A good logo is simple, appropriate, distinctive, practical and graphic in form and conveys an intended message. The basic principles of logo design are easy and simple. In the digital era, logos are almost synonymous with businesses. A logo is intended to innately impart your business’s core values and objectives. Knowing that the identity of your business can lie within a few pixels, it’s time to get on with it and master the 5 rules of logo design. Following these principles will help you make a good logo.

logo design principles

  1. Simple

    A simple logo design ensures easy recognition and allows the logo to be memorable and versatile. A good logo features something unique without being overdrawn. Each moment of the day, customers are bombarded with a number of brands. How could yours stand out? Simple is the answer as complicated logos with several elements can be confusing and distracting to your audience. You should take all your design inspiration and decrease it down to the basics. An effective logo design for business should only incorporate features that are crucial to your business.

    Hence, to quote Henry David Thoreau, “Simplify, simplify, simplify”. Nike is a wonderful example of how simplicity can get you further than you would imagine. A simple stroke portrays a lot about their business and leaves a strong impression.

  2. Timeless

    Your logo has to be timeless. Needless to say, the classic Coca-Cola logo is the best example of a timeless logo. Created more than a century ago, the logo still appears appealing and is relevant to the present business. If you want your logo to be able to stand the test of time, focus on your brand instead of what the latest trends are. Following trends like popular fonts and styles may become a burden potentially when the trend fades.

  3. Appropriate

    A brand is nothing without a story. You need to build a strong connection with your customers through telling them your brand story, and that takes an intense understanding of your audience. After you have analyzed and studied your audience inside out, you will have an improved sense of which colour, font or graphics to use. Your logo must be appropriate for your business and tailored for your audience.

  4. Versatile

    The power of versatility is one of the best gifts you can give your logo. When getting on with a logo design process, you must be aware of its usage. You will resize this logo onto various materials and surfaces, such as banners, letterheads or business cards. Pick a logo that will be successful at any size. The same goes for the colour as well. If you create a logo that is heavily dependent on colour, then icon’s effect can be nullified when it’s printed in black and white. Versatility makes a logo flexible enough to be used on every occasion.

  5. Memorable

    Ultimately, the only mandate in the design of a simple, yet, appropriate logo is that it should be distinctive, memorable, and clear. A few seconds is all it requires to make a first impression, but you need to ensure your logo makes a lasting impression too. Unique graphics and sharp colours are just a couple of ways to help you stand out in a crowd.

    Twitter is a great example of a memorable logo design. Once you notice that icon of blue small flying bird, you identify it’s related to an action, i.e. tweeting. The inherent correlation made between the tweeting of a bird in the logo and the act of tweeting is truly memorable. That’s a really strong branding.

Briefing your business into a few pixels is not at all an easy task. Your business deserves a logo that accurately represents its core operations and values. Experienced teams of branding designers from a leading logo design company have expertise in building a logo that will speak lengths about your business principles and connect your audience with them.

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What is your business’s brand identity? What does the identity say about your company? What impression are you reflecting to your clients and potential clients? A strong, integrated corporate identity is really important and it can truly make your business shine.

A Strong Brand Identity and Its Importance

The term “corporate branding” may sound like something that only large scale businesses with huge marketing departments can afford. It may not seem viable for medium or small size organizations. Even if you have built a brand identity at some point, you may not have reassessed it in a while and you may not spend much time making sure that it is consistent across your business. That’s comprehensible. After all, you are busy running all other aspects related to your business. Updating and maintaining a brand identity may be ranked extremely low on your priority list.

Nevertheless, it shouldn’t be. A brand identity is incredibly vital. Following your corporate identity guidelines in every piece of business communication and marketing material will improve the image of your company in the eyes of your customers, your partners and even your workers.

When you think of the brands and companies that you trust the most, you are perhaps thinking of organizations that have the most consistent and strongest brand identities. Your logo, mission statement, company colours, the look and feel of your website, the tone of your copy and the way your business presents itself goes a long way to presenting the best possible image of your company.

A consistent identity right away tells the world that business is a professional and organized one. It conveys a sense of what your company is all about and strengthens your experience and mission statement in every aspect. A strong corporate identity design highly contributes to enhancing your business success, whereas companies with weak brand identities look fractured, irresponsible and chaotic. And, this isn’t obviously the image you want to project.

corporate identity

Benefits of Corporate Branding Online

The Internet provides customers access to many different companies associated with any given industry in seconds. When you are lined up against all of your consumers online, it’s imperative that you stand out from the bunch and that you put your best foot forward. A strong brand identity makes your business impressive in the eyes of the customers.

Decisions are made very fast on the Internet. If a customer visits your website and isn’t amazed, it’s absolutely obvious that he or she would click the back button on the web browser to immediately head to another page.

A professional, well-designed website that follows strict corporate branding guidelines is an outstanding way to showcase a remarkable image to your client base. Not only will this help you keep ahead of the severe market competition, but it will also draw visitors to your site and keep them from shifting to another site.

But, you must not stop with your website. Following your corporate identity standards in all aspects of your business is the key to making a good market impression. Everything about your business identity, starting from your company letterhead and your email signature to your business cards and all other promotional materials should be consistent. This will help in presenting your organization as competent, structured and superior to your competitors. A unique brand image instils confidence in your customers. Thus, a powerful and effective corporate identity goes a long way to making your business a real success.

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Wed 24

In the race to stand 1st in local search results, one must use some tactics. It is like playing a chess game. However, many companies have yet to accumulate all their chessman on the board to win the game.

Consumers seek out numerous products typically in local brick and mortar stores. If you own such a business, you are lucky if you appear in Google or Bing search result, because Google and Bing are very much bias toward business category names.

However, in several instances stores have a great many diverse products and brands which are not shown in their business name or business categories. In such cases, you are required to optimize for products in local SEO strategy.

It requires a different approach to rank for local search than what you would conventionally do to rank a website. This confuses many people and makes them wonder how is it possible to get their site to page one.

First, let’s see why local SEO is different than normal SEO.

local seo vs regular seo

Regular SEO Vs Local SEO – How are They Different?

Regular SEO

  • Search Engine Optimization or Global SEO includes procedures that make a website search engine friendly
  • SEO drives organic traffic and increases online visibility of the website
  • Two prime areas of focus – on-page SEO and off-page SEO. On-page SEO focuses on several aspects like the page title; meta tags; URL structure; sitemap, page content etc. Off-page SEO improves the online visibility of websites through various tools and techniques like viral marketing; link building; social media marketing.

Local SEO

  • When a company focuses on market segmentation, then the respective company website should concentrate more on driving traffic from the targeted territory.
  • Local SEO is done for the purpose of optimizing a website for improved ranking for the local searches.
  • Local SEO services usually include additional techniques like Google business listing, page optimization based on location based keywords.

local seo

Important Areas to be Focused

  • On-Page SEO

    1. Use your location (State or City in the landing pages)
    2. If you have a mobile optimized; user-friendly website with unique and sharable content, then it is recommended that you build your domain authority carefully that will help with your ranking in the future.
    3. Mention detailed address on your Home page and rest of the pages so that Google and other major search engines know that you are a local based business
    4. Using ALT text for images is one of the
      strategies of local SEO which is similar to regular SEO. Through this you can target some keywords that users type to search for any service/ product that you offer
    5. According to Google’s new mobile algorithm, your site must be mobile friendly
    6. Write fresh blog contents with long tailed keywords, and then promote them on Google +
  • Correct Google+ Local Listing
    Consider Google as your Big Daddy. Tackle this listing first and with utmost correctness. Try to get legitimate reviews on Google + and this will help you to rank better. So, go ahead and ask your clients to give nice reviews.
  • Local City in Buisness Name
    Adding the name of the city to your business name will fetch you good ranks in Google’s Local Search. Although, this lowers the brand impact, but serves its purpose otherwise.
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When it comes to designing a new website, a question that again and again arises is how to select the most effective colours. For a website choosing the right colour palette is crucial to communicate your message, present your product or service, and, if yours is online business, sell your products. Everyone has favorite colours, but the way those colours are interpreted may perhaps differ from culture to culture. Colour communicates far more than generally people realize. Selecting wrong colours can be a disaster for your site. Working with a leading website design company can help you select your colour palette.

use of colours in website

Furthermore, your visitor demographics can make a difference in how colours are perceived. Young people are attracted more towards saturated colours than adults, who may find them offensive or garish. Strong colour contrasts may also drive older visitors away. While young people might positively respond to new colour trends, these fashionable colours could be overused and go out of style as quickly as they come into view. Background and text colour choices also influence readability, which can be a concern for older visitors and people with visual impairments.

Let’s take a closer look at the list of colours and their potential meanings.

  • Red – Passion, fire, romance, aggression, violence. In many cultures. Red means signals or stop and forbidden actions or warning.
  • Purple – Creativity, royalty, mystery, mysticism, rarity. In Catholic cultures, purple is associated with death.
  • Blue – Loyalty, tranquillity, security, conservatism, coldness, sadness. Light blues can create a feeling of openness, freshness and clean air, while dark blues convey tradition, solidity and trust.
  • Green – Nature, growth, fertility, envy. In North American cultures, green means ‘go’ is associated with environmental awareness, and is linked to fiscal matters often. A lighter, somewhat de-saturated green indicates wealth or value. It is also the colour of money.
  • Yellow – Illumination, brightness, cowardice, illness. Some shades of yellow are universally valued and they symbolize the precious metal – gold.
  • Black – Sophistication, power, death, morbidity, contemporary style, evil, night.
  • White – Innocence, purity, cleanliness, peace, truth, sterility, coldness. In Chinese culture, this colour also symbolizes death.

In present times, many websites clearly reflect the negative effect of wrong colour selections. People often select colours to ‘dress-up’ their website without any regard to objectives of the site.

Colour Selection Tips

Colours are selected that conflict with your brand, service or products.

  • If you have a famed brand like Coke, you can apply bold colours like ‘Coca-Cola red’ as much as you want with no concern. However, there are very few companies that are in the unique position having the brand name more powerful than the brand colour.
  • Less recognized businesses should cautiously consider the colours they select for their logos and website. Some colours work well with specific business types. For instance, warm colours, such as oranges, reds and yellows – often known as a ‘fiesta palette,’ can go well with restaurants and food sites that offer spicy fare.
  • Colours in the warm variety can also be effectual in selling products related to passion, sun or sensuality. Whites, creams and dark brown shades can be successfully used on websites that sell chocolate products.
  • Cool colours, such as greens and blues, complement outdoor products, airlines, law firms¸ medical services and intellectual content. These colours reflect a relaxed attitude or trust.

Colour harmony is an extremely important criterion for choosing website colours when designing a website. Professional website designers recommend selecting a moderate number of colours, for example, four or five colours in addition to black and white should be sufficient. Too many colours create discord, make it difficult to read and navigate the website, thus distracting the user.

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Nowadays, almost every business has experienced that it can succeed when its offerings are visible to their customers. For that reason, business owners invest in spending money on developing visually attractive websites and look for sophisticated SEO experts to differentiate themselves amidst the clutter. Nowadays, customers are acting as scanners. They need information that is easily searchable for making purchase decision. This is the reason; you have to upgrade your site with potential content, so that you get prospective leads.

You can highly benefit from going for custom CMS website design and development activities to take your business to new height.

custom cms web development

Can custom CMS website design create any difference in your business in terms of revenue as well as customer satisfaction? Let’s find out:

You Can Quickly Update Your Site

Updating your website gets easier with custom CMS. You can log onto the administrator area of your site and make additions, updates and changes as per the business needs.

You Can Stay Safe and Secure

CMS tools that have curved a niche in the market may be prone to attacks. When you decide to use a custom CMS tool, you can configure the security blanket as per your requirements. Hence, hackers will fail to fulfill their mission and your prospects can easily navigate information to suffice their queries.

Custom CMS Adds Flexibility to the Website

By implementing custom CMS tools, you can easily add a new section or page in your website. You will be saved from the hassles of coding and then modifying the entire navigation structure, which is time consuming. So, without offering interruption, you can keep your customers happy as they can surf the contents seamlessly.

Make Changes without Deploying Pricey Software

With custom CMS applications, you do not need specialized software to make updates. This will save your money too. Just login to the administrative area, edit the old contents as you do in MS Word and click the publish button. Within a few seconds, your updates will go live.

Make Your Site Impactful

When you are in control, you can add fresh contents to your site on a regular basis. You will also find that the web strategy will soon change in positive way. Being in control is encouraging and enabling for a website owner. It means that you can have meaningful impact on the performance and quality of your website.

Custom CMS Facilitates Multimedia Update

In order to make your website informative and demonstrative, you need uploading photos and videos. By deploying CMS, your task is fulfilled. Select the multimedia gears, place them at relevant sections and publish. That’s it.

You Are in Control of Your Finance

When you want to embed a specialized CMS tool in your site, the developers from a renowned website design company will frame web strategies. However, with the custom CMS solution, you can make changes of your own with the help of developers in affordable price. Therefore, you can have control on your budget.

Hence, if you are ready to make transformations in your business, go for custom CMS website design without giving second thought.

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