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The Basics of a Good Web Design

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A site visitor can easily make out which site employs a good website design and which is not. As we browse through the web pages we tend to get impressed by certain sites while some even fails to live up to the mark. The look and feel of a website lies with the web designer who adds life to the site by adding colors, graphics and content on the pages.

There are a few basic characteristics that mark a good web design. While planning a website design, the following points can be followed:

  • Properly Organized: A site needs to be properly organized so that the information presented there can be easily accessed by the viewers. The links to different pages should be well placed so that the site visitor does not have to search around the whole site.
  • Interactive: A user finds it interesting if a site involves him/her. Features can be added on a site for sharing information with the viewers. A site designer can also provide options for viewers’ feedback and comment.
  • Simplicity: It is always better to avoid too much complexity for web designing. It is seen that online visitors prefer those sites that do not have much complexity and can be explored with ease. So it is advisable to use easy navigable features on sites.
  • Easy to Read: While web designing, it is important to properly manage the site content. The text should be so arranged so that it can be clearly read. Using right kind of font, putting proper spacing and choosing a friendly background color is important.
  • Customized for Users: While designing websites, the users should always be given the priority. If your target viewers are a common mass it is better to use simple and easy to follow features on the site. If the site is designed for high-profile viewers it is better to give it a professional look and feel.

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WebGuru Infosystems

WebGuru Infosystems

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