two posts and this will definitely have positive impacts on your website’s readability.

Clean Typography: – Try to keep the typography as clean and clear as possible because visitors would not like the idea of messing around the graphics while trying to read something interesting.

Popular News Section: – Since headlines get the most clicks, you should not forget to add a section for featuring top stories of the day.

Latest News: – This is another important section that draws a good amount of clicks from the visitors. It makes the readers aware of the latest happening around the world.

Search Bar: -Since magazine websites are all about content, you should not forget to incorporate a search button, as it will help the visitors to find out information without facing any trouble.

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