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01 May / 2013 1,194 views

Why We Need Mobile Application Development?

Mobile Application Development

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The era when people used to get hooked to their cell phones only for making calls is over. In the past, a mobile with a colored display could easily bring a smile to everyone’s face, but nowadays, with the numerous Smartphones, Tablets and other mobile phones available in the market, consumers look for more features like internet, music, video slips and so on. The cell phone revolution has so great an impact on the consumer market, that a large portion of the world population is turning to Smartphones and Tablets for purchasing services and products, booking tickets, emailing, checking game scores, playing games and indulging in a plethora of other activities, which have become a lot more convenient with the remarkable mobile applications.

As more and more users are switching over to Tablets and Smartphones, businesses are increasingly realizing the need to optimize the mobile experience and reach out to their clients 24*7. Hence, a growing number of businesses are turning to mobile application development in order to delight and entice their clients with attractive and convenient features in their cell phones. These mobile apps constitute programs that can be downloaded by the user free of cost or procured from different app stores. In order to effectively take advantage of the ongoing penchant for mobile apps, businesses need to engage professional application developers who can build, test as well as deploy applications into various target platform environments like Android, Blackberry, iOS and more. Creation of mobile apps indeed spells a field of opportunities. Let us understand the different factors that are driving businesses and developers toward more and more mobile apps development.

  • The switch over from personal computers to mobile phones: Mobile phones have almost become miniature personal computers, rapidly incorporating the features of PCs. Mobile apps currently available in the market have the potential to effectively carry out every function that popular software perform on PCs. Mobile phones have become so much of a rage that technological experts are foreseeing the replacement of PCs and laptops by mobile phones within the coming few decades. In order to keep up with this growing demand, development of mobile apps is extremely essential.
  • Diversity of applications: There are a number of areas that necessitate the development of existing and new mobile apps. A few of the popular development domains include internet applications, games and fun applications, office or business applications, mobile securities, remote controlling applications, knowledge based applications, GPS applications and so on. These fields involve a lot of research opportunities in mobile app creation and innovative modifications, a reason why the number of apps are rising exponentially.
  • Distinct mobile platforms: An application developed on Symbian OS, will not function on iPhone’s iOS. In a similar manner, an application based on iPhone’s iOS, will not work on Android platform. Hence, distinct strategies are required to develop different kinds of apps catering to diverse platforms, necessitating the expertise of many developers. Cross-platform development is also catching up lately opening another avenue in the development of mobile apps.
  • Quick development: With the hype generated in the field of mobile application development, the market for apps has become extremely competitive. With businesses competing against each other to come up with newer and more innovative apps, the field calls for a rapid work pace. Hence, there is a growing demand for mobile application developers.
  • Open-source development: Google Android’s launch sparked off a new dimension in open source mobile development. In case of open source, developers can avail the mobile development software totally free of cost, Android acts as a powerful stimulant for creation of mobile apps. In fact, Android apps can be developed by any person or entity through addition of ADT or Android Development Tools plug-in within Eclipse development environment.
  • App store: Specific entities have their own app stores for selling the apps. For example, we have iPhone’s app store for selling iPhone apps and Google Play for promotion of paid and free apps by Google. Apart from these, other apps development platforms such as Blackberry or Symbian OS have their online custom applications. These online shops require to be constantly supplied with new user-friendly mobile applications.

As the entire globe is heading forward to adopt Smartphones, Tablets and other mobile devices as a significant component of their day-to-day activities, users are looking forward to more and more high-tech solutions. This scenario definitely spells a prospective future for mobile apps.

Raju Chakraborty

Raju Chakraborty

As the Group Manager in one of the premier digital agencies, Webguru Infosystems, Mr. Raju Chakraborty has extensive knowledge and experience in the domains of web & mobile app development, and digital marketing. His interest and insights into the world of digital technologies find expression in the form of blogs and articles.


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