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Christmas and New Year Offer

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Though it is hard to imagine life without the internet these days but at times, online experience can turn out to be extremely worrisome. Starting from identity theft to credit card fraud, there are several things happening in the web world which makes it extremely hard to gain the trust of the visitors. However, there are quite a few visual aids which can be implemented on your business website to build trust among the visitors and increase traffic.

Logos of Your Clients

When visitors come to your website and see the logos of different clients you have worked for, it instantly creates a good impression and builds trust. Showing the logos of your clients is one of the best ways to show the experience you have in the field.

Another major advantage is that, when people see that you have helped several businesses to become successful in the present day world, they start admiring and appreciating your work. People involved in different businesses want to achieve the same success and thus, hire your services to assist them in the same manner.

Trustworthy Business Website

Informative and Useful Content

With millions of websites available all over the internet, quality and unique content should be your major consideration when it’s time to design your website so as to make it visible among the crowd. People are always in search of content that helps them to extend their knowledge and learn something new. Thus, if your website features fresh, unique and informative content which is updated on a periodic basis, a sense of trust and confidence starts to build among the visitors.

Implementation of Payment Icons

When it comes to making online payments, majority of people are a bit hesitant unless and until they are absolutely sure about the authenticity of the website. But, how do you build up that trust and authenticity?

Apart from using secure methods of checkout like PayPal, you can also include the logos of the different payment gateways close to the purchase buttons. This adds to the credibility of your business and builds confidence among the users.

Client Testimonials

If you are able to display the testimonials of your clients on your website then, there are high chances that people will start to trust your business. For instance, when you are planning to buy something online, you go through online reviews by different customers about the product you are planning to purchase. This helps you to take an informed decision. Similarly, when your website features some excellent client reviews highlighting on the different aspects of your business, it quickly creates a feeling of faith and dependability.

Display Contact Information on the Right Place

Displaying your contact information in a confusing and vague manner within the website, it can create doubts in the minds of the visitors. If you want to project a reliable and professional image of your business to your target audience then, displaying the contact information of your business in a clear manner is extremely important.

You also need to make sure that the information is placed on the right place within your business website so that visitors can easily access it without much of a trouble. The contact information should include the full physical address, phone number, email address and fax number. A Google map showing your exact location is also a great idea to help your customers.

Showing Who You Are
If you are internet savvy and spend at least some time of the day searching different websites then, you must have come across websites where the real persons behind the organization have put up their images on the websites. This helps to add a personal touch to the website and instills confidence of the visitors on the site and ultimately, the services and/or products offered.

When you show your face to the audience, not only it helps you to gain recognition but, creates an authenticity which is critical for the overall success of your business.

Wrapping Up

It is indeed true that building online reputation and trust is not an easy and you are going to face a lot of challenges. Convincing the visitors about the authenticity of your business requires a lot of time, research, delivering on the promises and setting up a brand. It is only then people start relying on your services and/or products or your business as a whole. So, keep yourself focused and try to keep the above mentioned points in mind so as to enhance the credibility of your business through your website.

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With the temperatures starting to dip and winds getting chillier, you get a strange feeling that something good is on its way. Yes, indeed. It’s the festive season once again. If you are an online merchant then, it is necessary for your online business to start preparing for this peak retail period. If you really wish to make the best of sales this festive season then, you require some preparation and planning to optimize your ecommerce online store in the best possible manner.

Ecommerce Sales in Holiday Season

Create Separate Landing Pages

It is always a good idea for your online business to have separate landing pages for the services and/or groups of products you are offering. Customers always like it when they are redirected to the exact location related to their specific search. One important thing to consider here is that, the landing pages should include quality images that easily grab the viewer’s attention.

Preparing a Promotional Calendar

During the Christmas and New Year holidays things get a lot hectic and busy which is why it always necessary to have proper plans for your ecommerce business activities. The preparation of a promotional calendar can help your online business in different ways. It helps you keep a track of the activities to be performed during the coming days like:

  • Dates for updating banners or images on your website
  • Dates to start and stop promoting your products and/or services
  • Dates to send out promotional email newsletters

Though, you may think that creating a promotional calendar is a tough job and consumes a lot of time but, it isn’t like that. You can make use of Google Calendar to make your task a lot easier.

Keep Your Focus on Promotion through Social Media

Promoting your products and/or services through social media may not lead to direct sales for your ecommerce online business but, it certainly creates the exposure necessary to boost your sales. During the holiday season, you should focus more on paid advertising through various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc. to gain more reach and make your products and/or services visible to people all over the world.

It is also crucial to make sure that your products and/or services should be accompanied by quality content and rich images to create an interest and engage people.

Holiday Email Promotion

Sending out emails or newsletters on a frequent basis during the holiday season is more than necessary compared to other times of the year. However, you should always try to maintain a consistent holiday messaging along with the visuals throughout all your promotional materials to create a feeling of trust and confidence.

Instead of being too pushy, try to highlight on the promotional offer within the email or newsletter by using eye-catchy colors or graphics. A little bit of information about the products and/or services can be included as it helps the customers to understand how they can get benefitted by purchasing or availing your products and/or services.

A Creatively Designed Video for the Holidays

A creatively designed video can go a long way towards promoting your brand among the crowd. You don’t need a huge budget to create a stunning video for the holiday season. All you need is a little bit of creativity, intelligence and proper use of graphics to create a compelling video for the audience.

In the present day world, where people are always short of time, a promotional video of short duration for the holiday season can certainly increase the interest of people towards your product and/or services.

Introduce Deals and Discounts

Majority of brands all over the world offer amazing discounts and deals on their products and/or services during the holiday season. You can also adopt this strategy and offer your customers with specific discounts on your offerings to drive more sales.

You can also introduce a ‘Buy 1 Get 1’ offer in case, some of your products and/or services haven’t produced good sales results.

Wrapping Up

Instead of focusing to compete with the big online ecommerce sellers, your primary aim should be to prepare your ecommerce shopping cart website in such a way that easily attracts and engages the users. Your ecommerce store should be complete and ready to handle the vast amount of visits expected during the Christmas and New Year season. If you have any more suggestion, feel free to suggest by putting forward your comments.

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In this highly competitive graphic design industry, you are well aware of the fact that, someone is always there waiting to grab a business opportunity away from you. So, you need come up with some interesting and innovative ways to keep your clients impressed at all times and increase chances of repeat business. In the present day economy, delighting your client is one of the most important things for the overall success of your business. Provided here are some unique ways through which you can not only impress client but, ensure that they choose your logo design service at all times.

Impress Clients with Logo Design

Add a Freebie

Any freebie that you offer to your client creates a good impression about your logo design business. Suppose your client needs a new business logo along with a brochure. If you can manage to provide your client with a ‘free’ letterhead design then, wouldn’t it work wonders for your service? Surely, it will. Though, clients may say that they don’t like unexpected surprises but, such surprises are definite to ‘wow’ them.

Go Beyond their Expectations

When it’s time for you to design a unique logo for your client, there are several things which need to be considered to provide the best possible design. It is common practice among logo designers to create print files of the logo and provide only .eps files to the clients. But, if you really want to exceed the expectations of your clients then, you can also provide them with a black & white version, a simplified version as well as a transparent PNG version for use across different mediums. This will not only reduce the efforts of the client in the future but, make them feel that you really do care for their business.

Delivering Before the Deadline

When you deliver a project before the expected deadline to a client, it creates a feeling of trust and admiration for your logo design business. This is a practice which you can follow especially for your repeat customers. Though, it may not be possible for you to prioritize in such a way every time but, you can follow this practice whenever you feel there is an opportunity to do so. It makes your clients happy and they feel that you really do care about their business.

Make It a Point to Follow Up

It is the case with majority of businesses where the clients pay the money, the job is done by experts and that’s it. It is always a better idea to follow up with the clients not immediately after the job is done but, may be a few weeks later. You can ask them how they feel about the new logo design or how their customers are feeling about the new design. You can also inquire about any further requirements like a website, brochure design, flyer design, etc. which can lead to new opportunities for your business.

Provide Your Clients with Different Payment Modes

Clients always love it when they are being offered different payment options and don’t keep them restricted only to a few options. Clients always get concerned when it comes to payment so, offering them with convenient and fair terms should be a top priority for your business. You can allow your clients to make payments via PayPal, credit card and checks. When clients are given the opportunity to make payments in a hassle free manner where they do not have to think about making special arrangements or go through complicated procedures, it creates a good impression about your business.

Holiday Greetings and Discounts

Similar to what you do for your near and dear ones during the holidays, do remember your clients also and send them holiday greetings. This can be considered as a personal touch that can boost the business relationship between you and your client.

Occasionally, you can also introduce holiday season discounts which can turn out to be a great surprise for your clients as well as help with your business promotion and growth.

Wrapping Up

Keeping your clients impressed about your business is no doubt a hard task. However, with a little bit of effort and dedication you can definitely come up with new and innovative ideas to keep clients interested in your business. This helps to keep your business going at a steady rate and increase chances of clients returning back to avail your services.

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Over the past few years, there has been rapid progress in the field of mobile development. With the advancement of technology, an increasing number of new mobile devices are being introduced every now and then. The room to develop innovative mobile apps for these devices has no doubt increased to a vast extent providing mobile app developers with the chance to show their skills and talent. However, in order to create an engaging, interactive and useful mobile application every developer needs to stay away from these frequently committed mistakes to make their apps highly popular among the masses.

Mistakes in Mobile App Development

Not Paying Attention to the User’s Need

The primary purpose behind developing a mobile application is to attract and engage the users thereby, increasing chances of conversion and profit. But, in most cases, app developers fail to understand what exactly is required to engage the user. There are different ways through which a user may approach a new mobile application. While some people are extremely curious about all the functions, some people hate to be guided step by step through the tutorials. App developers should always make it a point not to bombard the users with ultra registration forms and ads that block the screen.

The idea is to offer the users with a sense of value at every stage and enhance their experience by anticipating their needs and desires.

Complicated and Elaborate User Interface

The interface of a mobile application should always be intuitive, simple and easy to use. Users should be able to learn to use it quickly without much of an effort. It is important to remember that, the average person using the app doesn’t necessarily have to be a tech geek and a complicated user interface can definitely prove to be a huge turn-off.

Well defined functions along with buttons add to the overall interest of the users pushing them forward towards further exploring the app. There are of course plenty of apps in the present day market with complicated UI’s and plenty of innovative functionalities but, majority of these apps include a detailed section where the working is clearly explained. One more important point to consider here is that the user interface should remain homogeneous and consistent throughout all the versions of the application so that, users are not required to adjust according to the updates.

Developing for Multiple Platforms

With more than 1 million apps already present in Apple App and Google Play Store, app developers need to play within a very competitive space. Thus, while introducing a new app in the market, app developers should always keep their focus on platform. This is one of the crucial factors to consider for developing an app.

Costs related to developing and launching the app can also be reduced to a huge extent if, the focus remains on a single platform. It is good to test the performance and acceptability of the app by the users by launching it on one platform and then proceed gradually to other platforms.

Inefficient Coordination between Designer and Developer

The design created for an app by the designer is finally brought to life by the developer. There has to be proper coordination between the designer and the developer to make sure that the entire process is executed smoothly and finally result in the development of a stunning app.

The success or failure of a mobile application depends to a great extent on the decisions taken during the designing stage. That is why, it is important not to dive in towards the development phase without designing the interactions and the user-flows. The performance and functionality of a mobile app can increase by leaps and bounds if, the designer and the developer works in tandem with each other, solving every problem with a joint effort.

Final Words

With a wide array of devices for every platform present nowadays, developing a mobile app is certainly no easy task. Let’s face it, predicting every action of the user is a next to impossible task. There has to be a constant effort to improvise and enhance the app features based on the feedbacks received. These are only some of the factors which a developer should avoid to develop a fully-functional, user-friendly app. Some app developers also prefer to start out with a mobile website before building an app so as to get an idea about the user-experience, functionality and design that is preferred by the target audience.

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