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25 Oct / 2016

Why and How to Use Hashtags on Social Media

Hashtags on Social Media

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Remember those days when the ‘hash’ symbol used to be just another button on the telephone dialpad? Well, that’s all history. With social media having taken the world by storm, there is probably no one who is unfamiliar with this symbol. In fact, the symbol ‘#’, also called the ‘hashtag’, is so popular that it has been added to the Oxford dictionary. However, it is appalling how the internet savvy generation actively misuses this symbol without realizing its true utility. The I...
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26 Jul / 2016

Guide to Content Based Lead Generation in Digital Marketing

Content Based Lead Generation

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If you are reading this right now, it means that you are in desperate need of leads for your business. Whatever the reason be, it happens to the biggest businesses at some point of time. Well, fret not, because we are here to help you out with the process. In the modern SEO field, there is a constant demand of rich online content for the websites and if your website content hits the mark, you gain the trust of your customers. Yes, as simple as it might sound, most businesses fail to generate...
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04 Jul / 2016

Leverage the Power of Digital Marketing


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Digital marketing can yield effective results due to some very advantageous aspects including, effective targeting options, relevant marketing and facilitating conversions of potential leads. Almost all types of businesses are now making their online presence due to the advantages that are associated with it. So, you need to know how to boost your digital marketing efforts. Following are some useful ways to proliferate your reach in digital marketing channels: 1. Firstly, if you own a website...
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03 Jun / 2016

Digital Marketing – Current Trends & Future

Digital Marketing Future

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The digital marketing is ever changing, and the future scope of digital marketing industry is determined by the developments and ideas that call for unified interworking of different mediums. Marketers are constantly looking into the future and trying to predict the next big trend to stay updated and in the league. Here are some trends that will determine the future of digital marketing: Mobile is the center of marketing: From smartphones to wearable gadgets and tablets, the evolution of...
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