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Panda 20 Algorithm Update is Here!

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Just when webmasters thought their sites might have recovered from the impact of relentless SEO updates, Google surprised everyone by releasing the new version of Panda on Thursday, 27th September. Panda 20 is a major step forward from the previous series. Here’s why…

The 20th Panda update will impact more than 2.4% English search queries all over the world. In fact, Matt Cutts has confirmed that it’s an algorithm update, not a data refresh like other previous versions and therefore, people will witness remarkable changes in SERPs.

Cutts has also added that though the more influential elements were pushed on Thursday, they will keep releasing the update for 3-4 days more. It will not only affect English queries but other languages as well, although most as much as English. Cutts hinted that French and Spanish queries may notice 0.5% changes.

While the update will help users find more relevant data without getting lost in the sea of spam, their impact on website ranking and SEO businesses will be huge. Google mostly reveals updates 2-3 days after releasing them, usually when webmasters start complaining about major changes in SERPs. Let’s hope that Google disseminates information more promptly in future to help SEO professionals.

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