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Top 5 Web Application Frameworks to Enhance a Website in 2018

Top 5 Web Application Frameworks to Enhance a Website in 2018

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With the growing versatility of the online space, the web app-building process has become even more complex. In today’s world, a basic online presence of a brand is not sufficient to reach the maximum number of customers as the latter prefer websites that are navigable, functional and updated according to the latest technological trends. This makes it crucial for the web developers to be acquainted with the latest web application development frameworks to enhance the user experience. However, due to the availability of a wide range of development frameworks, it becomes a tad confusing for the web developers to choose the best one among them.

Here are the leading web app development frameworks for building websites in 2018, which provide the desired output in less time and price:


Angularjs development services

It is a famous JavaScript based open source framework that was developed especially for the single-page web applications by using the MVC architectural design. Angularjs is a front-end structure meant for dealing with web pages. Angular 2, the modified version of the same has gained more popularity since its release. Recently, Angular 4 has come into the scene as well, which is superior to the previous version. Hence, Angularjs is worth to be an integral part of the web application development process. Furthermore, businesses will be well served should Angularjs development services are made part of the whole exercise.


Laravel web development

It was developed in the year 2011 and has been going strong till date. Laravel is a back-end web development framework that comes for free. The open source PHP web framework is apt for building cutting-edge web applications by following the model-view-controller (MVC) architectural structure. A standard packaging system with a dependency manager and services for deployment and maintenance, give it an edge over other development frameworks. It comes with everything that are needed by developers to bring about an effective web application development. Laravel developers are hired in large numbers across the world for creating exceptional web apps.

If you own a business and looking to craft a robust web application, we recommend you to hire dedicated Laravel developers without any delay.


React.js web development framework

It is an open source JavaScript library managed by Facebook with a huge community of developers. The library can be easily transformed to a web development framework, which is widely used in improving the user interface of applications. React.js was mainly built with the aim of developing big applications with data that change with every passing day.

The new version named React Fibre is the outcome of an extensive research done by the React team for two years. It is a continuing application of React.js based algorithm and is highly used by the leading React development services or website application development companies. The framework can really make a difference in web application development and makes the React developers the highly sought after ones by companies.


Node.js development services

It is not only a framework but an entire domain due to which it has been preferred by many web developers since many years. As Node.js is capable of managing a high number of connections at the same time efficiently, it is used to build extensible and rapid network applications. It is the perfect option for those web developers who want a fully JavaScript setting consisting of all the tools to develop apps. No wonder companies are on a hire node.js developer spree due to the framework’s rich features.

Ruby on Rails (RoR):

Ruby on Rails

It is a popular framework used by the web developers for long. Ruby is a user-friendly programming language and recognized brands like Airbnb, Basecamp and Hulu have built their websites by using the framework. Since 2005, RoR is available for free and operates on the open-source OS platform, Linux. It is very simple to access as compared to other frameworks and speeds up the whole development process. RoR is indeed a valuable framework for the development of web application due to its favorable features.

While choosing a web application framework, brands should not focus on the former’s exclusive features alone. The focus should be mainly on the real functionality of a framework and how it has been implemented by a website application development company to fulfill its needs. Business owners must choose the most convenient framework as per their requirements and bring on board proficient web developers to fulfil their business objectives.

WebGuru Infosystems

WebGuru Infosystems

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