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Home Blog Looking Back Michael Jackson – King of Pop Passes Away: End of A Glorious Musical Era

Michael Jackson – King of Pop Passes Away: End of A Glorious Musical Era

  • 07 Jul / 2009

Michael Jackson, the undoubted leader of the pop musical genre, has passed away on 26 June 2009 and thereby making a void in the world of pop which no other pop star can dare to fill. He was unquestionably world greatest entertainer but at the same time his life is shrouded in enigmas and mysteries. Besides being a signature dancer of all time, he was also a mesmerizing singer whose voice had captivated and inspired many a people in the United States as well as abroad. He is no more but his legacy will continue to inspire people irrespective of their religion, country and casts.

This 50-year-old pop king died of a cardiac attack last Thursday at his Bel Air mansion in Los Angeles just few days before his much hyped comeback concert “’This Is It’”. Confusion has erupted through out the world as soon as his death news hit the headlines of all the news channels. Though some of his fans still smell a rat and demanding a probe into his death, autopsy has ruled out the possibility of any kind of foul play in his death.

Jackson’s untimely death has created a vacuum in the world of pop music. It is the end of a legacy, end of a musical journey, and end of an era, which has enriched pop music industry in multifarious ways. Born on Aug. 29, 1958, Jackson started his musical journey at the age of 4. He got success in the early part of his life and there began the era of his unstoppable, explosive and innovative music, which has not lost its popularity even today. He had reached the culmination of his musical career in the 1980s. During that period, he started to release a number of blockbuster hits and the most popular among them is “Thriller” which was released in 1982. This single musical album had brought him to the forefront of musical industry. This is the best selling album of all time and approximately over 50 millions copies of this album were sold worldwide.

However, his musical career is marked with many ups and downs. His personal life is also smeared in controversies. He had never able to lead a simple life. His fetish for surgery had changed his appearance many a times and which had sparked fierce criticisms. Report has it that he had even converted to Islam. He had created a trademark in the musical industry with his big sunglasses, military-style jacket and sequined glove. His personal life took a sharp turn when he was charged with molesting a 13 years old child at his Neverland ranch. However, he was acquitted from all these charges in that year but it has dented his pop star image permanently. It has an adverse effect on his personal life from which he had never able to recover fully. It has taken a toll on his personal life but also on his career and financial life.

Just when he was trying hard to revive his image, death puts an untimely end to his glorious career. His life may have associated with a number of controversies; he has always been and will always be considered as the King of Pop.

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  1. Michael Jackson would still be remembered as the only King of Pop. We would surely miss him.

  2. all of my friends are Michael Jackson fans, we would really miss the King of Pop.

  3. Michael Jackson will be the greatest pop singer in the whole world. Everyone will miss him.

  4. we would surely miss the King of Pop. Michael Jackson is definitely a legend in the history of music.

  5. I really miss Michael Jackson. He is truly the greatest pop singer of the century. Farewell king of pop..

  6. there is no doubt that Michael Jackson is the best ever pop music artist of the Centruy-.”

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