In one of the SEO summits, the Chairman of Google Eric Schmidt said, “Mobile has won”. Nowadays, many consumers make purchases using the mobile phones. However, those companies succeed in satisfying customers, which provide the best user experience. So, as a marketer, it becomes important for you to know how consumers spend time on your website and how they make their buying decisions satisfying their wants. Accordingly, you have to resume complete mobile application development to get the best business returns.

principles of mobile apps

Google has identified a few touch points of consumers that need to be addressed clearly, while you want to develop mobile apps.

Look at the Following Considerations

  • Adoption
  • Usability
  • Convenience


Remove All Obstacles – The key to offer an interactive user experience to consumers is by ensuring that they can easily access the information, which they want to satisfy their personal needs.

Splash Screens – Consider using splash screens while you are developing a mobile application. These screens provide short, but vital window for user’s engagement. You need to be cautious while providing tips because they may interrupt customers through the decision making journey. If applied in right form, these screens can guide users through the initial experience.

Non-signed in Journey – While designing mobile app, make provisions for non-signed in journey for preventing barriers to conversion and request customers for signing up at that time, when your application is dependent on user’s data for providing value. In addition, clearly mention the benefits of signing up to the users.


Help Users for Making Decisions in Simple Way – Your mobile app should allow consumers to find information with ease, offer suitable environment for conducting research on services and products and facilitate the purchase-decision process.

Keyword Driven Search – While putting contents on application, ensure that the search operation should be keyword driven, so that the information becomes visible in right time and lead to conversion.

Offer Product Screens – Product screens help users in performing key actions like booking an appointment, adding items to wish lists, baskets, etc. Keep provisions for saving data, so that consumers can refer to it while making the final decisions.

Ensure the Compatibility of the App – Ensuring compatibility is important for capturing offline and cross device conversions. Users often conduct research on services and products across multiple devices in retail stores for making purchase decisions. Therefore, allowing the consumers to make transitions from one touchpoint to other is the secret for raising conversion rates.


Provide Convenience to Users – Ensure that first time users can easily pass through every check out stage by spending less effort and do not face distractions and draw user’s benefit from single screen checkout or pre-populated data.

Encourage Users to Checkout – Provide more product choices to the users and provide clear confirmation of every added item including complete pricing details. The users should also know what other users are recommending and should be able to edit selected items.

Convenient Payment Methods – Make the payment procedure convenient for new and returning customers by adding suitable inputs like payment options, express payment and scanning cards. The returning users should get pre-populated data to save time during checkout.

Remove Distractions – Make sure there is no distraction at the checkout. This will encourage more conversions and retention.

Offer Customers with Control Options

While developing mobile application, you have to see that users can serve themselves and manage transactions with you anywhere and anytime. This will also help you build loyalty among users.

In addition, passes and vouchers should be readily received and redeemable through the mobile app. Allowing consumers to view loyalty status and receive updates on changes can improve user experience.

Keep the above tips in mind for your next mobile apps development projects. Remember, providing the best user experience can lead to fruitful conversions.

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Online retail stores have revolutionized the shopping experience of consumers. However, many shoppers abandon their online shopping carts due to complicated website navigation process. Large businesses have resources to address these issues, but the small or new start ups have to listen the music. By resuming perfect eCommerce website development, it is possible to avoid shopping cart abandonment.

shopping cart abandonment

Research Well Before You Go for Shopping Cart Development

The best way to prevent shopping cart abandonment is to adopt suitable planning process. Before you develop the website, conduct well and organized research on your customers in order to determine their usage habit.

Present mock screens in front of your customers before you develop them. This way, you can know your customers well, and create right user experience that is based on their expectation and increase the sales.

Make Checkout Process Simple

In order to keep your customers happy, avoid offering complicated checkout process. Some ecommerce stores commit mistakes by asking too much information from customers, which becomes annoying and they decide to shop from competitor’s website.

Your shopper should know how much work is left for fulfilling his or her order. A clean user interface assisted with a short pathway to fulfill purchase can prevent your shoppers suffering from frustration.

The best way to reduce the length of the checkout process is by allowing purchaser’s ZIP code to auto- populate his or her state and town. Through automated means, you can transfer the sign up information into the checkout form. In this way, the fields are filled out automatically and shoppers can just confirm the data.

Take Proper Security Measures

No matter how fast and easy the transaction process is, it must be secured. In the USA, the issue of identity theft is growing in rapid scale. Therefore, shoppers have become cautious than before. A survey study suggests that approximately 17% of ecommerce shoppers leave their shopping carts because of security reasons.

The ideal way to overcome the security issue is by using verification services and products of third party. These tools offer proper check during every transaction. These security tools help in keeping users’ information through encryption process. Therefore, customers can feel confident and make purchases safely.

Go for Discounted Sales Strategies

You can provide incentives to shoppers for making purchase through your site. In the beginning, you have to compromise with the profits, but, over the long run, you can build a substantial customer base and earn the desired revenues by ensuring customer satisfaction.

Send Reminders at Proper Intervals

One of the benefits of deploying an ecommerce website is that you can send updates to your customers. You need to utilize this feature for reminding shoppers that they have merchandise left in their shopping carts. You should be cautious while informing them, so that they do not feel irritated.

You have to program the application for sending alerts to shoppers, who selected items of higher prices.

These above-mentioned tips will help you choose expert eCommerce shopping cart solutions that offer the best user experience and reduce cases of shopping cart abandonment.

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Fri 15

Availability of new and advanced technicalities can yield you the best results when creating an ideal custom logo for your company. The logo design services, therefore, are now coming up with new designs in the genre following the trend in the recent times.

Here are some of the top logo design trends that you are surely going to love:

Low Polygon

Nowadays, low polygon is being used mostly in the wallpapers as well as backgrounds. This technicality is being taken from 3D software tools. Hence, it has turned out to be one of the well-recognized forms to create icons and logos.

low polygon

Negative Space in the Design

A logo design presently is being decorated with obscure components that make the logo look complicated rather than beautiful. Therefore, simply adding significant elements in the design can make a logo look stunning. Using negative spaces in the design not only can make the design look simple, but also magnificent all together.

negetive space

Customized Letterforms

During the analog days, typographers had been practiced beautifully and with a mastermind to create outstanding letterforms. With the arrival of digital age, there has been wide range of techniques and tools that made the traditional letterform awake all on a sudden. The usage of hand-cut fonts still is being preferred by many. Such fonts form beautiful shapes when grounded in technical expertise, basics, creative inspiration and theoretical understanding. This has made the designers create more numbers of customized letterforms.

customise letter


Back to 2 centuries when serif letter font had been created with similar name, it turned out to be “signature text” during the enlightenment age in literature. Reproducing digitally, hairline strokes in the letterform disappear at times i.e. known as dazzle. The logo design services take pride to remove 40% of letterform appearing to be missing already in aged eyes from a slight distance. This technique closely relates to the solutions wherein equivalent thin and thick strokes are cut apart from the serif letterforms to build compact visuals for user interpretation.


Dynamic Logos & Logo Sets

Business entrepreneurs along with the logo designers are always looking for methodologies to create the logos better. It is obvious that looking at similar logo for quite a number of years will make eyes go stale. In order to fight the stagnation, dynamic logos & logo sets came into picture. Such dynamic designs pump up life as well as freshness in the logos.


Bold and Thin Line Usability in the Design

A pen tool is being used to make such forms of logo designs. Even this trend has captured icon design in the market. Many firms are now looking forward to use this design.

bold n thin line

Usability of Script Logotype

This logotype is generally the design in which a customized “Scrip Font” is being used to present the stance of an organization or company.


Hand Lettering and Calligraphy

Hand lettering & Calligraphy are mostly used by the designers for hotels, restaurants, cafeterias and tattoo companies. They are simply mind-blowing to look at.


These are some of the top logo design trends that many companies and designers are presently considering.

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Tue 12

There is a growing clamor in the web industry about the Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, but there are only a few who have come close to the concept. Despite a myriad sites explaining what SEO is, and why is it important for any business, many entrepreneurs have taken the system for a ride, ignored the basics and thrown their businesses in a state of total disorder. While big companies have the means to rectify what’s gone wrong, small companies find it tough to remedy the damage and reposition themselves as a strong player. Either they stand unaware of SEO benefits, or employ ineffective strategies to strike gold in the web domain. Whatever the reason may be, the fact is that they are underperforming, giving an ample space to the rivals to run over them.

If you are in search of latest SEO strategies for small business to attract the audience to your website, here are a few simple ways:

local seo for small business

Optimize Your Website

Optimization of a website is highly important if you are aiming for a quality traffic on your website. Without optimization, your website may fail to impress the search engines and you may lose your potential customers.

  • Go for a domain name that informs well about your business and its domain.
  • Integration of relevant keywords into page titles and URLs can be of great advantage.
  • Content must carry all the significant keywords – those which are normally entered by the users to find the information.
  • Even the photo captions and video titles should carry these keywords.
  • Mention the necessary contact details on each web page of your website.

Register Your Business on Local Listings

Registering your business on various third-party sources can do the trick if you are looking at powering the Local SEO services. Google, Yahoo, Bing and other available search engines rely on these sources to develop an understanding of the local business scenario.

  • List your business with Facebook, Yelp, Google and any other service providers for local listings.
  • Pay special attention to the category under which your business is registered.
  • Mention the necessary keywords as and when required.
  • Do not forget to support your listings with website URLs, photos and videos.
  • If your business is being operated from multiple locations, create a separate listing for each of the locations to strengthen your visibility.

Link Building

Diverting traffic from other online spaces is the most effective and wonderful idea to get higher rankings on search engines. Links of your website on other websites, and vice-versa can bear fruit if you are well-accustomed with the process.

  • Promote your website on social media by planting links to your websites.
  • Provide links to your website in email newsletters and other information you are sending to the customers.
  • Host interesting events, open discounts for the local people and encourage the neighborhood businesses to promote your company.
  • Build links only to those sites which have a good traffic rate and are closely associated with the theme of your business. If your website sells cosmetics, promoting it on a medical site is a complete waste of resources.

Frankly speaking, SEO is a modern-age technique to woo the search engines and then, the prospects. If you go as planned, nothing can choke your growth and hamper the outpouring of returns.

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With an increase in mobile application or mobile internet gaining pace, the need is felt to create websites that can serve user’s requirements. But, this has led to the problem of stuffed websites that take hell lot of time in opening over mobile phones. Indeed, the advent of Pageless prototype has given an excellent answer to this problem. As a part of this, single page is developed by the designer laced with continuous scrolling feature with lesser content and thoroughly explained directions. This custom website design services are aimed at advertising an engaging environment that will help the users to find information from a single page itself and they do not have to engage in multi-page prototype.

Future of Website Designing

Certainly, it is a perfect example of technical advancement that has managed to offer easy viewing to users. Following are the reason that makes Pageless prototype an excellent way to indulge in getting information through internet on mobile phones.

  • Compelling users to act:

    Communication is an integral part of any website as it is the purpose of designing them. Each and every Pageless prototype is meant to tell a story about company through short pieces. It is like quick information served within tight words; though, the message delivered is exceptionally clear.

  • Easy to digest:

    With increasing load of work, people are hardly getting time to scroll through multi-page websites on mobile phone. Moreover, such sites takes time to load and this creates frustration. Certainly, single page websites created by experienced website design company with required information will enable users to scroll willingly and save time as compare to the one taken on heavy websites.

  • Easy to make changes:

    When it comes to making alteration in an existing design, doing it over multi-page websites is quite tedious. And carrying out the same thing on single page prototype is much easier as it can be done at any given point of time.

  • Decreased bounce rate and sharing:

    Sharing information from a big page website can be monotonous at times as people hardly have time to look for necessary information on the entire site. This has enabled single-page prototype to emerge as a winner because of its compelling information presented in a crisp manner to attract viewers. Indeed, exclusive information regarding the website sent to prospective users will keep them engaged and reduce the bounce rate.

  • Creates uniformity:

    Certainly, Pageless designs look extensively good on all devices like desktop, tablets, laptop and mobile phones. This makes it possible to reach extensive set of people using these devices and save them from troubled browsing experiences. Being of responsive nature, these kinds of prototypes are device friendly.

  • Increase conversion rate:

    The excellent thing about the Pageless prototype designs is that it engages a user from top to bottom and lead the visitors to take favorable action. This can be about converting a query or simple browsing through website into a sales deal. It is the quality of getting increased conversion rates for companies with Pageless designs that has increased its demand in the web market.

Website development is advancing with the assistance of technology, which is paving way for the other people to get accustomed to an easy user experience. In this new phase of website design services, importance is given to the websites with single page, taking less time to browse and offer all information within one boundary. This is the reason behind the growth of single page prototype, which is making place as a perfect solution to bulky websites.

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