There is the big data as well as the other data reporting tool like the Google Analytics to find out the traffic sources that are generating revenues for your ecommerce website. Big data is used widely by the marketers to customize information in order to offer personalized services to both the existing and potential consumers. Social media platforms and mobile computing has contributed significantly to gather relevant information so that the ecommerce businesses can reap the benefits. On the other hand, Google Analytics can be set up for ecommerce tracking. You can even link your Adwords and Analytics accounts to witness which keywords are driving traffic directly to Analytics besides your organic traffic.

Generating Ecommerce Revenue

Traffic resources are undoubtedly effective in generating revenues but the question is whether they are adequate. Diving into ecommerce might seem easy but making money online isn’t a cakewalk. Before your business reaches the heights of success, you will be required to make certain investments. It demands your cost, effort as well as time to assemble a team who will work on the ecommerce website design. Right from designing the ecommerce website to popularizing the brand through social media – the entire process demands dedicated workforce. Hence, it is all the more important to ensure that your online business is able to generate the desired revenues. Here are certain ideas that can help you to improve your average order value, repeat the existing customers, and provide a boost to your revenue.

Reach Out to the Full Price Customers

If you have resources to track your revenue then you will have a fair idea about those consumers who are buying without any discounts or offers. In order to generate more revenue it is important to reach out to those consumers. They are your full price customers. Once you have gathered data about them through emails, order numbers, etc, it is time to resort to loyalty email campaigns featuring new products or services. This should be done before you set up special offers or discounts. On the contrary, you can also set up special offers exclusively for such customers. While you are reaching out to customers it is also necessary to remember that your website must include the essential features for a business website. These processes will help you to figure out and attract the attention of the visitors. Finally, it is all about enhancing the lifetime value of the customer lifetime.

Introduce New Campaigns

There are win-back campaigns that can be introduced to reach out to the inactive customers. The big data will be of immense help in this regard. From the data collected you can find out those customers who have not purchased in the recent past but once they were your full price consumers. It is time to reactivate them. Such a campaign will lead to reduce the bounce rates and boost repeat customer purchases.

Offers have a Positive Impact on Conversion Rates

A study of the buyers’ behavior will reveal that there are certain customers who prefer purchasing through offers. They are referred to as low AOV (average order value). Regarding them, too, data in the form of emails and order numbers can be collected to find out the percentage or the exact number of customers that are driven by discounts. When you are launching discount programs make sure to reach out to these customers regularly. It would also be helpful if you can encourage them to promote your offers through word of mouth promotion.

Separate Strategies to Convert Visitors

Based on the frequency of the visitors, you can formulate plans to approach the visitors to push them down the purchase funnel. For new visitors you can track their locations and offer them innovative purchase offers in order to convert them. You can also guide your customers who have been stuck in the purchase funnel for a long time. This will eventually lead to increase in sales.

While there has been a lot of discussion on the need to follow the latest website design trends or the crucial elements that should be included in the ecommerce website, it is equally vital to remember that the end of an online business is to generate ROI. In order to meet this end, the traffic sources prove effective.

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To ensure a successful website design project, a number of phases need to take. In line with our internal process system, each stage is signed off by the client to signify completion of that element of work before moving on to the next stage. You will have a dedicated project manager and account manager throughout the project who will ensure the project is delivered successfully.

Here is an infographics that will help you to understand our process better. Being a reputed website design company, we have refined our process greatly to ensure that you are satisfied with our results.

website design process-infographic

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Last year ecommerce sectors witnessed a steady rise, keeping everyone on their toes. Whether it is the operators, emarketplace, logistics, vendors or any other supply chain companies, 2014 was an action packed year for most of the businesses selling online. Whether it was Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon, Urbanladder or any other, it was a happening year for most of the big brands. Going forward to 2015, the mobile apps have completely shaken up the traditional business practices. The handheld/mobile devices have enabled users to access information on their fingertips. The mobile commerce is expected to become the standard practice instead of a niche one.

However, both the clients and mobile apps can end up in trouble if the business goals as well as the functionality of the technology are not well defined. Keeping the mobile commerce trends in mind can actually help you to strengthen the brand’s appeal.


Mobile Accelerating Ecommerce Growth

This should not come as a surprise to the online businesses. Since 2013, users were increasingly preferring the handheld devices to seal online deals. In 2014, the holiday season witnessed a commendable growth by 25% owing to mobile commerce. In fact, as compared to 2013, a rise of 17% to 18% has been noticed in the retail commerce growth due to the mobile devices. A report from Google notifies that people are spending 151 minutes everyday on their smartphones. With such a trend, the mobile commerce is all set to receive further boost in 2015.

A Shift in the Types of Shoppers

Get ready to welcome new types of shoppers. You cannot presume that the same group of shoppers will dominate. Usually only women and millennials are expected to dominate. Surprisingly, surveys show that it is men who shop more than women on their mobile phones. Besides, about 25% of the shoppers are seniors and boomers. Keeping in mind the trend it is important to remember what types of products you are buying and who are your target audience.

Deep Link Should Be Your Target

When you are targeting audience for mobile shopping you will have to think engagement. The ecommerce giants have adapted to the mobile world quite quickly. Engagement campaign is essential and in this regard deep linking is the perfect way. For those who are still in dark about deep linking, it is a link that takes the users to a particular part of the app. These are beneficial for engagement campaigns as these allow to focus upon the actual item instead of the entire app. The USP of deep linking is that it allows to hike the value of the users that the app has already acquired. If you have spent a considerable sum in developing the app then you can recover the money.

Rise of Digital Wallet

In 2015, people will increasingly use their smartphones to make the payments. PayPal, Google Wallet, etc will be used to complete the purchases. The online shopping stores and apps that are mobile friendly will rise in popularity.

Build the Right App

Go back to your product category as well as the audience. A review of both these aspects will help you to develop an app that will be suitable for you. For instance, if you are selling apparels there are specific platforms that you can use to develop the online store.

Emphasis will be on Mobile Shopping

Before you set out to plan your marketing strategies, you should be considering mobile devices. Your buyers have already adopted the handheld devices to access internet. Right from teenagers to their mothers will opt for the smartphones in order to purchase online. If you truly want success for your business, then it is time to develop a mobile friendly website since Mcommerce will continue its steep rise.

Mobile has proved to be a turning point for commerce. If you can exploit this technology smartly then success will be yours. Mobile commerce prioritizes user experience. Your conversion rate will depend completely on how the users perceive your online shopping site.

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Redesigning a corporate website is an uphill task. For online businesses a website emphasizes their web presence. It is a tool that should bring in business results. Thus, in order to keep things moving in the right direction it is important that your corporate website is updated and lists all the services extensively. Corporate websites are large. There are multiple departments, practice listings and vendors. The key is to come up with a well designed and properly written website that will successfully communicate your aims, goals, mission and vision to the potential customers. Most companies seek website redesign so that their site is in tandem with the latest developments. For instance, if a corporate website is not responsive in nature, the need to redesigning it arises. There are others who would like to add more products and services. Whatever the reasons, it is important to ensure that the reasons for redesigning as well as the process are crystal clear.

redesigning corporate website

But how do you achieve success with redesigning? Here are a few tips –

Goal must be Clear
Whether it is about redesigning a website or rebranding, the goal must be clear. The primary aim of a business website is to get more visitors and leads. You do not go ahead with redesign because the design is boring. There has to be concrete reasons so that you can focus on the results. Every decision made regarding the website should be focused on one goal – how to improve the number of leads and visitors.

Responsive is Mandatory

If you are not going the responsive way then you lose out heavily on customers. Responsive is not a trend. It’s mandatory. Hence, ensure that your new website includes responsive website design. Often while the layout and functionalities are planned, mobile functionality is a later addition. This is a grave mistake. As per reports more than 17% of web usage is through handheld devices. If the latest trends are to be kept in mind then the number will increase in future. In this regard, it is best to create a responsive website instead of creating two separate websites – mobile site and a full site.

Focus on Content, not Design

Does your website stand out with its design? Hardly matters. You do not need a website that offers unique design. You need a site that has relevant content in it. Your potential customers are not looking for eye catchy sites. They are looking for relevant information and services. Of course, you need a good design but that does not require you to spend excessively on design alone. Your focus should be on the functional.

Go for Conversion Experiments

Improving the effectiveness of the conversion tools continuously is the only way to drive the conversion rate and generate effective leads. Building completely static websites might lead to limit the capability of the site regarding experiments and improvements. It is vital that you are able to edit the content as well as create landing pages without any need to know the codes.

Site Navigation

You should take care about the site navigation before developing anything else. You might be surprised to find how the opinions on navigation might differ while redesigning the website. Hence, it is necessary to solve this issue before moving onto either design or content.

Chalk out Your Content

Content building strategy is important if you want to witness success for your websites. The more content you have, the better will be your website visitors. This will, in turn, help your online businesses to grow faster. Besides developing content, it is also important to keep updating it. Thus, there has to be a well laid strategy as far as content is concerned.

SEO, Landing Pages, Social Media Integration

While you are redesigning your corporate website take a look at its ranking. How is it faring on Google? This is important for you to know. You can also opt for blogging that allows you to interact with the clients. Landing pages are critical as they are vital in getting value from your traffic. While implementing SEO is not that difficult, it provides genuine results. Social media integration is another aspect which you should include. The world has gone digital and so should you. This is a great platform to interact with your clients directly.

The best part about redesign is that you get to include the latest developments. Finally, do not follow the herd. You have a corporate website and your target audience is different. Implement those plans that work best for your website and see your business soar.

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Irrespective of the fact that how long you have been in a business, every business has a definite image. With the consumers or buyers every company is identifiable with a certain image. Generally it is assumed that once an image is made it cannot be altered. But that’s not how it works. In fact, it is necessary for brands to keep revamping their image so as to attract new audience or provide a new definition to their businesses. Opting for an image makeover is not that difficult. All you require are few easy tweaks and your brand will be ready with a new image.

small business rebranding

Image Audit

How about an image audit? In order to figure out what changes should be introduced, you first must know where you stand. For this reason it is important that you take a thorough look at your current branding status. Adopt the customers’ perspective as it will help you better in understanding how the consumers are looking at the brand. Compare your image with your contemporaries/competitors; you will get a fair picture on how your brand is faring presently. For current updates consider the successful brands in your industry. Reviewing their logos or website design as well as marketing campaigns will help you to find out what is missing in your brand.

Mobilize Your Strategy

If your website was created ignoring the handheld devices, then you are definitely lagging behind your competitors. In order to increase revenues you will have to keep pace with the latest developments in the website design techniques. Web technology had a serious impact on website designing. Consequently, new techniques like responsive web design and local SEO searches have become popular. If you are optimizing for local searches it is vital to keep your contact information and address updated so that the customers can find you when they are searching for the kind of services that you offer.

Rediscover Your Colors

For branding the data driven designs have become essential. Businesses are increasingly using the proven ideas in order to engage the audiences. The marketers have gradually found out that both color and content placement play crucial roles. However, you need not spend huge amounts of money to achieve this effect. You can opt for using colors that reflect your image. For instance, if you are associated with the hospitality industry, subtle colors will be more suitable.

Pay Attention to Your Customers

Listen what your customers have to say. Opting for a makeover process is easy if you take the proper details into account. Let the analytics guide you properly. Take note of the sources from which the customers are pouring in. in addition take note of the keywords as well and blend them with your organic searches. Once you have introduced these changes, there will be a better baseline for comparing with your competitors. You can ask your customers to participate in the voluntary surveys to understand their thoughts better.

Take Part in Local Events

Besides your online efforts, it is equally important to involve in certain hands on marketing. In this regard, why not participate in some local events? You can sponsor local charities or networking to attract attention. If you can strike a note with the local community then your customers can promote you through word of mouth. Otherwise, chances are that they take to social media platforms to provide a positive feedback about your brand.

Consistency is the Key

For expanding your customer base remember not to lose out on your present customers. Look at Starbucks. Although they are rebranding consistently but they make only little tweaks to their logos. Their marketing techniques undergo minute changes. In case you have already garnered a consistent and loyal customer base, it would be better to avoid major rebranding programs. On the contrary, you can work with your present logo for better and newer marketing strategies.

Be Drastic for a Complete Change

If you are planning a completely new customer base then forget everything that was history. The trick here is to begin from a scratch – rename yourself with a new logo, a new identity.

Never think that you are the only business that is going through changes. Rebranding is a major force that is applied to ensure that a company’s image is revamped and it garners better visibility and newer customer base.

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