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Why Node.js Is the Next Big Thing As A Runtime Environment?

  • 02 Feb / 2018
Node.js Development

The use of Java as a runtime environment can be seen in every sphere of the digital world. However, the demands have evolved quickly on the internet over the past few years and will continue to do so. In today’s day and age, web applications have become far more dynamic and need quick and flexible environments to develop them in the shortest possible time. This is where Node.js as an open source and asynchronous server side scripting language can be of help to address the growing demand of developing web applications.

Node.js comes with a huge advantage due to its flexibility of usage across operating systems (Windows, Linux, UNIX, Mac OS etc) and scalability. As it uses JavaScript, it is very effective for web application development. It takes out much of the complexity required in the processing of data which results in speedier response times and enhanced throughput. These attributes of Node.js can give any business a huge upper hand in developing their server applications or backend web services for mobile apps.

What is Node.js and what can it do?

As mentioned earlier, Node.js is based on JavaScript, which is one of the most common and reliable languages to carry out client side scripting, but Node.js takes it to another level altogether.

Node.js uses the familiar JavaScript language that makes all aspects of the development process much quicker, simpler and scalable such as addressing database queries. Another area of advantage is the much faster handling of information on server applications developed by using Node.js due to its non-blocking I/O method. As a result, response times are drastically reduced, which is an absolute need for businesses to get a competitive edge in the market.

Node.js – The Industry migration

As websites are becoming increasingly dynamic with every passing day, the requirement for technologies that are scalable and light keeps growing. This is also important as the amount of data and the number of users keep pace simultaneously.

Given the growing utility of Node.js as a runtime platform, big enterprises have been switching over to it for their development processes. To emphasise its growing popularity and utility further, it was recently revealed that NASA would employ Node.js in the testing and development of their space habitats and spacesuits.

Some of the specific advantages of Node.js

  • Based on JavaScript, which is a commonly used code.
  • Open source and hence a huge reservoir of dynamic tools to use from a large knowledge base.
  • Allows developers to use the same scripting language, i.e. JavaScript in all aspects of the development process thereby making the process much quicker. This results in increased productivity.
  • Queries become much easier for newer databases such as MongoDB as the entire process doesn’t require the rewriting of the code as JavaScript happens to be the common language in both.
  • Quicker Data streaming and faster response times from server applications are processed as an event loop that runs on asynchronous I/O instead of each query being treated as an individual event.

The demands on network and server side applications are only going to grow further along with the growth of data on the internet. While certain scripting languages such as Java have been entrenched within the system for a long time, Node.js has come as the next logical step. For instead of dealing with multiple threads, it uses a single thread and non blocking input output to churn out information much faster. This flexibility is the reason why businesses are sitting up, taking notice and switching over.

By availing Node.js development services from Webguru you will see the enhanced performances of your apps along with their quicker development and implementation. Our Node.js team is highly skilled, effective and delivers the highest quality of service. Furthermore, our Node.js app development services are among the most competitively priced in the market as well. So, should you intend to employ an experienced Node.js development company in India with a wide client base, contact us today!

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