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WebGuru 10 years


On the 22nd of August, 2015, WebGuru Infosystems celebrated 10 years of Webcognition! We thank everyone associated with us for helping us make this day possible.

With the treasure of experience and expertise earned during all these years, we look forward to our future endeavors with optimism and confidence.


“In any given moment we have two options: to step forward into growth or to step back into safety.” – Abraham Maslow

i m possible
Not very long ago, our small team of a few earnest men started out in mutual pursuit of professional integrity and excellence. Technology then was not what it is today. Website requirements were sparse. Most of the programming frameworks used today were not very popular then. We worked on extensive desktop applications for almost all major educational institutes in Kolkata. With occasional requests for web applications coming our way, we moved forward with the challenge.



“Work hard in silence and let success make all the noise”. – Frank Ocean




With every experience, WebGuru has matured and adopted itself to the changing business and technical environments. We started out with deploying simple informational websites. Dynamic websites were developed with notepad coding. With every advanced requirement, we evolved more into dedicated teams each for Design, HTML, Programming, Graphic, Animations and Content Writing. Then we took another leap forward with CMS tools, online video streaming, social networking and custom chat projects. Presently, we develop sophisticated websites with the on-demand tools and are making our mark in sphere of Mobile Space with our innovative native and hybrid Mobile Applications. We have also formed a team to provide associated services of Internet Marketing and Project Management. Moving forward in this industry, we are highly optimistic of our future ventures.





“All businesses and jobs depend on a vast number of people, often unnoticed and unthanked, without which nothing really gets done. They are all human and deserve respect and gratitude. “ – Margaret Heffernan

thank you
Furthermore, with over 10,000 Happy Clients and 20,000 Projects, we take this opportunity to appreciate the efforts of the people who have made ‘today’ possible for us and those who have believed in us. We acknowledge the hard work of the entire WebGuru family for achieving excellence and helping us make the past ten years so successful. We appreciate our clients, both domestic and overseas, who handed over their responsibility to our company with faith. It will be wrong to only classify this milestone as our own achievement. We request our clients to keep counting on us the way they do. Also we thank every individual who has been a part of our growth and wish them well for a better tomorrow.


“Satisfaction lies in the effort, not in the attainment, full effort is full victory.” – Mahatma Gandhi


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Online shopping has grown exponentially over the years. Retailers are facing with a steep decline in shoppers’ traffic in the store. Instead of going through the store racks and buying on impulses, customers prefer to use their computers and mobiles to go through the product catalogs, compare prices and fish for coupons.

It cannot be denied that people have moved from their skepticism and have accepted mobility in communication. There are over a billion mobile users worldwide, 80% of whom use their mobile devices to browse the Internet. The most common browsing activity was categorized under the shopping category.

shopping with mobile app

Mobile applications are rapidly changing the preferences of the user and transforming their shopping experiences as they are replicating high end functions that were previously possible only through laptops or desktops. Constant advancements in mobile technology have led to the development of a wide range of applications that are used by the people on the move. This has increased the expectations of the users as they want to continue their interactions through a single device which is handy. Mobile applications are widely accepted since they can cater to a wider range of users than the fixed desktop one. Making purchases on the move have led to an increased amount of impulse buys. Saving the debit or credit card information has eased the checkout process further as there is no need to open the wallet and type in the debit/credit card information. This has led to quick buying decisions and left little room for second guessing.

Retail Banking and Financial firms have shifted focus into Mobile App by keeping the customers up-to-date on events, updating them on their account holdings and encouraging them to initiate transactions from their mobile devices. This has led to the concept of Digital Wallet which is the convergence of the Mobile World and Financial Industry. This enables users to store money digitally on their devices or the internet cloud.

The most significant of all – the Education Sector offer enhanced and more engaging learning solutions for the students. Online- admissions, classes, examinations, results and project submissions are live examples of how Mobile Applications have altered the traditional culture of going to school.

Approximately more than a million people have flown across the word making tourism as one of the largest industries. Mobile applications have enabled the travelers with the accessibility to outright information relating to booking e-tickets, location and weather. Most of the travel companies are optimizing their applications to be a one stop shop for all the travelers.

Mobile App development has also ripped through the automotive industry it has provided innovative tools that have eased specific shopping related tasks such as price check, product comparison etc. Most of researches performed through Mobile Applications are converted into successful deals.

It will be difficult for a mobile savvy user to remember the last time he waited in a queue to buy movie tickets. Various Mobile Applications have been released into the market that help the user to view the current movie timings and ticket availability and finally lead them to book tickets online.

The scope and effects of Mobile Applications are not limited to the few industries stated above. The Impact of Mobile Applications is clearly visible on several other industries which are generating huge business revenue. To name a few the industries are – Food, Electronics, Health care, Real Estates etc.


The capacity of Mobile Applications to accelerate the business is extraordinary. Some businesses are also going into an ‘App Only’ mode whereby the desktop version of their outlets will be discontinued and online business will only be performed via Mobile Applications.

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Nowadays, many businesses prefer to go for single page websites as they think it will reduce the cost of development. However, as a usual practice, search engines work great with multiple page websites. There is nothing to worry as reputed search engines recognize single page website for optimization.

optimizing single page website

Now the question is how to optimize a single page website?

Go for Pagination

Web crawlers are comfortable working with paginated structure, which is related with multi page layout. The real challenge is how to restructure the format for a single page website.

You can paginate the structure of a web page by creating distinct and clear sections. The added advantage is that pagination makes navigation easier. You can incorporate suitable keyword for each section and optimize it accordingly. In addition, the ideal way to classify and separate each section of the single page website is to assign separate DIV.

Optimization of Anchor Links

When you are deploying website design services, you will find that there are no separate links or URLs for optimization. However, you can use anchor links for optimization. These links are used for landing to the specified section of the page. You can optimize the page by taking help of same DIVs for anchor links and deploy these links on the navigation bar to get the desired outcome.

Make Sections Distinguishable by Using H1 Tags

When you are dealing with SEO aspects, you know how vital is to have an H1 tag optimized. It is also important to note that a website should use H1 tag for one page and make use of H2 or H3 tag for different headings.

Now the question is how to use tags for a single page? You can use H1 tag for every section separately. This will help the web crawler for sorting information because H1 tags indicate the uniqueness of contents.

Focus on Link Building

Link building is an old concept and it is still relevant for search engine optimization. Pay attention to earning back links, as these are the effective methods to attain authority through which search engines conduct assessment of every website.

You can take help of anchor links for earning back links. For this purpose, you have to choose an authoritative site, contribute to a blog posted on it and include the anchor link.

Keep the Contents Fresh

In order to maintain high ranks in SERP, you need to make sure that the website complies with the content freshness factor. You should keep this in mind that if proper guidelines are not followed, then Google would penalize the page.

So, put your best efforts to keep the contents fresh. It is easier to keep the contents fresh for multi page websites, but it is somewhat difficult to do for the single page websites. You can ensure freshness of a single page website by updating customer feedback, portfolio, etc.

Therefore, following these guidelines of optimizing single page website is advantageous. It will help you garner better results in SERP. Go for it.

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WebGuru has developed a professional website for Kuber Tax Solutions, a reputed Australia based tax consulting firm. The company specializes in a range of accounting services including accounting, business taxation, SMSF accounting and taxation, SMSF audit, individual tax return, outsourcing and more.

The website is built on the functional and SEO friendly WordPress platform. It’s easy for the business owner to run and manage the website. Also, it is easily accessible to his end clients. The website contains a contact form for clients to book an appointment and quickly avail quality tax accounting services. In the Services section, there are drop down boxes, multiple click options.

Kuber Tax Solutions

The jQuery header slider makes the website look attractive. It offers a comprehensive interface that can handle portfolios, audio and video. Using jQuery media content plugin helps edit the media content as per the client’s requirement.

The website is secure with effective content management system, having social media integration and installation of multiple features and different plugins (Contact Form 7, Advanced Custom Fields, Wordfence Security, etc.).

The smart look and feel of the website is expected to add value to the business with an improved online presence. We have also designed the excellent iconic text based logo for Kuber Tax Solutions. Being always in-sync and on-task, our team members have maintained a structured project plan throughout the development process.

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We cannot imagine mobile phone without apps. Right from booking air tickets, tables at restaurants, playing games to weather updates, we depend on apps for everything. So, it becomes critical for a mobile app development company to maintain the standards that are set by users. However, if you want to make your app appreciable and usable before you spend scores of money on marketing campaigns, you need to test the app thoroughly.

Mobile App Testing is Challenging

With the growing demand for mobile phones as well as the differentiated patterns of usage, there has been variation in mobile phone types, operating systems, screen resolutions, network connectivity, etc. All these factors have added to the complexities.

Mobile App Testing

So, testing the app on various platforms and devices can be time consuming. However, mobile app development services can follow these smart processes that will ensure quality as well as save valuable resources.

1. Choosing the Appliance Wisely

For testing the effectiveness of the mobile application UI design, you can either choose physical devices or emulators. During the initial development of mobile app, emulator proves extremely effective as it allows fast and efficient testing in agile environment.

Emulators are available at affordable prices and these tools offer excellent options for bypassing the network. They can also make use of live environment through modem. These tools can be used to test prime application functionalities, when features are developed.

2. Testing Through Cloud
Cloud testing is another step to test functionality of mobile app. Cloud computing offers a web based testing environment where an app can be deployed, managed and tested.

Apart from providing on demand access to range of mobile devices, cloud testing environment increases return on investment by curtailing project costs.

Cloud based testing saves app developers to set up on premise test environments that are time consuming and lead to project delays.

3. Checking Network Connectivity

Mobile applications run on network connectivity for supplying loaded functionality. So, you need to test the app in original network environments in order to know about the real scenario and for assessing the behavior of the application in real mobile network.

You can use various network simulation devices for testing mobile application with different bandwidths, network speeds, etc. This helps in adding the desired value to testing activities. Apart from testing a mobile app in an internet connectivity situation, you need to take other factors into consideration like connectivity with high latency, limited connectivity, metered connectivity and no connectivity.

4. Automated Testing Procedures

Lastly, the automated testing procedure is what you need to perform. This provides consistency for testing during development phases and also delivers apt results during regression testing.

Automated testing can be performed when the app bears long lifecycle. You can also use this testing procedure, when the frequency and scale of regression testing is high. Automated testing should be conducted for verifying app compatibility, when a new version of operating system is launched.

For successful testing of mobile applications, compliance with customer standards is essential. If you are able to do so, it can lead to business growth. Following the procedures mentioned above for testing mobile apps will help you to do that.

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