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What Are The WordPress Trends Of 2019?

  • 18 Jul / 2019
WordPress Trends For 2019

No matter whether you are an established business owner, a young entrepreneur with that next great startup idea or a blogger who dreams of making it big in the writing world, when it comes to creating a website of your own, you don’t need to look farther than WordPress.

With over a decade and a half years of powering websites, WordPress still stands as the undisputed leader when it comes to Content Management Systems (CMS). And the reason for this is actually very simple: WordPress knows what the users want.

When it comes to website development, trends perhaps change faster than in any other industry. What used to be in vogue yesterday is passé tomorrow. As user preferences change rapidly over time, CMS web development services strive to adapt to the latest trends and styles in order to attract and retain visitors to their websites. Thankfully, WordPress allows developers and business owners to stay ahead of the curve by always being up-to-date with the latest design methodologies. No wonder then that of the total CMS market, WordPress dominates over 60% of the market share (source:

So if you already have a WordPress site, or are thinking of starting one, you should want to get up to speed with the latest WordPress trends of 2019.

WordPress Trends Of 2019

As with every year, 2019 too has brought a host of new WordPress trends that are designed to draw in visitors to your site, and also to make sure that they stick around. The following is a list of the best WordPress trends of this year that you, or your website development company, should definitely be utilizing.

Animated Content
Gone are the days when a website could stick with plain old text and images, and get away with it. In 2019, animated content promises to be one of the biggest trendsetters. WordPress allows you multiple options to include animations in your website. This will help to draw your users’ attention to the most relevant content on your web pages.

Augmented And Virtual Reality
As Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) become main-stream, these two elements are bound to have a profound impact on the web design and development industry. WordPress already comes integrated with VR capabilities, and with the rapid proliferation of AR/VR devices, we can only expect to see these two emerging technologies play a greater role in WordPress development.

Minimalistic Design
2019 can be said to be the year of minimalistic design. Gone are the days of flashier websites with lots of color and content crammed in. Nowadays, web design trends are inclined towards clean layouts with calm, hushed tones that allow for better navigation. Most website design services recommend cleaner designs where less means more. Such smooth looks allow the users greater navigability and help them to focus on the elements that really matter. Want an example? Just think Google.

Chatbot Integration
Chatbots have already revolutionized the way we interact with websites, and they are expected to continue with their prevailing influence in 2019 as well. Trends suggest that most WordPress websites are going to come with a built-in chatbot system that allows smoother user interaction and provides a rich user experience. If your website does not have a chatbot yet, talk to your website development company today to include one in your site.

Mobile Friendly Themes
With the majority of web access now taking place on mobile, WordPress is also taking the mobile route. More developers are expected to come out with mobile friendly themes that’ll guarantee a better web experience on handheld devices. Further, with search engines laying greater emphasis on responsiveness as a ranking factor, this makes sense from an SEO point of view as well.

Video-First Design
Video has emerged as the preferred medium of content consumption the world over. As a result, CMS web development services are laying greater emphasis on incorporating video in their website design plans. Video has already been playing a major role in web design since 2017, but in 2019 it is expected to get even bigger. WordPress websites are on route to becoming video-centric with video headers and backgrounds, video pop-ups, video portfolios…and much more.

WordPress websites are going to play a leading role in 2019, and the above trends are expected to drive greater traffic and provide a richer user experience to the online community. With more and more developers banking on WordPress as the CMS of their choice, we can only expect these trends to grow and evolve further to newer innovations in web design. So if you are ready to jump onto the WordPress website development bandwagon, contact experienced WordPress development services today.

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Anabik Chakraborty

Anabik Chakraborty

A consummate content developer, Anabik Chakraborty specializes in tech-based subjects. His flair for writing has seen him delve into many genres.


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    First of all thanks for this update about WordPress trends of 2019. the animated content, chatbot network, mobile-friendly themes, video first design are all the important updates from WordPress.

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