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30 Mar / 2009 430 views

Tips for Making Search Engine Friendly Website

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In this age of online marketing, websites are considered to be the most effective tools for advertising and promoting products and services of different business corporations. It is seen that a well-written and well-designed website can draw the attention of a huge number of people. But to make a site search-engine friendly, along with good design and informative content, proper optimization is needed.

Points to be Considered While Making a SEO Web Design

Usually, while making an effective site, the search engine optimizers concentrate on inbound links, meta tags and web content optimization. Apart from these, certain other points should also be considered. Useful tips for making a website search-engine friendly are mentioned below:

  • CSS Style Sheet– Since CSS style sheet can standardize a site’s appearance, it should be used while formatting a web design. Often, the website designers use internal CSS. This is being done for the sake of convenience. On the other hand, for making HTML coding concise, external CSS style sheet can be used.
  • Content Management Software– For management of content, CMS is used. However, before using this content management software make sure that it provides the following features:
    1. It should allow to define meta tags and title for different pages of the website.
    2. Instead of dynamic web pages, it should allow to create static HTML pages. This is because, search engine like to read text. So, the use of graphics near the top of the website should be avoided.
  • Use of Graphics– It is always necessary to optimize the file size of the images.
  • HTML Code Compliance– Always make sure that your HTML coding is compliant to some of the well recognized HTML standards, like, W3C standard.
  • Multiple-Level Navigation Menu– In several websites multiple-level navigation menu is used in Javascript. However, it is always better to separate HTML coding from Javascript through the use of external Javascript file.
  • Web Design– In order to make a SEO-friendly website design certain things have to be considered. These are mentioned below:
    1. Always avoid to use frames. This is because, search engines have difficulty to index all the frame set.
    2. Sometimes, website designers can create some re-direct pages or can also use different techniques to re-direct the visitors from one page to another.
  • Use of Flash– There is no doubt in the fact that flash can make a site appealing. But, at the same time, it is also true that it expands the downloading time of a website and often diverts the attention of the online visitors. On the other hand, search engine can not crawl a content inside a flash file. So, in most of the time, avoid using flash in a website.

Thus, by following the above mentioned tips, the website designers can develop an effective search engine-friendly website.

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