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7 Best Google Apps That You Should Not Miss Out

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Life without Google is almost unthinkable these days. In fact, Google is everywhere. With it you can not only search and chat but also indulge in lots of other interesting stuffs, that too without paying a penny. In a nutshell, Google is here to make your life easy and comfortable. As Google launches new product or service almost every next day, you can easily have a collection of Google apps that will help ease up your workload. Here we have handpicked some of the best Google apps that you should not miss out at any cost:

Google Desktop: – With Google Desktop, you can search your computer as you search on web. You can even make a text search over your email, chats, photos, music, files and other things that you have viewed. Google Desktop puts everything within your reach, which means you would not have to spend your valuable time managing emails, bookmarks, files etc.

Google Toolbar: – It is a must-have toolbar for your Firefox browser. With it, you can share any webpage with your friends. As Google Sidewiki is preinstalled in this toolbar, contributions can be made easily and directly. It is also good at translating web pages instantaneously and automatically.

Google Health: – Google Health is a smart tool to monitor, organize and act on your health information. With this tool, you can have easy access to your own health information, anytime and anywhere. You can keep all your health and wellness information in one place and the good thing about Google Health is that you would not have pay for it.

Google Calendar: – Do you feel embarrass when you miss an important event? If yes, you need to have this tool – Google calendar where you can add details of important events. Moreover, you can access your calendar on the fly. Text message can be sent directly to your cell phone with Google calendar and that means you will never have to miss another event.

Google Reader: – Most of us find it hard to manage our favorite blogs and websites. As the number of bookmark sites increase, you will realize that you need to do something to make them searchable. Here is something that can relieve you from this tiresome job. Google Reader is here to declutter your virtual life. With its built-in public page, you can share interesting items with your friends and of course, it is free.

Google Docs: – Google Docs is a viable alternative of Microsoft Word. But unlike MS Word, you can access it anywhere, anytime. All you need to have is a PC with internet connection and nothing else. With this magnificent online tool, you can make presentation, conduct surveys and manage documents effortlessly.

Google Trends: – It is another powerful tool to check out the current trends of virtual world. All you have to do is put the keywords and hit the “enter” button and you will get all the info that you need.

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10 years ago

thanks, am not aware of google heatlh., am using google health now too thanks mate

Apple Umbrella
Apple Umbrella
10 years ago

really useful apps you recommending. thanks

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