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Web 2.0 Concept to Increase User Interaction

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The concept of web design or web 2.0 concept is directly linked with the interactivity and interconnectivity of a website. The basic objectives behind the launching a website is to get connected with the users, to increase interaction with the visitors, to get their feedbacks and to maintain an intimate relationship with them for ensuring continuous growth of an organization. The strength of a website lies in its visitors and therefore, it has to be user-friendly, attractive, simple etc. Actually, these are some of the crucial aspects of Web 2.0 concept and this concept is developed for letting the users or the visitors to interact or modify with a website so that an effective communication can be built up. There are some other concepts of web 2.0 that you have to consider for ensuring a regular traffic to your website:

  • Create a Separate Section for the Users
    This is an effective tool that should be integrated with a website. It can increase user interaction and traffic efficaciously. Integration of a forum, blog or a review section with a website can tempt the visitors to participate in discussions, which will definitely help you to retain users.
  • Offer Training Courses
    By offering free training courses, you can definitely increase the number of visitors from various sources. However, you have to make sure the fact that the training module is of standard quality otherwise; it affect adversely. Training courses can be delivered in multiple formats such as html page, pdf file, downloadable audios and videos or in simple text.

    • Email Subscription: It is one of the popular ways for delivering training courses. However, visitors have to subscribe themselves with their respective email accounts for getting these training courses. This will eventually increase the number of users if they found the training manual is worth reading.
    • Video Tutorial: Video tutorials as a mode of training model are fast becoming popular among the users. As video tutorial is easy to understand, you can opt for it for tempting visitors.
  • Guest Interview
    Posting interview of a well-known personality in your website can increase the credibility of your website. You can promote guest interview by adding it in your newsletter. Apart from that, you post the excerpts of the interview or the entire interview in your website as website content.
  • Organizing a Poll
    You can increase the popularity of your website by organizing a poll and asking the users to participate in it. Try to make it a monthly event if possible.
  • Conduct Survey
    Choose some niche topics for conducting a survey about the performance of your website. If you are unable to conduct survey yourself, you can encourage your visitors to do it. It will give the visitors a unique chance to express their opinions. You will get valuable feedbacks from your visitors without spending a single penny for this purpose.
  • Product Reviews
    You can add a review section for encouraging the visitors to share their opinions about various products or services. Apart from initiating heated discussion, it can also generate good and original content for your website.
  • Forum
    Forum is a community of people of similar interests. If you add a forum section in your website, you would not have to toil hard to persuading your visitors to start discussion as they shared similar interest. Forum can help you to get new visitors as well.

These are some of the concepts of web 2.0 that you have to integrate with your website design concept for retaining existing visitors and for attracting new visitors.

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