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16 Mar / 2009 843 views

Tips for Website Navigation

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In this age of computer, a well-designed website play a vital role in advertising and promoting products and services. However, effectiveness of a site primarily depends on a site’s navigability and user-friendliness.

Steps to be Followed for effective Website Navigation

Some of the main steps that should be followed for making a website navigable are mentioned below:

First, identify your target audience. Then find out some of the common steps they usually prefer to take, in order to get what they want from your website. A proper navigation system can facilitate different steps, from searching an item from a catalog, inserting those staff to a shopping cart to online payment system.

If this sequence become haphazard, it could frustrate the users and thus can create obstacles in profit maximization. To overcome this problem, proper organization of site is necessary. It is indeed the prerequisite for an effective navigation system.

A navigation system is basically classified into 2 objective types. They are Navigation Controls and Location Indicators.

Navigation Controls– They are the primary navigation links. They enable users to move around the website. Whether they consist text or images, on each page, they should be located at the same place, with the same appearance.

Some of the main facilities of navigation controls are to enable the users to move within the website, to make the people aware of the information available at the link, to work with the location indicators in order to determine users. A good navigation control is predictable in its style and its location on the web page.

Location Indicators– It let the users know about their present location in the website. A user can enter at any web page, but they are required to orientate themselves as quickly as possible. Location indicators should tell the user precisely about their position and this should also be made clear to a user who has entered the website at an internal web page.

In order to make a site navigable, by proper planning standards of usability should be maintained. Moreover, it should always be kept in mind that a navigable site can only attract more traffic and thus can ensure profit enhancement. So, the designer must give stress to the navigability of a site.

Company Offering Website Design Services

In present times, people will find a number of web design companies. Among them, the name that worth a mention is Webguru India. Since a long time, the designers of our organization are developing navigable websites for the international and local clients. These sites are also offered at the most reasonable rates. So, if you are not interested to invest much money, but is also expecting a quality website for your commercial enterprise, Webguru could be your right choice.

WebGuru Infosystems

WebGuru Infosystems

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