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16 Oct / 2019 1,930 views

What PPC Services Hacks Can Improve Your ROI?

PPC Services

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One of the undeniable truths of digital marketing is that PPC works. With over 40% of global brands planning to increase their PPC (that’s Pay-Per-Click for the uninitiated) budget in 2019 (source: in order to drive leads, improve sales, and increase revenue, there’s no wonder that companies are always turning to PPC services and utilizing platforms such as Google Ads for achieving fast results within a limited budget.

But let’s face it: PPC ads are expensive. And while most businesses can easily set up and run PPC campaigns, not everyone manages to get adequate value for their money. So, even if you roll out the perfect ad copy, do your due diligence when it comes to keywords, and work with the best PPC management company on this side of the planet, there’s no guarantee that you will get the proper return on your investment.

However, fret not. In order to ensure that your PPC campaigns are able to reap the maximum benefits and promise a solid ROI, here are some PPC hacks that you can use to boost the performance of your PPC campaigns.

Top Hacks used by PPC Services

Target Competitor Keywords

In today’s cut-throat competitive marketplace, simple keyword research just doesn’t have enough teeth to succeed. Therefore, though at the risk of sounding a bit sneaky, you are perfectly within your rights to target your ads towards your competitor’s keywords. This not only makes your campaigns more inclusive but helps to wean away customers from your rivals and boost the performance of your PPC efforts. Just be sure not to step into any copyright infringement problems.

Diversify Campaigns Across Search Engines

While it is true that PPC has become synonymous with Google Ads, you just can’t afford to stick to only one search engine. So, while you can always set up your campaigns primarily for Google, you should also take care to run similar efforts across other search engines. For instance, Bing controls roughly one-third of the market for search; so if you’re not targeting Bing, you are losing out on a massive chunk of potential leads.

Keeping all these in mind, search providers have made it a lot simpler to import campaigns across different platforms such as Google Ads and Bing Ads. For best results though you should consider employing a professional PPC management company.

Employ Negative Keywords To Your Advantage

Negative keywords are often one of the most useful yet least utilized hacks that PPC management services employ. Using negative keywords allows you to prevent your ads from appearing against irrelevant searches. This not only helps to maintain the credibility of your brand, but also saves you from paying for clicks that don’t convert.

By stopping negative keywords from triggering your ads you stand to refine your advertising efforts. When you shortlist search terms that aren’t related to your efforts yet might trigger your ads, you not only make your campaign more cost effective, but also make it more targeted; this helps to draw relevant audiences to your business.

Get Your Landing Pages Straight

PPC services agree without a doubt that landing pages play the most important part in the success of your PPC efforts. By investing proper time and resources into creating that perfect landing page, you can ensure that your audience is hooked the moment they, well, land on it.

Well crafted landing pages that offer relevant and value-based content to users is essential for improving the ROI for your PPC campaign. Further, you should also take care of other factors such as load speed and responsiveness to guarantee a seamless experience across devices. If possible, segment your audience across keywords and present them with tailored landing pages for the best experience.

Rely On Ad Rotation

So you’ve hammered out the best ad on the planet. Well, at least that’s your opinion. But be advised, the same ad may not work equally well across time and situations. For achieving the best results from your PPC campaign be certain to create different ads and rotate them. PPC platforms such as Google Ads make it pretty simple to show different ads at different junctures.

When you rotate your ads, the stats tell you which ads are doing better, and under what circumstances. This gives you greater clarity and control over which ads to show when. Not only that, but you can also tweak different ads to maximize your ROI.

Final Thoughts

Proper application of the above hacks can surely enable you to drive your PPC efforts to succeed and gain the best ROI. Just remember, anyone can set up PPC, but not all campaigns are created equal. For best results, consider hiring a qualified PPC management company in India.

Priyanka Agarwal

Priyanka Agarwal

Priyanka Agarwal is an experienced digital marketer with a vast knowledge in related domains such as SEO, SMO, PPC, Google Analytics, and Content Marketing among others. She pens articles dealing exclusively with the world of digital marketing.

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