We cannot imagine mobile phone without apps. Right from booking air tickets, tables at restaurants, playing games to weather updates, we depend on apps for everything. So, it becomes critical for a mobile app development company to maintain the standards that are set by users. However, if you want to make your app appreciable and usable before you spend scores of money on marketing campaigns, you need to test the app thoroughly.

Mobile App Testing is Challenging

With the growing demand for mobile phones as well as the differentiated patterns of usage, there has been variation in mobile phone types, operating systems, screen resolutions, network connectivity, etc. All these factors have added to the complexities.

Mobile App Testing

So, testing the app on various platforms and devices can be time consuming. However, mobile app development services can follow these smart processes that will ensure quality as well as save valuable resources.

1. Choosing the Appliance Wisely

For testing the effectiveness of the mobile application UI design, you can either choose physical devices or emulators. During the initial development of mobile app, emulator proves extremely effective as it allows fast and efficient testing in agile environment.

Emulators are available at affordable prices and these tools offer excellent options for bypassing the network. They can also make use of live environment through modem. These tools can be used to test prime application functionalities, when features are developed.

2. Testing Through Cloud
Cloud testing is another step to test functionality of mobile app. Cloud computing offers a web based testing environment where an app can be deployed, managed and tested.

Apart from providing on demand access to range of mobile devices, cloud testing environment increases return on investment by curtailing project costs.

Cloud based testing saves app developers to set up on premise test environments that are time consuming and lead to project delays.

3. Checking Network Connectivity

Mobile applications run on network connectivity for supplying loaded functionality. So, you need to test the app in original network environments in order to know about the real scenario and for assessing the behavior of the application in real mobile network.

You can use various network simulation devices for testing mobile application with different bandwidths, network speeds, etc. This helps in adding the desired value to testing activities. Apart from testing a mobile app in an internet connectivity situation, you need to take other factors into consideration like connectivity with high latency, limited connectivity, metered connectivity and no connectivity.

4. Automated Testing Procedures

Lastly, the automated testing procedure is what you need to perform. This provides consistency for testing during development phases and also delivers apt results during regression testing.

Automated testing can be performed when the app bears long lifecycle. You can also use this testing procedure, when the frequency and scale of regression testing is high. Automated testing should be conducted for verifying app compatibility, when a new version of operating system is launched.

For successful testing of mobile applications, compliance with customer standards is essential. If you are able to do so, it can lead to business growth. Following the procedures mentioned above for testing mobile apps will help you to do that.

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For a startup, the path to success is challenging as such business has to cultivate preferences among consumers, build strategies for making the business noticeable and to retain customers for driving business growth. The first step towards success is to build a distinct identity that starts with the selection of a proper logo design.

A logo is a symbolic representation of the business across various channels. This kind of depiction helps the targeted segments to build trust towards the brands and it results in quick purchase making decisions.

Successful businesses have spent a considerable amount of time and money in designing logos for creating powerful brand image. However, for a startup, the resources are limited and the company has to think creatively about getting the best returns from the market. This is the reason, this kind of company has to hire the services of a logo design company, which not only offers appealing designs, but also saves money and time.

logo design for business startup

Importance of Selecting a Logo Design for Businesses

The first thing to note is that a logo symbolizes credibility and trust of a business. If you opt for incorporating a proper logo design, it can create the first impression, while you present your offerings to customers. You need to be cautious while representing your business because if the presentation lacks professionalism, you may not get a second chance to make rectifications.

A Logo Depicts Business Positioning and Identity

Taglines attract customers for fulfilling the functional as well as emotional needs; likewise, logo offers the same benefits to consumers. Successful logos are those that have the ability to incorporate the mission statement of your company, to show clearly where you stand in your chosen market and show up your superiority when compared with competitors.

Fulfills Business Objectives

A well designed logo embodies the objectives, motives and values of your services or products. This symbolic representation can narrate the story of your business and bridges the gap between the customers and your brands.

Business Logo Acts As Brand Ambassador

A logo serves as a brand ambassador for your business. A professionally designed logo can boost the business by acting as a symbol of the core offering. A business launch attempt becomes successful through word of mouth.

A logo generates sales with brand recognition. With the fast spread of referrals through social media and other online platforms, such a process brings the desired results for a new business.

A powerful logo has the ability of unifying marketing efforts, which saves time as well as target the right customer groups. When you incorporate a logo in your blog posts and other sharable materials, in social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc., it can lead to more re-tweets and help in spreading the brand awareness among the web users.

However, in order to keep things in order, you need to devote some time to try out your creativity for attracting customers towards your new business. If you run lack of time, you can hire logo design services, which can work on your behalf to grab the market sentiment and design a logo that becomes identifiable and brings fortune for your startup.

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Pure Herbs is a Magento based eCommerce website developed by WebGuru. Our experienced team of qualified Magento developers has created a consumer focused eCommerce experiences to maximize online potential of the business that specializes in selling spices, herbs and tea, oil, wellness products, incense sticks and accessories, candles and cones.

purehurbs magento website

We believe that a sound technology platform along with ideal user experience can yield higher profits by delivering positive results. Our Magento website development solutions, based on a superb flexible platform offered the website owner of Pure Herbs the tools to develop the website into a profitable and highly visible selling portal. .

For Pure Herbs, we have developed a complete Magento eCommerce based online shopping cart that gives total control to the store owner without producing any restraints whatsoever on the business flow or the procedures involved. .

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The market conditions are becoming agile with changing tastes and preferences of consumers. So, it is required that you should hone your marketing skills by delivering services that are convenient, acceptable and fast. For this, you need to go for shopping cart development with Magento that offers quick browsing facilities to customers for making a purchase decision.

benefits of magento development

What benefits you would get by hiring Magento website development services? Find out:

Magento is Mobile Friendly

Undertaking ecommerce website development with Magento is highly responsive, which makes the site viewable on tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices without any hassle. This helps consumers to stay connected with your brands anytime and anywhere.

Manage Contents with Ease

Magento features an intuitive page editor, which helps online store owners to easily make changes in their offerings. This tool does not require the store owners to have knowledge of programming codes as they can aptly manage contents with the user-friendly WYSIWYG features.

Magento Supports Search Engine Optimization

If you own a Magento website, you will not come across issues of organic traffic flow. This platform is developed by keeping SEO efficiency in mind and provides best opportunities for your products and services to appear on Bing, Google and other SERPs. Magento tools also offer customized practices that are meant for effective search engine optimization.

Spacious and Robust

This platform has the ability to support many products on a single website and offers handling of thousands of orders in an hour. It signifies that you add more shopping carts according to the business growth.

Facilitates Third Party Integration

By using Magento , you can offer delightful ecommerce experience to your customers by integrating with PayPal, Google Shopping, MailChimp, PayPal, eBay and many more. In order to have proper control on data analysis and to make profitable business decisions, Magento helps you to deploy Google analytics and other third party integrations with ease.

Fulfills Cross Sell Goals

By using Magento platform, you can help visitors to browse checkout pages and related options on services or products by adding prompts that results in enhancement of user experience, and thus, leads to increased sales. You can present similar product cross sells, relevant accessories and many other things in the margin.

Keeps Your Site Secured

By obtaining Magento website development services, you can safeguard your ecommerce site and easily manage internal access with multi level security permission. Secondary password prompt comes with extra defense features to prevent unwanted breaches. This platform also features CAPTCHA as well as PCI Data Security features for added protection.

Offers Intelligent Filtered Search for Customers

Magento powered website improves the user experience with the deployment of dynamic searching features, which filters services or products as per multitude of parameters. This platform utilizes product tag filters, search terms cloud, recently viewed and compared products, product reviews, and the capability of configuring search with auto suggested terms.

Incorporating Magento ecommerce platform for online shopping website development offers various advantages. Therefore, Magento website development can help you to experience seamless product management, secured shopping experience, easy third party integration and many advantages that drive business growth.

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Google lately rolled out the mobile-friendly update or ‘Mobilegeddon’ which it has been talking about for quite a few months. It takes a clear stance on mobile Search Engine Optimization practices and talks about a change to the search engine algorithms which as a ranking signal now impacts on a website’s mobile presence.

To put across simply, a website needs to be usable on a Smartphone. This includes elements, for instance, readable text without having the requirement of zoom, sufficient space for tap targets, as well as no horizontal scrolling.

Responsive website design is a setup where the server all the time sends the same HTML code to all devices and CSS is applied to alter the display of the page on the device. Google’s algorithms should be able to detect this setup automatically if all Googlebot user agents are allowed to crawl the page along with its assets (JavaScript, CSS and images).

google mobile friendly update

RWD Is the Need of the Hour

If you can recall the shrunken version of a desktop site on your handset, you must remember that it was just not an optimal experience. Internationally, the number of Smartphone users will surpass 2 billion in 2016. Owing to the increased number of users as well as the rapid growth in the mobile market, websites need to be optimized for smaller screen devices so as to avoid experiencing a decline in their search engine rankings.

More than 60 percent of searches nowadays come from a mobile device. For the purpose of ensuring that your site offers a user experience customized to smaller screen devices with no separate app creation, you should consider implementing a RWD for mobile.

What is RWD?

In the past, more than one website was developed so as to accommodate multiple screen sizes. RWD creates a system for a single site to respond to the users’ device sizes — with one URL as well as one content source. A responsive web design offers a fluid and flexible layout which adjusts in accordance with the screen size, providing an optimized browsing experience. Basically, your website will work well and look great on a laptop or desktop, a tablet, and a phone’s browser.

Benefits of RWD for Mobile

The greatest benefit of a responsive website design for business is the assurance that a user will have the best possible and the most consistent experience on your website on any device. It’s also an excellent way to refine the content on your site, guarantying that those using a smaller screen device are only viewing the most vital information.

With the recent Google algorithm update, a RWD is mobile-friendly and it increases visibility on search engines for a website. A website with a successful mobile experience will show up on search results at better position.

Why Google Recommends RWD?

  • Makes it simpler for users to share and link to website content with only one URL
  • Helps Google’s algorithms precisely assign indexing properties to the page instead of requiring signalling the existence of corresponding mobile or desktop pages
  • Requires reduced engineering time to maintain different pages for the same content
  • Decreases the possibility of the common errors that affect mobile sites
  • Needs no redirection for users to give a device-optimized view and reduces load time
  • Saves resources while Googlebot crawls the website

For RWD pages, a single Googlebot user agent requires to crawl your page just once, instead of crawling several times with multiple Googlebot user agents for retrieving all versions of the content. This enhancement in crawling efficiency can in a roundabout way help Google index more of your website’s content and keep it aptly fresh.

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