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What are the Web Development Trends of 2020?

What are the Web Development Trends of 2020?

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The online landscape is changing fast thanks to the advent of new technologies and a shift in demographics and customer preferences. To sustain in this competitive landscape and prepare for the future, your business or for that matter, any website development company needs to follow the latest trends in web development. Keeping up with such changes can be challenging at times as a lot of effort goes into incorporating them in the new or existing websites. However, biting the bullet of ‘following the trends’ will keep your business in the hunt for the elusive customer pie. So, read the following passages to know about the web development trends that are likely to shape the year 2020.

Web development trends of 2020

As new technologies make inroads into the world of web development, developers need to update/upskill themselves or face obsolescence. This is all the more important as the browsing habits and expectations of users are mostly driven by the predominant web design/development trends of the day.

# Modular Design: Website design services look for design trends that can be fast and economical to develop, flexible to manage, garner eyeballs and keep the viewers engaged. Modular design can incorporate all these attributes as it involves visualizing the content dynamically with dedicated blocks. Modules can be referred to as generic website components consisting of images, buttons, text, etc. A web page can be built by combining a number of such modules. Here, developers can avoid using a restrictive template to create a web page and instead reuse modules and components. The use of content blocks in modular design allows the display of information in a powerful way. Further, since there is a minimal cost of coding, backend work, and QA without compromising quality, the total cost of development comes down in the long run.

# User triggered animations: Generally, animations are thought to be self-driven elements that appear on a web page. These are typically independent of any action the users may take when they visit the page. However, the growing trend is that of animations triggered by user action. This is a continuation of the top web design trends of 2019 and aims at enhancing the user engagement. Adobe’s Vinh hails this combination of user interaction with attractive animation as one of the most exciting things to have influenced typography in a generation. Such animations enhance user interaction as users are left to figure out the animation thereby making him or her an active part of the website experience.

# Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP): With the number of people accessing the internet from their mobiles increasing globally – 3.5 billion projected in 2020 (Source: Oberlo.in) – the mobile-first approach has become popular. According to this, a website is first designed for its mobile version and then adapted to the larger screens – opposite to the traditional approach where a design is made for a desktop first and then adapted to the smaller screens.

This has also become important from the SEO scheme of things as Google has added mobile-friendliness as one of the ranking factors for websites on search result pages. This is where AMP fits in as an open-source library to create web pages. It enhances the mobile user experience through quick and instantaneous page loads. The fact that AMPs are appealing, responsive to any device, lightweight, and secure, add to their effectiveness.

Importantly, AMPs have faster load speeds as they render mobile web pages with restricted JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Compared to normal mobile pages, AMPs are automatically cached by Google thus increasing the fetching time for such websites on Google Search. The quicker loading of web pages can add to the user experience, reduce bounce rates, improve rankings, and increase traffic. Businesses, especially in the eCommerce domain, can leverage AMPs to deliver better user experiences as such websites can lead to a 20% increase in sales vis-a-vis non-AMP pages.

# Large font sizes: When the game is about grabbing the maximum eyeballs for enterprises to stay competitive, one of the trends followed by any website design company is turning the typography large-than-life. The large fonts can then be used as a viewpoint for users to visit different parts of the website. The large fonts can grab the users’ attention and bring in the novelty factor. In the highly competitive World Wide Web where every enterprise is hunting for the proverbial user eyeballs to drive engagement and achieve ROI, large font sizes can be of help.

# API First Design: The use of APIs has become critical due to the growing number of IoT based smart devices like driverless cars, smart homes, and wearable gadgets. Designing these can be challenging as experts offering website development services usually begin the design process from the user interface. For example, they first design the front-end of an application before integrating the API. In general, the team designing the front-end receives the API after the back-end team completes its work.

Thereafter, the front-end team tests the API after building a framework. No wonder, this exchange of APIs between the teams takes a lot of time and delays the overall turnaround time of the project. However, in the API first design process, the developers first build the API and then mount the product over it. This speeds up the development time and does away with rewriting the code.


Web design and development are specialized services that help any entity to succeed in the highly competitive world of business. By incorporating the latest trends of 2020, your website can offer the best performance and user experience. So, should you seek to remain competitive and let your website do the talking, then engage any top company offering website design services. Let us know your thoughts about the various trends that are detailed above.

Anabik Chakraborty

Anabik Chakraborty

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