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Useful Tips for the Novice Website Designers

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Website designing is a form of art that requires creativity as well as careful handling. A well-designed website has the potential to persuade the readers. In the true sense, through online presentation, these websites encourage people to purchase the products of a particular organization. So, while designing a website, certain things have to be kept in mind.

  • Avoid Using Framesets– Search engines generally find it difficult to read text in a framed website. So use of frames in a website should be avoided.
  • Use of Light Color as a Web Page Background– The background color used in a web page should be eye-soothing. Most of the time dark colors distract the readers’ attention and makes the text unreadable. So, while making a site, always avoid using dark colors.
  • Use of Proper Logo– Most of the time, in a corporate website, a logo is inserted. Logo is basically the symbol, that represents an organization. While designing a website, logo designing should also be given importance. Logo should always look professional.
  • Avoiding the IE Page Transitions– Internet Explorer has the ability to create several special effects, but in most of the time they are not suitable for the websites. So, while giving web design, it is always advisable to avoid using IE page transitions.
  • Avoid Using Flying Text– Usually people find it difficult to read flying text. It also distracts the attention of a reader. So, it is better to avoid using flying text.
  • Use of Live Credit Card Processing Program– By using this program, the programmers can make the website more interactive. Now-a-days, people hardly get time to visit shops for buying their desired products and prefer to purchase products online. So, the websites should allow online transaction facilities to the customers.

Thus, by considering the following points the inexperienced and novice web designers can create effective websites.

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vidya sagar
vidya sagar
12 years ago

Its a good a blog because all new web designer have a help The intent of web designing is to create a website that presents content including interactive features or interfaces to the end user in the form of web pages once requested. The two main factors that determine a website’s appearance are color and layout. The main factors that determine how usable a website are its navigational features and its security.

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