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PHP – An Ultimate Solution for Successful Web Development

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Among many Programming languages, PHP has made its own position in web development activities. To a beginner PHP programming language may seem bit complicated and difficult to handle but with some sessions and practice, one will be at ease to work with PHP.

Some of the other popular computer languages that are extensively used besides PHP are Java, C and Visual Basic. But among the other computer languages, the web developers hugely prefer PHP programming.

It was in 1994 that Rasmus Lerdorf generated PHP in a very initial stage. The next year, he created PHP/FI. In 1997 Zeev Suraski and Andi Gutmans created PHP3 in a very basic level. Then by the end of the same year it was officially released as PHP/FI 2. Soon after public testing started with this programming language. More research continued through 1999 and in May 2000 PHP 4 came out and more development works continued with PHP 5.

PHP programming language is a server side scripting language and it is used to run scripts directly on a web server. For developing dynamic web pages, PHP language is generally used. The programmers, well acquainted with PHP development can work with “command line interface’’ (CLI). This is one of the major features of PHP that is available with this programming language. With CLI one can interact with a computer by providing text commands in the form of script or written structure.

With PHP programming, you can easily add files and various images with file up loaders. The web developers who are acquainted with PHP programming and web applications also use it for file transfer from a client computer to a web server. It is done through HTTP file uploading process.

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Shefali Dhamija
Shefali Dhamija
12 years ago

gr8 post..want to add some more…PHP is highly scalable and can operative over multiple web servers. It has excellent support for various databases including MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server 2000, Oracle and more making it a language of choice for web development projects in both open source and commercial environments. In fact, numerous commercial and open source CMS are based on PHP including Joomla, Mambo amongst others.

application development india
application development india
11 years ago

also the cost of ownership is much lower in php and mysql platform. and another great open source ecommerce platform which is php based is opencart. try it if you need a complete ecommerce solution.

2 years ago

Great Share!

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