Running a successful and well-rounded online business is no easy task. There are lots of things that you need to consider, in order to develop an online shopping cart that easily appeals and engages your target audience. It is important to remember that online shoppers have limited patience, short attention span and you need to make a quick impact with your online store so as to convert the maximum amount of visitors into leads. Provided are some of the things that your online store must include to maximize chances of conversion.

Customer Expectations from Ecommerce Store

Quick Loading Time

This is a big challenge with majority of online merchants operating their online stores. A fully optimized and speedy online store is what, every person searches for. Even a difference of one or two seconds in page load time can significantly hurt your conversion rate.

Recent studies by Kissmetrics showed that, page abandonment rate can increase by as much as twenty five percent if, it takes around 4 seconds for the page to load fully. Therefore, it is absolutely clear from the study that, page load time is one of the crucial factors that you need to focus on if, you are really concerned about conversions. The speed of your online store can be influenced by different factors like hosting provider, size of images, etc. Thus, you need to pay proper attention to these factors and reduce the page loading time as much as possible so as to drive more customers to your online store.

Deals and Free Delivery

As already stated, people who shop online make their decisions quickly simply because they know, that an alternative is easily available. Therefore, you need some innovative and creative ideas to quickly grab their attention.

‘Free delivery or shipping’ may attract some online buyers however majority of them get attracted towards ‘deals’ or ‘offers’ on various types of items. Positioning some eye-catchy banners or ads with discount prices on a wide range of items, within the home page is a nice way to ensure that visitors stick to your site, increasing chances of making a purchase.

‘Free delivery’ happens to be a favorite among many online buyers. Several customers adjust the minimum price in such a way that, they do not have to pay excessive charges for the delivery of the product. Therefore, you should also make it a point to include a minimum price limitation beyond which the products get delivered absolutely free. This is one of the effective ways of increasing conversions with an online store.

Branded Items

Predicting the type of products to be searched by every customer is almost an impossible task. It is also not a good idea to showcase all the products of your online store within the home page. So, what to do? Well, in that case you can showcase some of the interesting and alluring offers on the home page to gain the attention of the visitors.

If you run an online store that has a wide variety of branded products then, displaying them upfront is also a nice trick to engage your visitors. Not only it makes it convenient for the visitors to know about the type of brands available but, also instills a sense of trust and confidence.

Search Box, Login Box and Shopping Cart

If you take a look at majority of successful online stores operating nowadays, you’ll see that features like search box, login box and shopping are usually available at one place. There are plenty of sites where the shopping cart icon is easily available.

After signing up, the customers can view their current and previous orders as well as receive special discounts and offers on various types of items from different online stores.

A search box is a must if, you run a huge online store so that visitors can easily search for their preferred products by simply typing within the search box.

Social Media Links and Payment Icons

In a world where social media has already made a huge impact, it is a foolish thing to not include social media links within your ecommerce store. Not only it helps you to increase the credibility of your ecommerce online store but, also helps your customers to like, comment and easily share your products with their friends and family. This further strengthens the reach of your brand and enhances its visibility.

Customers from different parts of the country or globe may be visiting your online store and everyone has their preferred choice of payment system. By providing the payment icons within your ecommerce website, you educate your visitors about the type of payment options available, in advance. You can either include them at the bottom of the page or the top right corner.

Clearly Visible Contact Number

When you run an online ecommerce store, you should be prepared to answer a lot of queries and questions from the people visiting your site. Customers always want to talk to someone in real which is why you should always include your contact number or toll-free number in a highly visible way. Their need to contact you may arise at any time of the day so, having a 24*7 helpline number really helps with the credibility and popularity of your online store.

Final Words

These are the most basic things that every customer looks for within an online store. In the present day competitive market, you always need to stay alert and focused so as to make your presence felt among the crowd. If you have more such idea, please do share them with us on our comments section.

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Smartphones and tablets are slowly taking over the world with newer devices being introduced every now and then. The growing popularity of these devices has in turn, led to the prominence of mobile app development to fulfill the needs of the users in the best manner possible. Many people fail to understand the need of mobile app development which is considered one of the best ways to expand and expose your business to the masses.

Factors While Developing a Mobile App

It is hard to ignore the importance of mobile apps in the present day world as these applications are used by millions of people all around the world for their convenience and comfort. However, developing a mobile app isn’t an easy task. Starting from coding to designing and development, a lot of research and analysis goes behind the process. Provided below are some of the significant factors which you need to take a note of before starting with the development of a mobile app.

Target Audience

It is vital to assess your target audience for the app to be designed so as to offer your users with the features and functionalities they would love. If the app you want to develop is solely for the purpose of selling (e.g. “a shopping cart app) then, the availability of “add to cart” and “buy” buttons are a must. Similarly, if you plan on developing a fitness app then, you need to make sure that all the functionalities should be accessible while on the go.


You may have a hard time deciding upon the platform to choose for your mobile application. With millions of apps already present for different platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, etc. you need to have a clear strategy and concept to select the best platform for your application. If you plan on making money with your app then, iOS platform should be your preferred choice however, if you plan on promoting your business through your app then, Android platform is your best bet.

Deciding Upon App Content

The content along with the app design is the first thing that catches the attention of the users. Therefore, you should put in every effort to bring out stunning results in this area. The content used within the app should be valuable and appealing to keep the users engaged.

The overall app design along with the animations used should work perfectly with the content presented.

Device Types

When it comes to designing mobile apps, the size factor and form factor play a crucial role towards a better user experience. Platforms like iOS, Windows and Blackberry have finite form factors and screen sizes but, the real problem arises with Android platform where the screen sizes and form factors vary to a great extent. So, first you need to decide which screen sizes your app will support then, design the applications keeping in mind density and size.

It is always a good idea to design separately for different layouts for varying screen sizes and design drawables for various screen densities. By combining these drawables, you can develop a mobile app that works flawlessly throughout multiple devices and screens.

Paid or Free

For better promotion and business, the best idea is to release two versions of your mobile app – free and paid. You can include some basic features and functionalities in your free app version. The paid version can include some enhanced features and functionalities. If your app appeals to the users then, chances are high that they will also invest in the paid version. Rovio Entertainment Limited took a similar approach with their highly successful ‘angry bird’ app.


After you have developed an app, don’t think that your job is over. An app is similar to a car which requires periodic checking and maintenance to keep users happy and satisfied. Starting from periodic updates to adding exciting new features, the process continues. The users should never feel bored and think about moving to another app. The idea is to keep them interested at all times and think about enhancing their experience through innovative and unique ways.

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In this era of digitalization, online shopping has become a preferred choice of people over traditional shopping. Online shopping is far more convenient, comfortable and hassle free unlike, shopping at a physical store. But, things aren’t as easy as they sound because it is an extremely hard task to convert your visitors into customers through your online shopping cart website.

Improve Conversions with a Shopping Cart Website

Shopping cart abandonment is a major issue for most online merchants leaving them with more concerns and trouble. Apart from a strategic and calculated approach, you need to constantly innovative and adapt with the growing trends to offer your visitors with an enhanced online shopping experience. Here are some of the ways through which you can achieve better conversion rates and avert shopping cart abandonment.

Create Clear Pathways Using Your Buttons

Guide your visitors by providing them with checkout and buy buttons that stand apart by quickly catching the attention.

The online store of “Stella McCartney” is the perfect example of such a store that utilizes this concept in an effective way. When you select an item from their store, the “Add to Shopping Bag” button is displayed in pink along with the “Proceed with Order” button. This in fact is a great idea as it provides visual cues to the visitors propelling them forward towards buying an item.

Product Images of High Quality

If there’s one thing that seriously affects online selling decision, it’s images.

Can you think of developing an online shopping cart website without images? Of course not! When people visit your online store and search for their preferred items, the first thing that catches their attention is the images.

People want to see what they are being offered, which is why, it is important to include quality product images that instill confidence and trust. “Nite Watches”, a leading watch manufacturer provides stunning images of its watches which can be viewed from different angles. Apart from that, visitors can also get a feel of how the watch will look at night by clicking on “Enable Night View”.

Unique Content and User Reviews

Using generic product descriptions is a common mistake committed by several ecommerce websites. Not only does it hurt the search engine rankings of a website through duplicate content but, proves extremely ineffective when it comes to convincing visitors.

Studies have shown that, shopping cart websites that have interesting product descriptions and user reviews have much higher chances converting its visitors into customers. You can encourage your existing customers to give reviews on the products they have purchased from your website so as to help future buyers make their decisions.

Removal of Programming Errors

The last thing your website visitors want is an error message that is obscure and extremely hard to understand.

An error message can cause extreme frustration and irritation especially, when a user is about to finish with the purchase of a product. Though it is quite natural that a programming error may pop up sometimes because of some technical errors but, the idea is to present them in such a way so that users don’t get intimidated. However, you should always put in the effort to check out all the pages on different devices and browsers and eliminate errors as much as possible.

Enhance Cross-selling through Recommendation

There are several companies like eBay, Netflix, Amazon, etc. that promote cross-selling and up-selling of ecommerce products through recommendation of different products.

Recommending your customers about different products requires a lot of research, proper analytics tracking as well as good knowledge of the products. It is only then, you can combine these things to present your visitors with proper recommended products that can surely benefit them in different ways.

Wrapping Up

These are only some of the effective ways of increasing conversion from your ecommerce website. There are several other things that you need to focus on like email marketing, investment in SEO, PPC campaigns and more that can decrease shopping cart abandonment and lead to increasing conversions. Customers can abandon your site because of various reasons and you need to be always alert and ready to make quick changes for the betterment of your site and business.

If you have any more suggestions, please feel free to post your comments and/or suggestions.

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Every business plans new strategies and focuses on improving its services and/or products, simply to generate more leads which ultimately lead to more profit. As a small business owner you are constantly in search of innovative and new ways to drive more traffic to your website and increases chances of conversion. Though this may sound easy but, majority of small business owners in the present day market fail to understand the key requirements of a website that helps to draw traffic. Here are some tried and tested ways through which you can easily increase leads with your small business website.

Ways to Increase Leads with Your Small Business Website

Clear Idea about the Target Audience

Having a clear idea about the group of audience you want to target is extremely important to use your website as an effective conversion tool. Let’s assume that you are property dealer running a real estate business. Therefore, your website should be designed in a way that would help people to search for their preferred properties in a convenient and easy way.

Without a clear idea about the target audience, you won’t be able to design a functional and effective website that immediately engages the audience and increase chances of conversion. You need to think about different factors like age group, location, income, etc. so as to offer your visitors with exactly what they are searching for.

Quick Loading Time

People hate to wait while they are searching for some information on the web. Often at times, we come across websites that have poor page load times and we decide to move on to some other site. Thus, testing the page load time is crucial for the overall success of your website.

If you are facing similar issues then, immediately get back to the web design company who designed your website and inform them about your concern. If your visitors are abandoning your site because of page load issues, it is quite unlikely that your website will serve the purpose it has been built for.

Well Defined Calls to Action

A website should have proper calls to action within the web pages if it wants to turn visitors into prospective clients. The best way to convert your visitors into customers is by providing specific calls to action within the web pages making the conversion process easy and simple.

However, it is important to note that excessive use of calls to action within a web page may disappoint the visitors. It is the right combination of information along with call to action that can lead to active participators and repeat visitors.

Availability of Social Media Links on the Website

In the present day world where social media is creating a huge buzz, it is a must for your website to include different social media buttons for the purpose of sharing, following as well as visiting your social profiles.

If your site has rich informative content then, visitors may decide to like or share it with their friends or family which increases your business exposure. People may find your products and/or services useful and beneficial for them and in turn, visit your website. Thus, it is quite clear that increasing your presence socially may prove to be a huge boon for your business increasing chances of lead generation.


Increasing leads through your small business website isn’t at all an easy task! However, you can succeed to a great extent if you step into the shoes of the visitor and think from their perspective. Think about what a new visitor to your site would expect and then, come up with a proper plan to lay a strong foundation for your business.

Quality and compelling content is another factor that plays a huge role in making your website successful. People love to read fresh, informative content that addresses their interests. Thus, unique and appealing content serves as a useful tool for your brand awareness creating more opportunities for engagement and conversion.

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WordPress, the name instantly rings a bell on your head. Isn’t it? WordPress has been dominating the CMS market over quite a long period of time and things are getting even better. The latest version of WordPress 4.0 (nicknamed ‘Benny’) was released recently that comes available with more around 250+ improvements. This blog discusses some of the new features introduced and how it can help the users towards creating effective websites.

Well-Optimized Media Manager

Managing media becomes a lot easier with the new version of WordPress. The improvements made by the WordPress development team now allows users to filter media files based on the media types uploaded. Apart from that, after clicking on a media file, users now have the ability to navigate between the arrow navigation and items.

Well-Optimized Media Manager

Addition of New Languages

The new version of WordPress 4.0 now provides the opportunity to users to choose their preferred language for installation which wasn’t available before. The WordPress team felt that this would prove to be a useful addition as nearly twenty percent of blogs that are hosted on uses a different language other than English.

Addition of New Languages

Embedding Videos Becomes a Lot Easier

When it comes to custom WordPress website development, a major difficulty faced by users is that they are unable to view videos from visual editor. However, that issue has been taken care of in the latest WordPress version 4.0.

Users are now only required to paste the video URL (YouTube or Vimeo) on a new line and the preview will appear within the visual editor. Thus, it saves a lot of time and effort to write on the videos.

Embedding Videos Becomes a Lot Easier

Emphasizing on Content

Editing as well as writing content for the website is expected to get a lot easier with the sticky formatting tool bar of WordPress 4.0. Companies and individuals providing content management system solutions will benefit a lot from this feature, saving their precious time.

Unlike, the days of the past where the content had to be pasted as plain text, the new WordPress version allows users to directly paste the content from MS Word. The best part is that, the toolbar stays static and formatting bar is available at all times.

Emphasizing on Content

Easy Searching and Installation of Plug-ins

People all over the world prefer this WordPress simply because of the fact that, customizing this CMS is as easy as it sounds. Well, the WordPress team has taken further steps to enhance the experience of the users by providing easier ways of searching and installing plug-ins.

Users can now list plug-ins in grid form, that too with useful information like user reviews, descriptions, compatibility information and release dates. This enhancement is surely going to add to the overall experience of the users.

Easy Searching and Installation of Plug-ins


It is quite evident that WordPress 4.0 focuses more on consolidating existing features instead of introducing a host of new features. Thus, the attention of the WordPress team is more towards creating a better user experience.

The enhanced features will surely affect everyday use of WordPress in a positive manner and help users to carry out their desired tasks in a more efficient and easy way.

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