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Why Should MongoDB Be Your Preferred NoSQL Database?

  • 10 Feb / 2018
MongoDB Database

The expanding universe of data on the internet has given rise to the requirement for databases with high performance, high availability and automatic scaling and capable of handling individual chunks of data in large volumes. This is one of the primary reasons why MongoDB database is being adopted more and more.

As one of the leading NoSQL databases, MongoDB offers a number of advantages. With fast scalability and flexibility in the handling of data, it is helping businesses streamline their data services, manage applications better and also improve on user experience.

A brief about MongoDB

MongoDB has become one of the most preferred NoSQL databases in a short span of time. Many large businesses who need to handle large amounts of data very quickly and in an agile manner use this database.

It is an open-source object-oriented, simple, dynamic, and scalable NoSQL database written in C++ language, which is known for its flexibility and performance. Some of its features are described below:-

  • The application code within the database is mapped to the objects by using a document model, which makes dealing with data very easy.
  • Geographic distribution, high availability and horizontal scaling are built into the MongoDB database for its core is primarily a distributed database.
  • Analysis of data is powerful yet easy as aggregation in real-time, random queries and indexing are built into MongoDB. This can help in determining the performance within a section or for the whole business much more effectively and quickly.
  • In MongoDB, the fields can be made to vary within documents to enable data structure changes over a period of time. This is possible as it uses documents similar to JSON (known as BSON or Binary JSON,) which has a lot of flexibility in storing data.

Businesses where MongoDB is very effective

Some of the areas of business where MongoDB can be very useful are:-

  • Social infrastructure
  • Mobile infrastructure
  • Maintenance of data hubs
  • Management and delivery of content
  • Handling or management of user data

Some areas where MongoDB is very effective from a functional standpoint

  • Data reporting of real-time functions over multiple servers can be easily recalled, collected and given out quickly to help you get a better grasp of the functions within your business.
  • Upgrades or changes to your application databases can be turned around and implemented much quicker due to the flexibility within MongoDB.
  • Is very effective for content management systems in general and especially good for businesses that need flexibility in database construction where parameters and fields may change from one document to the other.
  • Businesses that employ a vast number of sensors to collect data may sometimes get overwhelmed with its size especially if they are using the older RDBMS systems. With MongoDB, this problem is resolved due to its flexibility and handling capacities.

MongoDB has become the primary NoSQL database in a short span of time due to the slew of factors as mentioned above. Our team at Webguru Infosystems can help you avail the advantages of MongoDB and thereby optimize your business functions and deliveries with our MongoDB database development services. Thus, should you want to hire MongoDB services at the best rates in the market, Contact us today!

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