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03 Feb / 2009 917 views

Wedding Website Design

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Acquiring information from Internet is indeed the latest trend of the modern people. For gathering information as well as for sharing personal messages with near and dear ones, people are launching different types of websites. Some of them are used for business purposes, whereas, some others are exclusively meant for personal affairs. A wedding website is one of the most popular types of websites belonging to the second category. These websites are basically launched for sharing the details of the auspicious occasions of marriage with the relatives, friends and neighbors.

A person, who takes care of wedding website design is none other than an efficient web designer. Since, marriage is a joyous occasion, wedding planners or event planners are preferring to adopt an innovative way to circulate these news among their clients’ friends and relatives. In order to do so, they are nurturing wedding web design ideas.

Wedding Website Designing Tips

An effective wedding web design requires certain things. Some of the main tips that should be followed while designing a wedding website are mentioned below:

  • Domain Hosting – For developing a wedding website, a domain name has to be registered. While registering unique domain name, it is always advisable to select the rate which most suits your requirements and budget.
  • Software Selection – This should be done in the initial stage. One can use blog in a wedding site. Usually, Word Press is required to create a blog. Other than this, CMS (content management system) can also be used. This system enables further customization of messages for the readers.
  • Simple Writing Style – The content of wedding websites should be written in simple language. The writing should also be made interesting, so that readers can enjoy reading the web pages.
  • Insertion of Special Information – In wedding websites, details regarding date, venue and timing can be mentioned. If required road map can also be inserted. There is no doubt in the fact that this will help the invitees. Added to this, information regarding entertainment, dining and accommodation facilities can also be incorporated in this site.
  • Use of Images – Wedding websites should be bright and colorful. So, in this type of websites colorful images should be inserted. However, images should be of smaller file size, otherwise they will slow down the web pages loading.

Important Sections in Wedding Web Site

Wedding website should have a number of sections. These sections are listed below:

  • Personal details about the bride and the groom
  • Details of the wedding reception and marriage ceremony
  • Photographs
  • Music and Videos
  • RSVP
  • Guest book

Company Offering Website Design

If you are planning to get married soon or you are an event planner, who have not yet launched wedding websites. This is high time for you to create a wedding website. Since, in this age, most of the people enjoy online presence, it is always better to launch websites for spreading the news of wedding and other personal occasions. For this purpose, you can contact WebGuru Infosystems. Though, in recent times, several website design companies have cropped up, WebGuru Infosystems is considered to be one of the most prominent ones among them. This is because, it grantees unique design at the most competitive rate. So, people who are interested to make an effective website, can always contact WebGuru Infosystems for quality design services at the reasonable rate.

WebGuru Infosystems

WebGuru Infosystems

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    A wedding planner is not to throw a great wedding party. You & your close friends should lead the planning & visualize what you need out of your wedding. The easiest advice for engaged couples is to schedule the wedding smartly. The agreed wedding date should give you time to plan everything. If you need a gigantic wedding, it is best to plan five months to a year in advance. For simpler weddings, two months is a lovely time frame.

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