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05 Jul / 2011 625 views

Reasons Why Open Source Ecommerce Shopping Carts Should Be Selected By Small businesses

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The open source e-commerce shopping cart solutions are best suited for small companies. They are economical and flexible by nature.

The web development professionals who are assigned with task of e commerce site development know how important shopping cart solutions are. Choosing the ideal shopping cart solutions can be a challenging task for the web developers. The selection of the right kind of the cart system depends on a number of aspects like client needs, budget, customer load and feasibility and so on. Generally the web development professionals choose from either hosted shopping cart systems or those provided by third party companies.

It is quite undeniable that the small sized businesses have benefitted a lot from the advent and growth of online shopping. This trend which has taken the world by storm has aided the small businesses in expanding their customer base fast and earning skyrocketing revenues. The web has given them a platform to compete with large companies and enjoy unprecedented benefits. The small companies need shopping cart solutions in their sites that fit their need. Among the various available cart systems they should pick the open source shopping cart solutions.

  • The first and most important reason a small scale company should pick an open source based shopping cart development system is the budget factor. The advantage of the open source shopping cart systems is that they have the modules in place. The web developers just need to tweak the modules to suit the need of specific client sites. It is easier for both the client and the site developer. This in turn brings down the website development cost significantly. The small businesses can invest the saved money in other areas including promotion.
  • Similar to any open source app, the open source shopping cart solutions get the support of the app developers. The open source app community is robust and they offer support to the web developers using the open source cart systems. The updates and extensions also come as added boons which can be used to tweak the capability of the cart systems.
  • The majority of open source shopping cart systems can be easily integrated into an existing e commerce website. This saves the designers from making heavy modification to the site layout and structure.
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