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10 Link Building Strategies Trending in 2019

10 Link Building Strategies Trending in 2019

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Link building is the process of acquiring hyperlinks from other websites to promote your site. A hyperlink (commonly referred to as a link) allows users to navigate through various webpages. Links are extremely crucial for a website to rank higher in the SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

When a search engine crawls the web pages, it extracts the contents of the respective pages and keeps adding them to its index. During the process, the search engine figures out whether a page contains quality content or not. While determining the quality of a page, the search engine checks the number of links pointing to that page from other websites. The more high-quality sites link back to you, your page is more likely to rank higher in the SERP.

Therefore, building links is one of the major tactics used in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). However, the same should be used judiciously to fulfil its purported objective. This is where businesses like yours can engage the experts of any top SEO agency in India and navigate the complexities of the process. To help you with an insight into the link building process, the following passages discuss ten such strategies.

10 Effective Link Building Strategies

#1. Guest Posting

Guest posting refers to writing and publishing your content on someone else’s website, preferably one with a high Domain Authority (DA). Remember to include the link of your website in the content. As a potential link building strategy, guest posting allows you to enhance the visibility of your site. It can also drive more traffic and in turn, may generate more conversion.

#2. Use of Social Media

Social media plays a key role in brand promotion. Creating your profile and building a dedicated community can significantly increase your brand proposition, which can further help you to gain trust. It also serves well as you seek to boost your traffic and establish your reputation.

#3. Resources and Links List Pages

Most websites have their respective resource pages where they can list all the articles, guides, and tools that they commonly use or find to be useful. All you need is to find out a website dedicated to a particular niche and provide your high-quality content as a resource page related to that site. For instance, suppose you have a unique content related to the diet regime, you can propose your source link to a website that deals with health and lifestyle. In return, you can earn a valuable backlink.

#4. Submitting Content on Other Sites

One of the significant strategies of link building involves the publication of news, guides, press releases, opinions, research, and various types of content on suitable platforms. These platforms may include the following:

  • Article promoting sites
  • Marketplaces
  • Aggregators
  • Press release portals
  • Wikis
  • Blog platforms
  • Online magazines
  • News portals

You can provide free or paid info on your service on these platforms. This strategy is beneficial to promote any product or app or service.

#5. Internal Link Building

Internal link building is quite popular as an effective link building strategy. It refers to such a link that lets you navigate from one webpage specific to a domain to another in the same domain.

The benefit of an internal link is that you can drive traffic from one of your content to another. It also gives you complete control in determining the anchor text that you use. However, make sure not to stuff your entire content with internal links since it may irritate the reader. Only include the links that are relevant to your present content.

#6. Newsjacking

Creating great content is essential to generating a potential link building campaign. But whether the content is likely to go viral or not is a matter of luck! So, instead of wasting time in figuring out which topic may generate more leads, you can write content based on topics that are popular in their niche. This is called newsjacking since you are taking a popular topic from the news in order to create your content.

Promoting is a crucial part of newsjacking. To do so, you need to use social media as well reach out to blog portals that deal with similar topics as your content. You can post your content link to these sites and earn more traffic.

#7. Involve Experts to Promote Your Brand

Interviews with renowned people, reviews, testimonials, etc., can create an interest among your target audience thereby helping to enhance your backlink portfolio and brand awareness. Involving experts in brand promotion is extremely effective in this regard. This strategy can help to establish a decent relationship between the brand and the customers and thereby, promote your brand. To achieve the objective, you can rope in experts from experienced digital marketing services.

#8. Unique Data-Driven Content for link building

One of the ideal ways to command attention from the users is to enrich your content with unique data. In order to make your content more data-driven, you need to follow these essential steps:

  • Do an in-depth study of your industry
  • Create tools or services in your niche
  • Find unique data and utilize it in your content
  • Survey your email list subscribers, customers, and industry peers
  • Create appealing graphics based on your compiled data

Remember, should you seek to attract more links to your website, gathering unique data is an irreplaceable means.

#9. Replicating Your Competitor’s Backlinks

This is one of the quickest strategies in link building. You only need to take the backlink profiles of your competitor sites, which you may easily find in the competitor’s tab (Backlink Analytics group of reports), and then generate more backlinks from it. This master plan can help in two ways: if you seek to improve rankings, it will help you to build the same backlink profile as your competitors have. Again, if you plan to increase the leads, it will enable you to get some ideas on traffic-driving websites. Once you find out where your rival site owners are placing their links, you can also pitch your link there.

#10. Adding URL to Your Comment

If handled wisely, this strategy can be immensely beneficial for your business. Here, you may place a URL in your comment or message below a blog post, in a quora answer or on several forums. But make sure that your link bears a correspondence with the post. Such an approach is effective in enhancing the visibility of your website while accumulating traffic.


These 10 strategies can be extremely potent in building effective links, generating leads, and driving conversions. Hence, if you want to enhance your brand awareness among your target audience, you may contact the experts of any digital marketing services who can help you in creating powerful links to rank high on the Search Engine Result Pages.

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