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Website Design Trend 2010: Time To Brush Up Your Knowledge

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Like any other form of artistic mediums, website design has also evolved a lot before emerging out as a powerful medium of expression. Over the years, it has become a matured and rich medium that is infused with strong aesthetic and functional appeals, which can hardly be overlooked. Creativity plays a decisive role here, but it never clashes with its professional appeal. Now, we have some of the most power and versatile tools such as HTML5, CSS3, font-embedding etc, a strong design community and a standardized  version of web. Thanks to these overwhelming number of resources, website design industry is slowly (sometime imperceptibly) changing its courses and we do believe these small changes can bring about a major upheaval that will constitute the web design trend of 2010.

More Personal Yet More Professional: – As designers are enjoying more freedom and more flexibility, they are making large scale experiments with the very structure of a website. They are trying to make website looks unique and more personal. This is a clear deviation from the ongoing trend of following the trusted and proven track. In fact, it is the bold approach and the optimistic attitude of a section of website designers that will set the trend of web design industry in 2010. This is the reason why we are seeing websites with better planning, better look and with a personal touch.

Fusion of Passion and Delight: – Designing a website is not like churning out raw materials for a manufacturing unit. It is totally a different thing, a different concept altogether. A true design should reflect the creative impulse of the creator. It should be unique, engaging, interactive and should be able to establish a friendly relationship with the viewers at the very first glance. Website designer should love their job very much otherwise; they will never be able to create a website that can play a constructive role in the growth of an organization. In short, a perfect fusion of passion and creative approach is what that can set a designing standard in 2010.

Influence of Print Medium: – Though print and web are two different platforms, they continue to influence each other. When a particular designing pattern creates a furor in print medium, its influence can also be felt in website design industry. Experts believe that this trend will become more prominent in coming days as the fine difference between print and website is expected to get blurred because of continuous interaction between these two design platforms. For example, design style and pattern of newspaper websites often resembles their print version in some way or other.

Keypress Navigation: – In a bid to make websites more responsive and intuitive, a number of applications are now being employed by website designers. JavaScript libraries are now widely adopted to make websites smart and user-friendly. However, it is the adoption of “Keypress navigation” which is considered to be a drastic deviation from its earlier standard. Though it is not widely adopted by website designers, its popularity is skyrocketing each day. The basic idea of “Keypress Navigation” is to free website visitors from performing some tedious tasks such as moving through images in a slideshow, making changes in the view, navigating between blog posts etc.

These are some of the prominent designing trend that are all set to rule web design industry in 2010.

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