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25 Mar / 2009 1,507 views

Pros and Cons of Using Frames in Website Designing

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Since a long time, there is a controversy regarding the advantages and disadvantages of using frames in a website. According to most of the experts, frames do not serve any purpose. Instead, it creates trouble in the functioning of a website. On the other hand, there are some people who think that frames are beneficial for websites. However, it is always better to use frames, in case of a genuine requirement.

Advantages of Framed Website Design

Framed websites, have certain advantages. Some of the most remarkable among them are mentioned below:

  • In a frame one can keep company logos, important information and messages. So, that it constantly remains visible to the visitors.
  • Often, frames make a site navigable. Throughout the time, it makes static navigation visible on your website.
  • Often, design-related problems are sorted out by using frames. Added to this, the frames also can make a site easily accessible to the visitors.

Disadvantages of Framed Web Design

In spite of these advantages, there are several disadvantages of frames. Some of them are as follows:

  • Search engines usually find it difficult to crawl a framed website. But, there is no doubt in the fact that the main purpose of search engine marketing is to appeal to search engines. So, if a frame can not make a site search-engine-friendly, it is better to avoid using it.
  • Within a website, if a framed page is bookmarked, it’s not going to help in your site’s use and design.
  • There are some Internet browsers that do not support framed sites. So, if your potential customers use those browsers, there remains no possibility of your site to be visited by them.
  • It is quite obvious that if you have a framed website, you also have a non- framed website. In that case, it raises the expenses of online business.

These are indeed some of the striking disadvantages, for which use of frame is avoided in a website design.

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