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Top 20 tips to design attractive website

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Wonderful websites steal the crown in the web world. Exquisite web designs, quality content and overall structure of the website have a defining impact on our minds. We feel more attracted towards informative and interesting websites. We seem to develop loyalty and continue to turn around our favorite sites over and over again.

Web designing is an art. Web design may make and unmake the future of a company or a business industry in the web market. So, it is very essential to take great care while designing a website.

Here an attempt has been made to make your task easy. The web design must be both user friendly as well as search engine friendly. Follow these basic steps carefully and build beautiful web designs.

Tips to build striking web design

A website will never rise in the market if the design elements are given more stress than other elements. It is highly important that all the aspects in web design must be given equal importance.

    Overall design of the website

  1. Ensure that the web pages download quickly
  2. Avoid cluttered designs
  3. The text, photos, flash works and animations must be beautifully set in the web page. This systematic arrangement enhances the visual appeal of the website
  4. All the web pages of a website must have same web design. Try to use some elements in the overall structure in all the pages
  5. Easy Navigation

  6. Set navigation bars and buttons in the web pages so that it is easily comprehended by web visitors
  7. The navigation bars and buttons must indicate the type of web page to the web visitor
  8. Use keywords of your website in the navigation bars and buttons
  9. The entire navigation system must be steady all over the website
  10. Make a detailed site map
  11. Text of web pages

  12. Avoid using stylish fonts. Use of stylish fonts confuses the web visitors
  13. Select font type and size which is easily understood by the web visitors
  14. The text must contain useful information in a systematic order
  15. Decide carefully on the color of the text and the background in order to enhance the readability of web visitors. Try to use dark text for light background and vice versa
  16. Links in web pages

  17. The links in the body text, header text, footer text, anchor text, navigational panels, footer links must be highlighted with color
  18. If possible, try to underline the links
  19. Make sure that colors in the links are in perfect coordination with background color of the web page
  20. Links must contain keywords
  21. Graphics

  22. Every graphic work must be supported by an alt text.
  23. It also necessary that the graphic links must also be supported by text link
  24. Ensure that the graphic do not dominate over the content of the web page.

Now, build your website carefully. Try to follow the rules and create website that appeal to all.

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