Security Professionals are never at rest because crooked practices keep them on their toes. Technology has definitely come of age, simplifying our lives and opening the gates for constructive opportunities, but the unethical hackers, lurking in the cyberspace, use advanced tools to trigger aberrations and pose grave security threats to the critical information stored online. Some violations are so subtle and sophisticated that even the best men fail to detect the leaks. Online Security Vulnerability is one of the biggest concerns of business organizations, considering the finesse with which the breaches are maneuvered. With each passing minute, the companies are exposed to serious security dangers, keeping them at the mercy of hackers.

emergency alert system

Need of Robust Security Equipments Online

Despite several well-built and hard-resistant security methods, the online business websites are facing a new breed of security challenges, sabotaging the mechanism and damaging the future prospects. Each and every attempt is cleverly planned to break the passwords and disclosing the data, sending many into a tizzy. Any such mess tends to choke the efficiency of a business organization and gives it a tough time.

Managing the crisis becomes difficult when such lapses affect the communication flow, driving bad name to the respective company. Remember, unhappy customers often vent their anger on social media platforms and start a tirade against the company. This is a winsome situation for the hackers, who further look for opportunities to create an atmosphere of utter disorder.

A business has no choice, but to counter these foreseen and unforeseen situations. As there is no end to the attempts made for fomenting the danger, the online security apparatuses have been made more powerful and durable to fight the challenges at various fronts. One such mechanism is Emergency Alert System, which is designed and developed by website designers to keep malpractices at bay.

About Emergency Alert System

The Emergency Alert System is a back-end feature integrated during the developmental process of website. The webmasters create Emergency Alert Systems by analyzing the various past incidences of security failures and resting an eye on the future risks. They study how the undesirable penetrations were dealt with in the past and create a system that can tackle such disruptions with ease in the future. Prior to building a high-performance alert system, a renowned website design company thoroughly analyzes the nature of the business, measure the security scale and build a customized and full-fledged security structure that meets the requirements of the website owners. The presence of toughened security systems discourages cyber criminals to enter the networks and seize the classified information.

The website designing companies pay special attention on choosing the best ways to tell the audiences about the alert system. Some argue that banner advertisements are advantageous when it comes to informing the customers about the strengthened security, while some believe writing a few emboldened lines on the top is enough to draw customer attention. The home page of the website must be chosen as the transport of the alert messages. Email Marketing is also an option worthy of consideration.

If the data is strongly encrypted, any battle with the cyber thieves will be won. To have a hard-wearing alert mechanism for your website, seek the help of sharp, astute website designers only.

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Online marketing is essential to promote ecommerce websites and such marketing practice involves search engine marketing, PPC ads, search engine optimization etc. These processes help to build the audience for a business. Remarketing, on the contrary is yet another marketing strategy that helps to positively convert leads to sales. Using such strategy, it becomes all the more simple for web marketing professionals to reach potential customers.

target with google remarketing

Concept of Remarketing

For the sake of expanding a business, it is significant to comprehend the concept of remarketing. It is a process that takes you to past visitors of your business website or e-store using pseudo names. As a part of this process, you can post a message to the visitors, tailored to make them interested in your business. It is considered as an apt way to resume communication with your previous clients or visitors. In the message you can exhibit your marketing skills by offering products or services at attractive rates. Also based on the requirement of your clients, you can customize the website or the e-store to incorporate the relevant items that can surely enhance your business. Remarketing practice targets those entities that have already checked your web portal by offering them yet another chance to buy a product of their choice. In this context, it is imperative to state that Google remarketing is integrated with Google Adwords Display Network.

The online stores are suitable for implementing the remarketing strategy. Many stores in order to allure the customers offer discounts on deals. The online retailers often customize their e-stores to encompass those items which visitors are looking online. In order to buy the items of your choice you need to be a bit tech savvy and also need to possess master card as you are required to make payments online via integrated payment gateway that remains attached to the web.

Simple Tips for Ecommerce Remarketing

To get maximum benefits in business from remarketing you as an online retailer or a business owner need to adopt the following simple tips.

  • Identify Every Page on Your Business Website

    Marking every page on your business website is important if you are looking for more visitor interactions. Such tactics in immensely effective as it not only highlights the product but at the same time a couple of similar items.

  • Highlight Dynamic Remarketing Lists

    You need to know that customization is essential to boost chances of success in business. While messaging previous visitors certain dynamic remarketing lists need to be highlighted.

  • Use High Standard Techniques to Lure Traffic

    Sophisticated techniques are required to attract fresh traffic. It is not always necessary to market to those who have made a purchase. Also you can choose to refrain from displaying ads to previous visitors.

  • Use Remarketing Strategy Along With Other Marketing Strategies

    Plain remarketing sometimes may prove to be ineffective and that is the reason why it is advised to use remarketing strategy along with other techniques. Contextual targeting can prove to be effective in driving new visitors to your website thereby creating options for remarketing campaigns.

  • Optimize Performance of Remarketing Campaigns

    Care needs to be adopted to ensure that remarketing campaigns are optimized for performance. Using other web marketing strategies in conjunction with remarketing can boost performance of such campaigns.

  • Strategize For a Remarketing Campaign

    Google’s remarketing solutions enables you to analyze the response of your audience and this often helps you to take a better decision so far as strategising a remarketing campaign. Proper implementation of the strategies leads to sales.

  • Analyze and Alter Campaign When Required

    Getting a sense of the campaign value is important and for that you need to focus on website analytics, social media numbers, and sales. You need to analyze, change and repeat as and when required.


Irrespective of the business that you own whether it is a retail store or a service provider, remarketing strategy proves to be very useful. It helps in re-establishing relationships with your clients, drive sales. For today’s digital industry it is mandatory for maximizing profits. Most importantly, such strategy is tried, tested and it works.

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This article is dedicated to those who are either encountering problems with their e-commerce website even though the website is complete and has attracted a good amount of traffic or who are looking for ideas regarding eCommerce website development. We have compiled a list of ways through which you can yield more from your website.

What is Call to Action?

Call to action is like a paved pathway for your customers, telling them where to go, what to do, and how to buy a product. It is an essential part of your eCommerce website because without the proper prompt or guidance, your customers will be lost.

Ecommerce Call to Action

Whether you have already developed your eCommerce website or you are planning to design an eCommerce website, you need to make sure that the directions are clear and easy to understand for your customers.

If you are convinced by now about the ‘call to action’, you will need some more information about it. Some of the best and easiest ways to make ‘call to action’ are as follows:

1. Test Different Colors, Themes and Fonts: The best option for CTA would be to add a ‘Buy Now’ button on every page or with every product. Test the button out by trying various colors, patterns, or themes that compliment your website. This will help in not only complimenting the theme, but also attracting attention from the viewers.

2. Keep Offers, But Only for a Limited Time: If your website offers discounts on products only for a limited amount of time, the customers may feel more inclined to buy those. It has also been proved by a research that urgency or limited period offer causes people to buy a product with huge numbers in very short span of time.

3. Keep Your Website Simple, Emphasizing on Important Options: It is important that your website is not over-crowded with unnecessary animations or other options. Keep your website clean. Put more emphasis on options of ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Add to Cart’ and others like this. You should choose attractive colors that call for attention. We would suggest you to choose a theme and stick to that color combination.

4. Keep Hero Images: Sites using hero or banner images provide a clear and direct link to the product that they are trying to sell. This is a great way for CTA. Try it out and watch as your sales go up.

5. Keep the Important Links on the First Page or Above the Fold: A ‘fold’ is the point where you have to scroll down. It is more likely that people will navigate through your website, checking out all the links if they are the first thing they see upon entering your website.

So, the above mentioned were some of the ways through which you can add CTA options on your websites. Try changing, adding and deleting to see if it improves the sales of your eCommerce website.

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A picture is worth a thousand words and this comes true even for logo design. The Logo is like a messenger who conveys a lot about your ethics and service. It is that first impression which reflects the spirit of your product. This small graphic can do wonders when it comes to building trust in your customers. For some it becomes identical to its brand while for others it plays as goodwill – reminder for customers. But in both cases it is about winning the loyalty of millions of people.

We have wrapped up this whole idea in 3 precise points with living examples for you:-

1. Symbolize: A picture is easy to retain in the mind. A logo that symbolizes the spirit of your brand is bound to encourage the public, and allows people to ramp up their confidence in you. You can craft your logo effectively by making it simple yet classic because it acts as your corporate identity. Just like Toyota used ‘The three ellipses’ representing three hearts: respectively the heart of the buyer, the product, and the progress in the field of technology. And how can we not mention Steve Jobs speaking of the redesign in a 1981 press conference, “The main idea behind the apple was to bring simplicity to the people in the most sophisticated way”. Jobs’ idea is a huge triumph, and the iconic half bitten apple design has become a universal symbol of steadfast technology.

toyota and apple logo design

2. Speak Through Your Logo: Logo design for brand is often a doorbell to your business. Logos are those trusts triggers that help build credibility in a flash. A well-designed logo can speak on your behalf. Design it in such a manner that it reflects your brand’s integrity, quality of service, and the appeal it holds. Just like the F1 logo that has been amazingly relevant to the Formula One brand and speaks of its quintessence, i.e. velocity and oomph, in a superbly efficient invigorating way. And how can we forget the superman which was an essential part of our childhood. The Superman’s logo still speaks of its force with a super ingenious design which consists of big letter ‘S’ speaking of ‘Superman’ (obviously) and to add on it speaks of ‘Saving Life’, ‘Serving People’, ‘Super Aid’, and ‘Stopping Crime’ engraved in the yellow shield indicating protection. The Superman logo is an ageless classic that has mainly stayed unaltered, in its iconic history.

formula 1 and superman logo

3. Go Beyond Aesthetics: Choose to go ahead of the precepts of art & beautifying them. Business logo design should be planned in a manner that it establishes brand identity, thus producing an impact on customer and ensuring that it is eternally captured in the viewers’ head. The perfect example for this is ‘Android : The cute green guy’ that has made all its rivals feel envy as the design has become so popular in a short span. This short green guy has revolutionzed the logo design industry. Google it!! – Simple yet one of the most familiar logos of Google gains the trust of millions of its users and is listed among the top in the list of dominant logos. Its blue, red, yellow, and green colors represent exactness, exclusivity, expansion, and excellence.

Android and Google logo design

Pour your heart in designing your logo and your logo will pour enough trust amid your potential customers. Good luck!

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There is the big data as well as the other data reporting tool like the Google Analytics to find out the traffic sources that are generating revenues for your ecommerce website. Big data is used widely by the marketers to customize information in order to offer personalized services to both the existing and potential consumers. Social media platforms and mobile computing has contributed significantly to gather relevant information so that the ecommerce businesses can reap the benefits. On the other hand, Google Analytics can be set up for ecommerce tracking. You can even link your Adwords and Analytics accounts to witness which keywords are driving traffic directly to Analytics besides your organic traffic.

Generating Ecommerce Revenue

Traffic resources are undoubtedly effective in generating revenues but the question is whether they are adequate. Diving into ecommerce might seem easy but making money online isn’t a cakewalk. Before your business reaches the heights of success, you will be required to make certain investments. It demands your cost, effort as well as time to assemble a team who will work on the ecommerce website design. Right from designing the ecommerce website to popularizing the brand through social media – the entire process demands dedicated workforce. Hence, it is all the more important to ensure that your online business is able to generate the desired revenues. Here are certain ideas that can help you to improve your average order value, repeat the existing customers, and provide a boost to your revenue.

Reach Out to the Full Price Customers

If you have resources to track your revenue then you will have a fair idea about those consumers who are buying without any discounts or offers. In order to generate more revenue it is important to reach out to those consumers. They are your full price customers. Once you have gathered data about them through emails, order numbers, etc, it is time to resort to loyalty email campaigns featuring new products or services. This should be done before you set up special offers or discounts. On the contrary, you can also set up special offers exclusively for such customers. While you are reaching out to customers it is also necessary to remember that your website must include the essential features for a business website. These processes will help you to figure out and attract the attention of the visitors. Finally, it is all about enhancing the lifetime value of the customer lifetime.

Introduce New Campaigns

There are win-back campaigns that can be introduced to reach out to the inactive customers. The big data will be of immense help in this regard. From the data collected you can find out those customers who have not purchased in the recent past but once they were your full price consumers. It is time to reactivate them. Such a campaign will lead to reduce the bounce rates and boost repeat customer purchases.

Offers have a Positive Impact on Conversion Rates

A study of the buyers’ behavior will reveal that there are certain customers who prefer purchasing through offers. They are referred to as low AOV (average order value). Regarding them, too, data in the form of emails and order numbers can be collected to find out the percentage or the exact number of customers that are driven by discounts. When you are launching discount programs make sure to reach out to these customers regularly. It would also be helpful if you can encourage them to promote your offers through word of mouth promotion.

Separate Strategies to Convert Visitors

Based on the frequency of the visitors, you can formulate plans to approach the visitors to push them down the purchase funnel. For new visitors you can track their locations and offer them innovative purchase offers in order to convert them. You can also guide your customers who have been stuck in the purchase funnel for a long time. This will eventually lead to increase in sales.

While there has been a lot of discussion on the need to follow the latest website design trends or the crucial elements that should be included in the ecommerce website, it is equally vital to remember that the end of an online business is to generate ROI. In order to meet this end, the traffic sources prove effective.

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