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30 May / 2017

iOS or Android: Which is Better for your Business App Development?

Better Business App- iOS or Android

Posted by : Under : Mobile App Development 2 Comments

When you ask people that between iOS and Android, which platform will they choose for launching their business apps, you will receive contradictory answers. Some will say that iOS is better than Android while others will differ. In this confusing scenario, it is better to evaluate it all by yourself and launch your business app on an appropriate platform. Let us make a brief research on the subject to make the matters clearer! Hopefully, this will help you take a firm decision! The selection ...
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12 May / 2017

Apps V/S Websites- 7 Important Questions to Ponder

app or website

Posted by : Under : Mobile App Development 1 Comment

If you are an entrepreneur looking to make a mark in your chosen domain, making your presence felt in the digital world is the essential factor for success. This essential condition leads to an inevitable dilemma – What should you Build- An App or A Website? Mobile websites are designed to be accessed via the smartphones and hence are adaptable to smaller screens and the touch screen interface. Apps are downloaded and installed on your mobile device rather than being accessed through the br...
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17 Jun / 2016

Outsourcing Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

Posted by : Under : Mobile App Development 7 Comments

Introduction: Over the years, the mobile phone has evolved from a mode of communication into a hyperactive way of life. With the advancing technology, people are more inclined towards smart phones. Hence, no matter what your business may be, having a mobile app for your business can cover more customers and help you retain them. If you are thinking of building a mobile app for your business, outsourcing them to a development company is the most economical and technically feasible approach. ...
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28 Oct / 2015

When Do You Need to Develop a Mobile App for Your Business?

Need for Mobile App

Posted by : Under : Mobile App Development 3 Comments

With the launch of smart phones and mobile devices, most of the Internet browsing is done through these devices. Mobile Devices are handy and available to the user all the time. With the continuous evolution of mobile devices, the habits of the users have changed as well. This has opened up new opportunities to engage users into taking action as desired. Mobile Apps are evolving in ways which please the client and make them coming back for more. As the online world is shifting more and more ...
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17 Sep / 2015

Mobile App or Mobile Website – How to Make a Choice?

mobile app vs mobile website

Posted by : Under : Mobile App Development, Responsive Web Design 2 Comments

The fast paced advancement in technology, the continuous emergence of sophisticated smart phones and a high speed internet access; these factors have completely transformed the way users now browse the Internet. This redefined user interaction has influenced many companies to shift towards ‘Mobile First’ approach for their business. Know the Basics: A Mobile website or a responsive website involves designing the website for optimized display across multiple screen sizes and devices ...
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26 Aug / 2015

Impact of Mobile Application on Online Shopping

shopping with mobile app

Posted by : Under : Mobile App Development 1 Comment

Online shopping has grown exponentially over the years. Retailers are facing with a steep decline in shoppers’ traffic in the store. Instead of going through the store racks and buying on impulses, customers prefer to use their computers and mobiles to go through the product catalogs, compare prices and fish for coupons. It cannot be denied that people have moved from their skepticism and have accepted mobility in communication. There are over a billion mobile users worldwide, 80% of whom use...
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24 Jul / 2015

4 Steps for Testing Mobile Apps

Mobile App Testing

Posted by : Under : Mobile App Development 2 Comments

We cannot imagine mobile phone without apps. Right from booking air tickets, tables at restaurants, playing games to weather updates, we depend on apps for everything. So, it becomes critical for a mobile app development company to maintain the standards that are set by users. However, if you want to make your app appreciable and usable before you spend scores of money on marketing campaigns, you need to test the app thoroughly. Mobile App Testing is Challenging With the growing demand fo...
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23 May / 2015

Google Reveals the Secret of Mobile App Development

principles of mobile apps

Posted by : Under : Mobile App Development 3 Comments

In one of the SEO summits, the Chairman of Google Eric Schmidt said, "Mobile has won". Nowadays, many consumers make purchases using the mobile phones. However, those companies succeed in satisfying customers, which provide the best user experience. So, as a marketer, it becomes important for you to know how consumers spend time on your website and how they make their buying decisions satisfying their wants. Accordingly, you have to resume complete mobile application development to get the best ...
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20 Apr / 2015

The Better Side of Cross Platform Mobile App Development

Posted by : Under : Mobile App Development 4 Comments

Technology has been witnessing unpredictable changes that make it possible for the developers to create applications to work on varied platforms. It is the need to garner exceptional amount of target audience like mobile or smart phone users that designers and developers are progressive in creating mobile applications to be operational on multi-functional browsers. Indeed, the increasing craze to attract more viewers, companies has developed applications that can easily run on mobile phones and ...
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16 Mar / 2015

Mobile Commerce Trends 2015

Posted by : Under : Ecommerce Web Design, Mobile App Development 2 Comments

Last year ecommerce sectors witnessed a steady rise, keeping everyone on their toes. Whether it is the operators, emarketplace, logistics, vendors or any other supply chain companies, 2014 was an action packed year for most of the businesses selling online. Whether it was Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon, Urbanladder or any other, it was a happening year for most of the big brands. Going forward to 2015, the mobile apps have completely shaken up the traditional business practices. The handheld/mobile ...
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