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Newspaper Website Design

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Newspaper is the oldest and most traditional mode of media and communication. It forms an integral part of the print media till today. Due to the advancement of technology, electronic media is gaining more and more hype in recent days and many people prefer it for instant news and entertainment over the print media. However, that has in no way affected the importance of the newspaper and it still holds a strong position in delivering authentic news and other things of interest.

Website and Newspaper

We often look in the internet to get news from the various websites. It is a common practice today for all the newspaper agencies to publish an online issue of their newspaper. In this regard, the website design of a particular newspaper is really important to represent the true nature of the paper and the types of issues it deals with.

In general, any newspaper website needs to display a huge amount of content, regardless of the nature and types of news it publishes. The most important factors for a newspaper website design are layout, usability and navigation. Another major issue of news website design is monetization and it is a challenge to designers how they integrate advertisements in their design. They must be able to use ads in such a manner that the readers don’t turn away. The ads need to be distinct and eye-catching.

Features of News Website Design

  • First point to be considered while designing a news website is the suitable Layout. The most common type of layout is generally Grid-based. This layout is very popular with the designers because it creates a sharp look and the most comprehensive way to manage and organize a large amount of content. The New York Times is the most well-known example of a proper Grid-based layout.
  • The arrangement of Headers and Sidebar Banners is the next important issue. Almost all the newspaper websites want to earn revenue and they try to include banner ads in headers which can be a key source of income. Banner ads can be used in different ways. Some website designs have banners on all pages whereas others exclude banner headers in the home page and include them on other pages.
  • Navigation is also a very important factor since readers feel comfortable with free and easy navigation through the website. It is a common practice to put the primary navigation menu just below the header and above the main content. But there are few exceptions like The New York Times and MSNBC who use the left sidebar for the main navigation.
  • The Content must be arranged with utmost care, since it is the main thing that attracts the readers. Some newspaper website designs are based on tabbed content areas. This will allow the visitors to see popular articles, recent articles, most commented articles, etc. separately and in a distinct way. Users have more control over the content and links and it can also save space in the website design by making more content accessible in a specific area.
  • Lastly, the color scheme used in the design is vital as well. The most common is to use dark text (usually black) on a white background which offers best readability. Many news websites also use blue, red and dark gray for text.

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