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Points to be remembered while designing a Corporate Identity

Corporate identity is basically the persona of a business enterprise. In order to give corporate identity to a commercial organization, graphic elements are used. The visual elements like, posters, fonts, letterheads and logo are indeed important parts of a corporate identity.

In the true sense, corporate identity allows a consistent visual presence for an organization and has the ability to reinforce a brand’s image. This is probably the reason why most of the well-known companies give so much stress on their visual identity.

With the course of time a company may change their business focus. In this case, the corporate identity of that company needs to be updated. This is because an identity of a corporation should highlight its business objectives.

Corporate identity logo design requires creativity as well as careful handling. While designing a corporate identity, one needs to understand the following things:

  • Size of the business enterprise
  • Perception of the stakeholders
  • Internal assumptions
  • Existing customer base
  • Commercial offerings
  • Target market

On the other hand, some of the activities that could be undertaken while giving a corporate identity graphic design are listed below:

  • Intensive brand research and analysis
  • Creation and designing of corporate identities and logos
  • Writing identity guidelines
  • Giving meaningful tag lines
  • Designing of vehicle livery and signage
  • Designing and printing of stationary
  • Creation of a logical brand strategy

Thus, by following the above-mentioned points, a designer will be able to develop an effective corporate identity design.

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