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12 May / 2009 573 views

Useful Tips for Custom Logo Design

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Logo is a graphical element, which is used for identifying an organization. It acts as a trademark and represents a commercial enterprise. So, while creating a custom logo, the designer should devote much of his precious time and should handle it with excessive care.

Some of the tips that need to be followed for developing effective custom logo are mentioned below:

  • Style of Using Colors– It is always better to use black and white color in a logo. This color combination makes a logo look good. Apart from this, a logo colored in black and white also look perfect when it is photocopied or faxed.
  • Use of Simple Images– Avoid to make a logo complicated. Always remember that your logo should look good on business cards. Most of the well-known enterprises use extremely simple images for their logo. In the true sense, simplicity can give professional look to a logo.
  • Use of Simple Fonts– Always keep the font simple. Otherwise the logo will lack its legibility. In most of the cases it is better to use lower case fonts with no capital letters. This is because, this type of a logo is considered to be more approachable to the clients.
  • Different Interpretation of the Same Logo– a same image can be interpreted in different ways. So, carefully study your logo in order to make sure that it won’t offend any culture or minority community.
  • Shape of the Logo– Circular and square shapes is most used in a Custom logo design services, whereas the designer should avoid using rectangular shape while developing a business logo design.

These are some of the most important points that the designer should follow for creating an effective logo.

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