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23 Dec / 2009 525 views

Tips to Design a Logo Effectively

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A logo design helps in communicating the marketing message to the intended audience. A logo graphically represents the identity of a company. An effective logo design is required to make it easily recognizable to the present and potential customers.

Before designing a logo for your company you need to decide the requirements and aim of designing it. The nature and work of the company should also be compared before designing it. A graphic designer can draw inspiration from the ongoing logo designing styles and also thoroughly study the logo designs of the competitor companies.

An effective logo design means that it will be easy to remember and recognize it among many company logos. The logo design should also be simple yet eye catching. A logo design should be versatile so that it can be used in any media. The design of a logo should also be relevant to the products and services offered by the company.

For designing an effective logo you can follow the given tips:

While logo designing, it is better to avoid raster graphics. The raster graphics are difficult to edit and thus it becomes difficult to modify the design according to requirements. Instead of raster one should use vector graphics that are easier to edit. To avoid duplication it is not even advisable to use stock vector graphics.

It is better to avoid complicating a logo design. A simple logo is easier to remember than a complex logo. Use of color should also be restricted while designing a logo. Use of many colors can increase the cost of printing. For printing purpose, a black and white version should also be created. Use of too many fonts also complicates the logo design. It is advisable to use not more than two fonts at a time.

While designing a logo, one should be careful not to copy others’ ideas. A logo is used to set up the corporate identity of a company or a business house. Thus every logo should be unique in its own way.

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