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What Are The Advantages Of Using The React Framework?

  • 22 Jan / 2019
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The rapidly changing digital landscape requires the building of rich and engaging frontend web applications quickly and efficiently. This needs choosing a framework that is simple, easy to use/reuse, flexible, and allows minimal coding. Among the many open source frameworks available, React aka ReactJS or React.js fits the bill perfectly to build robust, attractive, feature rich, scalable, and secure Single Page Applications (SPA). Designed and maintained by Facebook and a host of individual developers, React is an open source front end JavaScript library (ES5/ES6) to build amazing interactive UI components.

Importantly, when there is a need to add new components or change the existing ones in a frontend application, the framework helps React developers to break down a complex UI into individual components. This leads to considerable savings in time and effort (not to speak of cost) as developers do not need to focus on the entire application but only the specific components. React automatically updates web applications in real time where the data keeps on changing. Since the framework is used extensively by top corporations such as Facebook, Instagram, Yahoo, Airbnb, Uber, and PayPal among others, React has acquired a greater credibility. No wonder, enterprises around the world root for experienced ReactJS web development services to achieve growth, drive conversions, and cut costs by using the popular framework. To drive home the point even more, till November 2018, around 435,587 websites or 35.2% of the total websites around the world use the platform. (Source:

Reasons for its popularity

  • React is easy to learn thanks to its component based approach and the use of plain JavaScript. A basic knowledge of CSS and HTML is enough to learn React instead of the more domain specific languages such as Angular and Ember.
  • Provides the JSX syntax allowing developers to mix HTML with JavaScript easily, besides helping to render specific subcomponents. This gives the flexibility to expert React developers in building professional web and mobile applications.
  • Supports extensive reusability of the codes thereby hastening the process of application (web and native mobile) development.

Why React For Web Application Development?

React has a slew of features that facilitates the building of web applications.

#Single Page Application (SPA): React helps to build Single Page Applications that can load a single HTML page and update it dynamically as and when the user interacts with the page. The SPA is responsive and does not require constant page reloads from the server. This makes the page consume less bandwidth and remains lightweight.

# Virtual DOM concept: React creates a virtual Document Object Model or virtual DOM in the form of a data structure (read node tree) that lists elements as objects. This renders the updation of virtual DOMs faster by the combination of an efficient update of the node tree and observables to find the modified components.

#Server Rendering: React helps to render a Single Page Application to the client side instead of the need to load the entire JavaScript repeatedly. This leads to a faster loading of the page. Besides, the page content can be easily accessed by the search engine crawler programs leading to its better optimization.

#Declarative: React makes it easier to create interactive UIs and updates the right components when the data in your SPA changes. Declarative views enhance the readability of your codes besides rendering them easier to debug.

#Reusing components: React helps to create a self contained library of modules called components to render each and every part of the web page. These structured and secure components are able to manage their own state and can be reused at will. This helps React development services to ensure a faster development and maintenance of web (and native mobile) applications.

#Performance: React speeds up the user interface without requiring any effort to optimize its performance. React uses an application architecture called Flux controls to update the page view for the user as well as control the application workflow.

The host of advantages offered by the React framework can help enterprises digitize their business interface with attractive web applications.


In an increasingly competitive digital environment where businesses and developers are looking to get the upper hand and stay competitive, building web apps with ReactJS can be advantageous. Moreover, the flexibility of the framework allows enterprises to engage React web and mobile development services to build applications (SPAs or native mobile) with better UI thereby driving an enhanced user experience.

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